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Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards

Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards

Do you want a better gaming experience and want to buy more efficient equipment? If the gaming keyboard is one of the peripherals for the pc that you would like to buy, then you have come to the right place! On Amazon, cheap gaming keyboards are available with great fanfare, which could narrow the range of possibilities. This is why we have made a selection of 5 efficient and inexpensive models.

Now that you have had an idea of ​​our selection of the best cheap gaming keyboards, it’s time to explain to you how to choose such a product on your own. In this guide, we’ll give you simple and useful tips and things to consider when choosing a gaming keyboard.

What type of player are you?

Am I a MOBA, MMORPG, RTS, or FPS player? This is the first question to answer when you want to choose a gaming keyboard. You will understand, each keyboard has its own peculiarities. Each keyboard corresponds to a particular type of player. However, you have to keep in mind that MMORPG keyboards have ultra-comprehensive functionality. With macro keys, the keyboard will allow the player to take advantage of many shortcuts during the game.

It’s also important to point out that RTS or MOBA players will be more inclined to lean towards keyboards with quick keys in order to save the seconds associated with casting a spell. This is however important if you are a high-grade player. Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, have the characteristic of being ultra-fast.

What to know before buying your gaming keyboard

  • Membrane, cliches, mechanical… the gamer keyboard is available in 3 main variants.
  • Membrane keyboards and keyboards are less expensive, that’s because they are most often used for office tasks! In the trade, you will find them at a lower price. However, this kind of desktop keyboard will not offer the performance corresponding to the requirements of gamers.
  • Whether it’s MMO, FPS, or a strategy game, there’s nothing like a mechanical gaming keyboard! It is clear that gaming keyboards are very responsive, but you can also find some cheap and good-quality models. Discover our comparison and buying guide on the best cheap gaming keyboards in 2021.

In commerce, especially on the Amazon online store, you will find several types of keyboards. This is as stated above, the cliches keyboards, the membrane keyboards, and mechanical keyboards or Switch. The brands never cease to display their imagination in the design of hybrid keyboards such as meca-membranes or mechanical keyboards. It must be admitted that this type of keyboard is most often a marketing trick rather than technological advancement. Because they have flat and spaced keys, keyboards are not very often used for gaming, unlike the Logitech K740. This keyboard is known for its quiet character, although it is not responsive enough.

The membrane keypad is however very popular and is offered at a low price. Entry-level models are available for less than 50$. The mechanical keyboard, on the other hand, is a super popular tool for gamers. For now, it remains the most responsive keyboard on the market, and above all, it is equipped with several keys and functions.

Full or TKL keyboard

Keyboards come in two main categories. There is the Full keyboard and the TKL keyboard. The Full keyboard is aptly named. It is a full keyboard incorporating classic keys. On the other hand, you will see that a TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard appears in a clean and simplistic design. Its keys are not as complete as those of the Full keyboard. On TKL keyboards, we do not find the numeric keypad as well as the macros and directional arrows, which allows a certain approximation of the keys. The Full keyboard has all the keys and is therefore perfect to be used not only for gaming but also for office work.

Design and conception

Between a desktop keyboard and a gaming keyboard, it’s a roller coaster ride. For a gaming keyboard, we ensure ease of use, but also we opt for a wrist rest as well as a minimum response time. Just like vertical mice for gaming, keyboards for video game enthusiasts are wired. This type of keyboard is often equipped with macro or programmable keys. A good tip would be to choose a keyboard with 6 easily accessible keys for both left-handed and right-handed people. They are called ambidextrous keyboards.

Backlight or not

When it comes to gaming keyboards, backlighting is an essential tool for gamers. In addition to contributing to the aesthetics of the product, it allows you to play in the dark without difficulty. While allowing rapid identification of the keys, it can also offer you the possibility of determining the temperature of the components. The backlighting offers several colors and offers you the possibility of illuminating the keys in red, the letters in blue, and even the macros in green.

Multimedia function

We generally find on gaming keyboards a multimedia panel, on which you will be able to adopt several forms and functions. From the touch buttons or not, you will be able to play music, manage the backlighting or adjust the volume of the computer.

Which connection to choose on a gaming keyboard?

Office or specialized gaming keyboards generally only have a single key or one (or more) USB port (s) present on the computer. The market also offers increasingly sophisticated models with integrated connectors, thus offering better ergonomics to the user.
The most popular connectors available on the most innovative keyboards are USB ports. Their presence is useful and practical. A USB port connected to the gaming keyboard allows you to connect the mouse or another peripheral on the fly.

However, you should lean towards a device that has the latest standard. This is for example the USB 3.0 or USB-C port. Other gaming keyboards feature two mini-jacks, very handy when you have the habit of switching between headphones and PC speakers.

If you want to move away from wired keyboard models, there are also wireless keyboards! Interested? Discover our comparison of the best Bluetooth keyboards for your pc.


All gamers know this. Some games call for several quick and simultaneous actions. With some keyboards, it can be complex to achieve this and in this case, we will talk about Ghosting. If you find yourself for example on a game of the last FPS, you will have to press certain keys at the same time.

For example, you may press the Z key to move forward, the D key to shift to the right, or SHIFT to run. Choosing a keyboard that can activate multiple keys simultaneously would be ideal, and not all keyboards are created equal. On some keyboards, you won’t find it easy to activate the keys simultaneously. You may find yourself in cases where the keys do not work or activate if they are not pressed.

This is how we will speak of the “Ghosting” effect. Since keyboards work in blocks, rows,s or columns, pressing multiple keys at the same time can be a puzzle. This is why it is preferable to choose a gaming keyboard with ZQSD keys benefiting from anti-ghosting technology.

Best keyboard brands for gamers

There are several brands of gaming keyboards on the market. Some are more popular than others. What justifies the popularity of some brands is the fact that they offer quality products at bargain prices. However, just because a brand is less or not known at all does not mean that its products are not of good quality. Among the brands offering gaming keyboards on the market, we note:

  • Cosair
  • Logitecg
  • Ducky
  • Roccat

That’s it, you now know which cheap gaming keyboard to choose and how to choose it. It’s up to you to take the plunge for a more fun gaming experience.

Discover now our comparison of the best cheap gaming keyboards of this year!

Our Recommendations for Best Cheap Gaming Keyboards

Logitech G213


If you are looking for a Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard, you can opt for the G213 Prodigy from Logitech. Released in 2016, this keyboard sold for less than 50$ provides advanced gaming performance. Although it is featured in entry-level keyboards, you don’t need to let its price confuse you.

It is one of the brand’s best-selling products. As a membrane gaming keyboard supported by RGB. The G213 keyboard will not allow you to take advantage of Cherry MX mechanical switches. But, overall, we have almost nothing to complain about.

Its Logitech Mech-Dome switches as well as its integrated multimedia controls will allow you to enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. One of its main pluses is that it is perfectly splash-resistant. The other thing that you are sure to appreciate about this Logitech G213 keyboard is its weight.

The keyboard is intended to be robust and in this area, we all know that heavy is a guarantee of reliability and durability. So, if you want to buy a gaming keyboard, without emptying your wallet, the Logitech G213 is the best compromise. This is especially why we have positioned it for the task of this comparison of the best cheap gaming keyboards.


  • Better typing experience
  • Excellent finish
  • Wrist rest


  • No macro keys
  • No Jack or Usb socket
  • Not very quiet

HyperX RGB alloy core

HyperX-RGB -alloy-core

It is a membrane keyboard with an Azerty configuration. This Best Gaming Keyboard Overall is aimed at gamers who would like to benefit from most of the advantages of mechanical keyboards with a budget of fewer than 60$. Conceived in a traditional design, this product, well finished, benefits from a sober and elegant design. Even if it does not have a palm rest or additional connectors, it does sport an RGB backlighting as well as dedicated multimedia keys.

Alloy offers this gaming keyboard in its entry-level models. And although this is so, its design is reminiscent of its top-of-the-range models with ribbed profiles as well as light bands. Unsurprisingly, the materials used in the design of the product in our test are of lower quality compared to those of the high-end models the brand has designed so far. But overall we’re happy to know we’re on a robust product.

There are no mechanical switches, unlike the RGB Alloy Core RGB. But, we can’t expect more and this, because of its price. To put it simply, the HyperX Alloy Core RGB gaming keyboard has a sober and clean design. This keyboard comes with membrane keys of unquestionable quality, but what is even more attractive is its aesthetic character.


  • Quieter than a mechanical model
  • Dedicated RGB
  • Multimedia control


  • Perfectible noise level
  • No USB port or mini-jack
  • No macro keys
  • Fixed intensity backlight

Razer Cynosa Chroma


In this comparison of the Best Budget Gaming Keyboard, the Razer Cynosa Chroma ranks third in our ranking. And if it is on our list, it’s because it poses as the most popular membrane keyboard in the United States. You will certainly wonder why it is so popular with Americans. Well, it is because it is sold at a low price. Price is not the only reason for its success. It also has backlit keys supported by programmable Chroma RGB lighting. Its waterproof design makes it completely perfect after immersion.

While the Razer keyboard doesn’t offer a neat design, it does have a lot of features. It features Synapse technology, which will help you perform overall customization of your RGB lighting performance, as well as sync with Razer peripherals.

During our review, we were delighted to know that the Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboard is designed with 104 customizable keys and enhanced with RGB lighting. Thus, the cheap Razer Cynosa Chroma gaming keyboard is intended for gamers who do not want to break the bank on their peripherals. Available at around 60$, it has responsive keys, which makes it perfect for more hardcore gamers.


  • Affordable
  • Several built-in features
  • Soft and responsive keys


  • Somewhat cheap design

Corsair K55

Corsair K55

Another choice that you can make, when you want to buy a Best Tenkeyless Gaming Keyboard is the Corsair K55. This Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes in a cool design. Sold at less than 50$, the all-black keyboard offers completely unexpected features compared to its price. It sports membrane switches, but no wonder considering its price.

One of the strengths of this cheap gaming keyboard is its quietness. In addition, there are 3 RGB lighting zones under the hood. Although there is no key light, the technology available is adequate.

The K55, although it is less expensive and designed with plastic materials, it does not market itself as a low-end product. Its robustness as well as the presence of 6 Macro keys located on the left side make it completely versatile. During our test, we were also won over by the ease of use of this device. To use it, you just need to plug it in. No need to install drivers or any other software.


  • Macro recording
  • Customizable led
  • Good typing feeling


  • Noisy for a membrane
  • Less responsive than a mechanical model

Steelseries APEX 150

Steelseries-APEX -150

While the Apex 150 can’t compete with the big stuff in the $ 100 and up range, it’s a nice Best Optical Gaming Keyboard on a budget. If you really care about fancy RGB lighting, macro keys, and mechanical switches, I recommend saving the money for a more expensive keyboard. If cash is the deciding factor, however, you could do a lot worse than the Apex 150.

Its frame is plastic, but don’t let that fool you; it’s surprisingly durable and didn’t give in at all when we tried to bend it. The board itself is light, yet sturdy, and won’t budge on your desk.

The RGB lighting is one of the first things you’d expect not to include on a budget keyboard, but SteelSeries still managed to include basic RGB lighting in the Apex 150. There are five zones. lighting, each of which can be changed to the color of your choice.


  • The +
  • Very good design
  • Perfect finish
  • Macro keys


  • Customer service is not good