Asus Z170 Pro Gaming – Test and review

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming  about to buy a computer, you better first check the quality and strength of the motherboard it has. Especially, if you are an avid gamer and looking for a laptop or desktop to play your day-to-day games with peace of mind. You absolutely must equip yourself with a device that has a fairly powerful motherboard and designed mainly for the occasion.

This is because the motherboard is the main component of a central unit, it is what makes it possible to centralize and process the data exchanged inside a computer using the processor attached to the device. You must therefore surround yourself with a highly qualified motherboard, and designed to be able to withstand games, which is why we advise you to take theAsus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard , a device that matches all types of computers.

Lightweight and compact device

Is Asus Z170 motherboard recommended?

It is a very light and quite compact motherboard, at the cutting edge of technology, and having several interesting new features for the greater good of users. It has very good audio quality,

and is ideal for both video game enthusiasts and professionals, and very effective also for powerful machines. It has incredible performance, because it benefits from a unique manufacturing quality, equipped with several innovative technologies, coming from the brand in terms of utility software. It’s a motherboard that has a large memory capacity, to allow you to keep all your important data on a daily basis, even if it is a little expensive.

  • Lightweight and compact device
  • Incredible performance
  • Good audio quality
  • Large memory capacity
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • A bit high selling price
  • Heats up very quickly

Having been doing photography for a few years now, I am still doing the photo processing on my computer. I am using a desktop for the purpose, and needed a motherboard powerful enough to allow me to work without slowing down and without stopping, to make my work faster. Since I don’t know much about motherboards, I looked on the internet to see if I could find a card that really met my expectations.

After several days of research, I found what I needed, the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming. I chose it because, through its technical sheet, it really met my expectations. This card helped me to completely redo my system, and since then, I can now process my photos, and very quickly.

Lightweight and compact device

Generally speaking, motherboards are devices that you won’t see on the outside of the machine, so you don’t often need to carry around. But only, it is always good to mention this advantage, so that everyone can be sure that this is not a gadget that will increase the weight of your computer and prevent you from easily moving it as you used to. . Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, you won’t feel the weight of your Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard, because it is a completely light and very thin device. For greater precision, this motherboard has a weight of 798 grams , with dimensions of 35 x 10 x 30 cm, which allows it to go unnoticed in a computer.

To know that you even have this motherboard, you will have to completely disassemble your central unit or your laptop, before you realize that it is indeed in place. It is very convenient to have such a device, because with the evolution of technology, everyone is already used to using compact and very light gadgets .

Incredible performance

Incredible performance
The performance of this Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard is so numerous that we could not even mention them all in this article. You will really have to buy it and use it, to understand that it is really effective, and then discover all its performance. To begin with, we will say that it is a card that benefits from all the new technologies possible, which makes it a unique device and in great demand by several users. It has an Intel Ethernet connector , which allows it to have an even greater speed, with an excellent gaming experience.

It is a connector that communicates directly with your processor, in order to offer you a very high speed, which makes the workload of your processor is reduced, and leaves room for more power for your games. It is also equipped with the technology called Pro Clock , which allows you to have a faster boot time, with better stability during certain games. We’ll also talk about Ram Cache technology, which lets your games and applications launch in the blink of an eye, without wasting minutes, as is the case with conventional motherboards.

Good audio quality

Good audio quality
The importance of having a powerful motherboard for your computer lies precisely in the fact that it has a significant impact directly on everything you do on your computer. Which quite simply means that if you have a weak motherboard, everything you do on your computer will be slow and poorly executed, whereas when you have a motherboard like the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, whatever task you do you undertake to do on a computer, you have an immediate, fast and clear reaction from your machine.

This is how, even in terms of audio, your motherboard can perfectly meet your expectations, and allow you to have incredible audio quality. This gives you protected sound, plus superior quality, without any analog interference.

It optimizes the sound on any headset you find on the market, so your audio experience is even more extraordinary every time you listen to it. Leave the hesitation, and run to buy this motherboard, which allows you to use your computer in a pleasant way and in the greatest comfort.

Large memory capacity

Large memory capacity
Motherboards also have storage space, the only difference being that some of them are very small and others large enough to allow each user to keep all their data. It is not a simple memory card that will allow you to keep your music, but rather a space capable of storing documents of several pages. Indeed, the ASus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard is the one that is responsible, like all motherboards for that matter, to process all the data that you are going to exchange in your computer using the processor.

This is why it is necessary that it be equipped with a large space, in order to be able to receive all the tons of data that you are going to transmit to it while using your computer. We can therefore say that this motherboard is very well equipped, and that it is able to keep not only your text data, but also to receive and process all the games, even those which are the most greedy. Its memory capacity is 64 GB , which allows you to work without easily running out of space to insert a new download every time.

3 year manufacturer warranty

3 year manufacturer warranty
For those who do not know it yet, the guarantee of a product allows the user to be able to be reimbursed, or to exchange his article for another in the event of a manufacturing defect. This is a criterion that we saw a little rarely on several products for sale, which has since been constantly mentioned on the technical sheet of several devices for sale on the internet. The manufacturers have certainly understood that this is a criterion which is very much looked at now, because of the disappointment of several users after having bought certain products.

You will notice that there is now this guarantee on several items sold even in stores. The difference between these guarantees is just in terms of duration, because there are designers who offer a short guarantee period and others who are quite long. In the case of the Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, it offers its users a 3-year warranty, which is still long enough to test the device and be sure that it is really reliable and efficient. In any case, when you see the length of this warranty, you immediately understand that this is an efficient and very solid motherboard.

Selling price a high

Most of the time, all devices that are efficient and perform well are often sold at very high prices. Everyone must have noticed this, because the price of a product is always set based on the quality and strength of the product. It is for this reason that you see a gadget on sale, depending on its characteristics, you can already determine whether it will be sold at an expensive price or at a low price. We confirm it again here with this motherboard, which has several incredible performances, and which is precisely sold at a price a little high as we expected.

This will be a disappointment for some users, but it is better to know it right away, if you want this card to be part of your future purchases. You will have to be prepared to spend a large amount of money, but which you will certainly not regret when you take advantage of its benefits. It is true that it is a bit of a shame for those who do not have enough means, and who still want to use this motherboard.

Heats up very quickly

This criterion is certainly the one that has discouraged the most people, because having a motherboard that heats up is very annoying for the use of a machine. However, it is rare to see a motherboard on the market that heats up while a computer is running, which is why we do not understand the choice of this designer. With all the new technology it has put into this motherboard, it’s disappointing to know that it hasn’t planned to put a fan capable enough to keep it from heating up.

What’s even more annoying is that it heats up really quickly, without even giving you time to go through with your computer work. It’s a little passable when doing a simple, low-power activity on your machine, but as soon as you start with a game that’s too heavy or an app that’s too heavy, you experience a little sluggishness in the machine, which tells you that the motherboard is already heating up.

Thank you for reading this article

This motherboard is ideal for anyone who needs a powerful, efficient, and efficient machine, and especially for fans of video games. It is very solid, and allows you to work without any slowing down, and in total silence. Don’t be discouraged with its somewhat steep selling price, as this is a device that is definitely worth it. Moreover, as soon as you have inserted it into your machine,

after a first use, you will never want to take a different motherboard again. It is absolutely suitable for everyone, because as it is capable of being used for gaming, it can withstand any other use. After having detailed this motherboard, I hope it will be part of your future next purchase.


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