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Best 4k Monitor For Gaming

Best 4k Monitor For Gaming

Want to play your favorite game with stunning graphics on PC? If so, it’s time to switch to 4K! Ultra High Definition on PC is now within the reach of the most broke gamers, so you have no excuse not to take the plunge!

No more chatter, here and now we reveal the 4K screens for PCs not to be missed for this year. For gamers who would like a little help in making the best choice, you will find a buying guide and a complete FAQ below! So let’s go 👍



Ideal for PC configurations, as for consoles, the Samsung U28E59OD is one of the best 4KPC screens around! Its SRGB monitor reproduces more than 95% of the color palette and gives you a high-definition image.

The HDMI interface compatible with all UHD systems gives you a refresh rate of 60 Hz allowing you to display smooth 4K images with no lag. Its AMD free sync adjusts screen resolution according to image speed, content and reduces jerky images.

The special game mode incorporated, enhances the dark parts of the image so that your screen is visible in all circumstances.


  • High Definition
  • 4K resolution available
  • High-quality images on game consoles


  • The screen is often too dark
  • Cannot adjust brightness in gaming mode
  • Screw location at the top of the screen



With outstanding image quality, the Asus VP28UQG offers you the possibility of playing with a 4K screen for gamers.

Its 1ms response time ranks it among the fastest in its class, so you will no longer be able to distinguish between the real world and the virtual world. Benefiting from Asus GamePlus technology, improvements will be made directly to your games to obtain the best possible performance.

Blue light is no longer a problem during long use thanks to its Asus ultra-low blue light technology to filter it effectively. Its Flicker-free system also reduces image flickering to reduce your eye strain throughout the day.


  • Adjustable height, tilt and rotation
  • Good picture quality
  • Quality packaging


  • Default settings are not always optimal
  • Pixels tend to die pretty quickly

BenQ EL2870U 

BenQ EL2870U

Using its 4k function, the BenQ EL2870U gives you quality images while keeping a clean and slim look. Its brightness intelligence plus technology sensor improves your visual comfort by adapting the brightness and color temperature.

Thanks to its High Dynamic Range, you can have high-end imaging by adjusting the contrasts of your graphics, whether for your personal or professional use. AMD Freesync prevents jerky images and brings you seamless images with an optimal refresh.

Your eye comfort is ensured with fast actions and high-quality transitions. Its two HDMI ports allow you to connect it to multiple devices at the same time.


  • Simple and light screen
  • Good for console gaming
  • HDR technology certified by BENQ


  • The homogeneity leaves something to be desired
  • Visible light leak
  • Clarity problem
  • Not very suitable for professional use

LG 32UK550-B

LG 32UK550-B

Are you a quality person? This screen is for you. With a curved base for better stability, the LG32U combines elegance and sobriety.

Its various features offer you good value for money at your fingertips. Its 4K resolution, like its competitors, facilitates access to imagery of extraordinary clarity and quality. You’ll be down to business in no time.

The FreeSync technology that composes it prevents jerky images and ensures a quality refresh rate. Its stereo system ensures the comfort of your ears with good quality sound. The OnScreen Control lets you organize your display screen quickly.


  • Easily adjustable height
  • Quality image, brightness and contrast
  • Efficient V-sync with AMD and HDR
  • Good refreshment
  • Good value for money


  • Plastic shell and tower
  • Viewing angles are not optimal

Samsung U32R594CWU

LG 32UK550-B

With its higher than average price, the SAMSUNG U32R is primarily aimed at a range of business users.

Its curved 4K screen guarantees you a high-quality experience thanks to an extraordinary definition, but also with the help of a palette of more than a billion colors. It is one of the most responsive screens on the market with a response time of fewer than 4 milliseconds.

Composed of Flicker-Free technology to significantly reduce flickering and Eye Saver Mode function to avoid blue light, your visual comfort is assured. MagicBirght and MagicUpscale as for them, increase the resolution of the images without letting appear degradation on your screen.


  • Good quality display
  • Curved slab
  • Large screen allowing multiple items to be displayed if needed
  • Ideal for working on graphics


  • The display stand is not adjustable
  • Does not directly detect when the computer is turned on

Buying guide for choosing a 4K gaming monitor

Having a good PC setup is one thing, but you’ll agree that playing on a high-res screen is another. If you haven’t invested in a 4K display yet, our guide will help you find the screen that’s right for you based on different criteria.

Our editorial staff will therefore present you the tips for choosing this gem of technology as best as possible and will answer all the questions you may have before making your future purchase. No more chatter, let’s get to the heart of the matter now.

What’s the difference with a 1080p screen?

If you are not yet convinced by 4K technology, it is probably because you do not yet know its advantages. Obviously, switching from a 1080p screen, also known as Full HD, to a 4K display, will not be as obvious to you as when you went from 480p to 720p. It is a fact that is undeniable.

However, the changes are still visible to the naked eye for players, of course. So that you can better understand, an HD screen has 1920 x 1080 pixels, that’s 4 times fewer pixels than 4K. Indeed, the 4K screen has 4094 x 2160 pixels, we let you do the calculation but the difference is indeed huge and we understand better why it is seen with the naked eye.

So, of course, 4K offers unprecedented image quality, but that’s not its only advantage, far from it. Playing on a 4K screen lets you experience your video game in great detail. This will be particularly useful for players fond of immersive mode. For once, the 4K screen allows you to immerse yourself in the decor of the video game without any limit, we must admit that sold like this, it makes you want.
It is true that solo gamers, those who prefer shooting games, for example, will have less interest in switching to a 4K screen, although this is also possible. So this is a point that you need to think about before investing in this or that screen.

Why pay attention to compatible content?

The answer is simple if we invest in a 4K screen without being sure of being able to play on compatible content, this high resolution then loses all its meaning since it will be impossible for us to enjoy it …

Let it be said, 4K is not new. Indeed, this resolution has been present on our screens for a long time, so much so that we are already hearing about 8K which has also been available for a few years. All this to reassure you: yes, it’s getting easier and easier for gamers to find video games compatible with 4K.
However, our editorial staff would like to warn you. This is not yet the case with all video games. So, of course the Next Gen consoles that appeared last winter, namely the PS5 and the Xbox Serie X are fully compatible but you should know that the PS4 Pro, as well as the Xbox One X and S, were also already compatible at the time.

As for PC gamers who will want to invest in a 4K PC display, they will also need to pay attention to this criterion. As we said, this criterion should fade over the years since more and more games are made to be optimized in 4K, another good point for this high definition, definitely …

Frequently Asked Questions

What functions of the screen should I take into account?

We’ve covered the technical specifications of the 4K display, but that’s not all you need to know. Indeed, your future screen, depending on the model chosen, can be equipped with several functions.

Brightness: not all screens allow you to change the brightness, this is an important criterion especially if you are the type to play in the dark;
General settings: also take into account the ease of use of the screen. If you are not computer savvy, it is better to start with a simple model of understanding;

Screen adjustment: also, it is important to check that the screen and its support are adjustable. This will allow you, for example, to adjust the height of your screen in order to play comfortably.

Depending on the 4K display models, not all of the above functions are available. You are free to decide whether these functions are essential or not.

Should we opt for a curved screen or not?

When buying your 4K screen, know that you will have the choice between a flat or curved screen. Note that to play comfortably, we recommend that you opt for a curved PC screen for gamers. The latter will guarantee you the ultimate gaming experience!

Indeed, the curved screen allows you to increase your field of vision considerably. So you can see your entire screen without having to make the slightest effort, convenient, isn’t it? One of the other advantages of the curved-screen is undoubtedly the almost total absence of reflections due to its curvature.

In short, the verdict is final: the curved screen is very popular with gamers! Obviously (and again), the curved model is more expensive than the flat slab.

What to choose between GSync or FreeSync technology?

We had mentioned these terms a little earlier but it seemed essential to come back to them. Technology G-Sync (NVIDIA brand) and FreeSync (AMD brand) are technologies that allow to adjust the scanning frequency of your screen to that of your graphics card.

These technologies help combat image distortion when playing games. In the jargon, we also speak of Tearing. V-Sync technology, which is found on most displays, also serves the same purpose but is considered less efficient than NVIDIA and AMD technologies.

As you can imagine, G-Sync technology is not compatible with an AMD graphics card and vice versa. If your PC configuration is already done and you just have to invest for your screen, this is therefore an essential criterion!

Some manufacturers claim that the two are compatible, however, no official information on this has taken place. We, therefore, recommend that you pay attention to this criterion.

Should you choose a 4K LED or LCD screen?

When buying your screen you may have to ask yourself which technology to choose and again, it is not an easy task …

In terms of quality for playing, it is recommended to opt for LED technology. Indeed, the LED screen is much more economical: you can achieve up to 30% energy savings compared to LCD screens. Moreover, the LED screen is recognized to be more precise in the display.

The LCD is generally a bit heavier model but will cost less than the LED model.


After this article, you must certainly ask yourself how are you going to be able to do so with the list of criteria being so long? We agree it’s not the easiest thing. Choosing a 4K display ultimately seems more complicated than you might have imagined.

What we advise you first is to take stock. As a PC gamer, what criteria are essential for you and which ones could you overlook? Indeed, each player has a personal vision and ours is also quite subjective.

Of course, to choose, do not hesitate to set a budget. This will allow you to eliminate criteria quite easily. Indeed, as we have explained throughout this article, the budget often determines what one has the possibility of having, and not having.

It is therefore not possible to say which such or such a criterion. Each criterion can have its importance, its advantages but also its disadvantages. We, therefore, advise you to consult the various 4K screen comparisons. This can help you in your choice because we know that it is not always easy to decide, especially when you want to have the best!
We end this guide by hoping that we have answered all the questions you may have before you buy your 4K gaming monitor .