10 best Airoh helmets (Comparison & Buyer Guide)

best Airoh helmets Choosing has never been easy for motocross enthusiasts. You can find a bit of everything at the points of sale, which does not make the task any easier. At the moment, the most successful helmets are airohs.

A brand that meets the aesthetic, solidity and safety requirements. Road and urban bikers will surely be won over by this range with neat seams and made entirely by hand. Here is for you a selection of 10 best airoh helmets of the moment. You can use it as needed to buy this essential product for riding motorcycles.

I am a student and motocross is my passion. I have been practicing this sport for 4 years now and have acquired a good performance over time. However, I like to be noticed that is why the style and the design are for me an unprecedented requirement. If I chose the airoh brand helmet it is primarily for this aspect but also for the quality of safety it gives me. Indeed, my helmet, whatever the falls, has never disappointed me so far. For me, it is a guarantee to have it during my races and even on the road, during my numerous trips. It is so strong that it does not undergo any deformation during impact. Ultimately, the fall created a few scratches on it, but nothing more. I am completely satisfied with my helmet.

The best airoh CROSS helmet | helmet TWIST IRON ORANGE GLOSS

This is an Airoh brand helmet; this product is designed for motocross or enduro riders. It is light and weighs only 1180g. With this helmet safety is assured. It is in HRT thermoplasticwhich also offers great resistance. The chinstrap closes with a double D buckle and is made of aluminum, so that in the event of a fall, safety is maximum. For unprecedented comfort, it is equipped with 2 front vents, rear extractors, a chin guard air intake with a dust filter and removable nasal protection. He has a large visual field even laterally. Its visor is adjustable, so you have the possibility to adapt it to your convenience. Its interior is very comfortable and quite hygienic with its 2Dry antibacterial treatment system which is removable and washable. It is a helmet with an attractive design at an affordable price and too bright colors.

  • Very pleasant
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight
  • Good value for money
  • 2Dry antibacterial treatment
  • Too bright colors

The best airoh AVIATOR helmet | airoh Aviator 2.3 Novak Chrome helmet

airoh Aviator 2.3 Novak Chrome helmet
The Airoh Aviator 2.3 Novak Chrome helmet is a Kevlar carbon fiber product offering high resistance in the event of an impact. It is light 1070 g, with the extraction of cheek pads and its Airoh Emergency Fast Remove system. Its helmet is easily removed and it is also equipped with an AMSS 2 EPS system which merges with silicone Elastomers whose role is to absorb any impact; this is patented by Airoh, its chinstrap can be opened and closed with its double D aluminum buckle,

its visor is easily adjusted and removed and is equipped with an extension kit. The nasal protection is removable, the air intake of the chin guard is equipped with a removable dust filter, its ventilation system is at the top thanks to the upper and front ventilation protection kit. It has 3 different shell sizes and is equipped with a mount for GoPro action camera, but its camera is not included.

  • Resistant
  • AMSS 2 EPS system
  • 3 shell sizes
  • Camera not included

the best airoh HELMET helmet | Air RD11 Motorcycle Helmet

Air RD11 Motorcycle Helmet
Ideal for those who like to ride everyday motocross or travel in peace and safety, this RD11 XXL motorcycle helmet from Airoh is a pure marvel. It is made of retractable or foldable Thermoplastic and has a double P / J homologation. With the wide field of its visor, you are assured of better visibility at all times, its dimension is 43X30X30 cm for a weight of 1.3 kg, it is a very original and comfortable helmet. It has a sun visor that can be adjusted in height, which provides protection against the sun. It is certified EN 22/05 and is designed so that the mist cannot form on the visor due to its particular positioning; it is also equipped with a device for Pinlock lenses. It is a good quality product that is accessible to all budgets, even the smallest.

  • In retractable thermoplastic
  • Double P / J homologation
  • Large visual field
  • EN 22/05 certified
  • Lightweight 1.3 kg
  • Pinlock lens device
  • Dark color

The most modular airoh helmet | airoh REV Color helmet

airoh REV Color helmet
the Airoh REV Color helmet is a modular Airoh REV helmet. Its shell is designed in HRT Thermoplastic, the interior is fully removable, washable and very comfortable. In addition to being hypoallergenic, it has a better ventilation system. The Airoh Combined Ventilation System with which it is equipped allows an optimal circulation of the air with an air inlet at the level of the forehead, at the level of the chin and with air extractors at the back for a more fluid evacuation. Its lens has a very quick and easy replacement system which is anti-fog and anti-scratch treated and is very UV resistant. It is equipped with an internal double sunscreen, the chinstrap is closed by micrometric buckle. This helmet is lightweight with a weight of 1650g. it is comfortable and less sound. The designer has not planned for passage from branch to bezel inside the trim and its screen is fragile.

  • Not noisy
  • ACVS
  • UV resistant
  • Fragile screen
  • Absence from branch to glasses

The best airoh J106 helmet | Airoh J106 Crude flip-up helmet

Airoh J106 Crude flip-up helmet
Here at your fingertips a modular helmet from Airoh, the J106 Crude with an aggressive and unique design, with double P / J homologation. Whether for the Jet version or the full version, it guarantees flawless security in every way. It is equipped with a retractable sunscreenwith predisposition for Pinlock lens. Original, it is in perfect harmony with the new vusa technology Bluetooth function allowing you to transfer your data to an external medium of your choice for your headset; and also for a much more appropriate hygiene, its internal linings are removable and easily washable and which moreover are designed for a high and good breathing. It is made of HRT thermoplastic. The Crude looks great and is very comfortable and also super practical. It is an affordable product. But its chin bar is not at all easy to assemble and its finishes are not really at the top.

  • Nice design
  • HRT thermoplastic
  • Retractable sun screen
  • Pinlock device
  • Chin bar difficult to fit
  • Not good finishes

The best airoh VALOR helmet  | airoh Valor SAM helmet

airoh Valor SAM helmet
motocross enthusiasts. Its chinstrap closes with an efficient and very fast micrometric buckle. It has very good visibility thanks to its screen which has a simple and ultra fast replacement system and which is also anti-scratch and UV resistant, with an optional Pinlock device; it has a revolutionary 8-zone system, front ventilations, upper ventilations and chin ventilations and also air extractors.

The comfort of its interior is really maximum and moreover, it is hypoallergenic therefore corresponding to all skin types; for better maintenance you can take it apart completely to wash it. It is ECE 22.05 approved, it is not expensive, but on the other hand its visor is not smoked.

  • Anti-scratch and UV resistant screen
  • Revolutionary 8-zone system
  • Comfortable and hypoallergenic
  • Pinlock device
  • Smoke-free visor

The best airoh TERMINATOR helmet | airoh cross helmet Terminator open vision SHOCK BLUE GLOSS

airoh cross helmet Terminator open vision SHOCK BLUE GLOSS
Road and off-road approved to the ECE 22-5 standard, the Terminator open Vision Shock Blue Gloss is a helmet from Airoh whose finishes are perfect and this for a use in complete safety and serenity. So fans of motocross, enduro or even bikers who want to be noticed in the process will surely find their account, because it perfectly combines in itself comfort, performance and beauty. It is designed in composite and carbon fiberwhich gives it unparalleled lightness,

ie 1020 g with a double D buckle chin strap closure. In the event of an accident, the pilot is easily released thanks to its emergency system for removing the Airoh pads. The visor is adjustable and removable and can easily be removed, its dust filter and nasal protection are removable, its interior is made of removable and washable antibacterial fabric.

  • Good finishes
  • Road and all terrain approved
  • Very light 1020 g
  • Airoh emergency pad removal system
  • Antibacterial fabric inside
  • Too flashy

The best airoh ROCKSTAR helmet | TWIST Rockstar airoh helmet white black yellow

TWIST Rockstar airoh helmet white black yellow
Although not having an integrated inflation system, this off-road helmet is designed for motocross lovers, the TWIST ROCKSTAR by Airoh Multicolor is really reliable. Its shell is made of HRT thermoplastic, it has a shell size and its visor is adjustable with a large field of view allowing you to have a much more complete and large view. it is equipped with a removable dust filterand washable for more cleanliness,

chin ventilation, 2 front vents for better comfort also air extractions at the back; the chinstrap closes with a Double D buckle, it is very light and weighs only 1180 g with more or less 50 g. The Twist Rockstar is ECE 22.5 certified, its interior is very comfortable with antibacterial and anti-odor and for hygiene and health concerns, it is completely removable and washable.

  • Quite comfortable
  • All Terrain
  • ECE 22.5 certified
  • Large visual field
  • Antibacterial and anti-odor inside
  • No inflation system

the best airoh ORDER helmet | airoh Commander Carbon GLOSS helmet

airoh Commander Carbon GLOSS helmet
The particularity of this Airoh helmet is undoubtedly its high impact resistance because it is made of HPC composite fibers, but also its lightness 1400 gwhich provides more comfort to the pilot. The Commander Carbon-GLOSS is made to ride in all types of conditions. It is equipped with 3-zone ventilation, an anti-swirl bib and a removable aerodynamic visor. The interior of the helmet is hypoallergenic and in microfiber fabric.

It is also equipped with a retractable sunscreen, an extra large and removable screen with anti scratch suitable for any type of terrain which comes with Pinlock film as standard, for maximum adjustment. The chinstrap is closed with a secure Double D buckle. It is a versatile helmet that offers several advanced technical solutions. It always comes with a colorless screen as standard and is approved according to the ECE 22.5 standard. The downside is that it is not soundproof.

  • High impact resistance
  • Quite comfortable
  • ECE 22.5 certified
  • Extra large and removable screen
  • It is not soundproof

The best airoh REV 19 helmet | airoh helmet REV 19 REVOLUTION

airoh helmet REV 19 REVOLUTION
Having only one shell made of HRT polycarbonate, the Airoh REV 19-REVOLUTION has a comfortable, removable and washable hypoallergenic interior. It is equipped with an Extra Wide colorless lens with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment and also has an internal sunscreen; It is modular and weighs 1700 g and its chin strap closes with a micrometric buckle. This helmet is designed with techniques that allow it to resist in the event of an impact.

You can therefore ride your motocross with complete peace of mind, especially since it comes with a standard Pinlock film and a cover to store it safely. it is also equipped with a patented system of rotation of the chin bar 180 ° Flip Up, the “ACVS” ventilation system, with upper air intake, chin guard air intake and rear air extractor. Its memory foam is removable and washable. With this model, you quickly go from jet to full.

  • “ACVS” ventilation
  • Standard Pinlock film included
  • Comes with protective cover
  • one shell

Thank you for reading this article

The airoh helmets are very light and it offers great resistance. They are closed with an aluminum buckle and other materials. The advantage with these helmets is their antibacterial treatment system. The ventilation system of these helmets is of high quality, and even if some do not have a camera,

they are still efficient. If you are looking for certified helmets, know that the entire airoh range is. These headsets are comfortable and less sound and some even have a cover for better storage. By purchasing these airoh helmets, you benefit from a very high comfort of use, unparalleled safety, and good durability over time.


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