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best compact cameras

Best Compact Cameras

Reigns of the tech market until just a few years ago, compact cameras have lost ground in recent times to fierce competition from smartphones, which have developed quality graphics cards and offer decidedly comfortable versatility. , always at hand.

However, the photographic standards of smartphones cannot compete with those of a compact camera: technological progress makes them increasingly complete tools, capable of having functions formerly guaranteed only by compact cameras.

The field of photography is growing more and more. These compact cameras are the best known on the market. So the choice is yours to get the model that will help you in the future.

1. SONY A6100

SONY A6100
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If you’re looking for a mid-range, travel-friendly camera for shooting street, sports, and family photography, the A 6100 is fast becoming one of the best options at this price point.

Although its hardware is a bit dated and it is a shame that Sony did not update some features such as the viewfinder, new powers, autofocus function and the 4k video recording of the A 6100 make it a versatile device.

The Sony A 6100 is the best-selling mirrorless camera to date. But, why is the A 6100 so popular? Well, because the device is striking for its size, price and performance. The Sony A 6100 photo camera adds a particularly interesting new feature to these more advanced cameras: real-time autofocus tracking.

However, the Sony A 6100 lacks some features including weatherproof construction, built-in image stabilization, and high ISO performance.

Sony has played it safe with the design of the A 6100 which has hardly changed from the flat rangefinder appearance.

Finally, the video quality is also promising. Compared to its siblings, the Sony A 6100 is more of a compact video camera with an image stabilizer built into HDR. This device is ideal for bloggers for example.

2. CANON G7X Mark 3

CANON G7X Mark 3
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The G7X Mark 3 is a great little camera with a lot of features and charm.

For starters, there’s unrecorded 4k video recording that joins a host of Full HD video recording modes. Perhaps even more exciting is the quality of being able to connect an external camera microphone. And yes, it has been requested for years but has so far proven to be an elusive one-inch camera allowed in the market.

At the heart of the G7X, Mark 3 is a large sensor paired with a 4.2x optical zoom lens offering a very flexible equivalent focal length range of 24-100mm. Which should be enough to capture a very wide variety of subjects.

The lens also offers a very wide aperture range, which is great news for shooting in low light conditions. These specifications were incorporated into the G7X Mark 3.

Although portable, the G7X Mark 3 should fit easily in most pockets. Giving you quick access to high-quality shots, without even having to rely on your smartphone. The manual and semi-automatic options will satisfy enthusiasts.

While beginners can switch directly to automatic mode and let the camera do it for them. Images display a good dynamic range with great detail under most shooting conditions. Having a large aperture means you can create attractive depth of field and shallow effects.

Overall, the versatile metering system helps keep the exposures well balanced.


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The G90 is a versatile camera and one of the best mid-range mirrorless cameras you can buy on Amazon today.

Similarly priced rivals such as the Fujifilm XT30 which we will see later, offer the advantages of a larger sensor and other advantages including better jpeg files and more advanced autofocus. But, the G90 wins both with its built-in image stabilization and convenient side-tilt display.

What makes this a great option for vloggers or anything in the photographic scheme is dialed into a camera. Add to that its rugged design and features like 4k photo mode and you’ve got a great all-around travel companion.

The G90 has a camera designed to be small, light, rugged, user-friendly, and excellent for photography and video recording. Despite its 4/3 sensor being smaller than its competitors, the G90 competes well in most areas including video. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly camera that can reproduce moving images as much as still images, this is one of the best options.

In addition, the device manages to strike a judicious balance between size, robustness, and maneuverability. Despite its sturdy structure, the G90 is relatively easy to operate with one hand. Also, the depth autofocus system after focuses is sometimes fast and able to follow a moving subject.

The G90 comes with a 20.3 megapixel 4/3 sensor without a filter. Finally, the built-in image stabilization helps you take photos with a computer bag with a lower ISO sensitivity. If you shoot in low light often, you can easily shoot with Rot on the G90 and apply noise reduction in post-processing programs like Lightroom for the best results.


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Small, powerful, and fun to photograph. The X-T30 is one of the best compact cameras you can buy today for under $ 1000.

While its size makes it ideal for travel and street photography, the X-T30’s excellent autofocus and video powers have made it an ideal all-rounder for everyday shooting. Its charming design is compact, excellent autofocus and its superb range of lenses have made it an everyday compact camera. Ideal for most shooting situations from action to travel photographer.

This makes it a versatile camera for both stills and videos and it’s also a good learner’s camera for anyone new to smartphone photography.

The X-T30’s magnesium alloy body makes the device a well-built product for it is too heavy. It goes particularly well with the lenses of choice from Fujifilm.

But if you’re shooting regularly with longer zooms, the X-T3 might be a better choice. But like its creators, it’s also a great option if you like playing around with subtle selfies that add to the vibe of a photo or give you a jumping-off point for further editing.

Fujifilm’s tint and tone based film simulators is a very good option for doing this and is one of the main selling points.


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Aimed at professional filmmakers and enthusiastic amateurs alike, the BLACK MAGIC POCKET CAMERA 4k is a compact camcorder, capable of capturing film-quality footage with different resolutions and frame rates.

With a digital 4/3 sensor and micro 4/3 lens mount, it is able to use a wide variety of existing lenses and record footage to an SD card or external device via its USB Type C port. It’s a weird camera, similar to a classic camera in shape but with less dial, no viewfinder, a giant screen, and a second tripod screw mount.

In addition, the community is impressive with a full-size HDMI type A output, an XLR audio input, a 3.5mm stereo input, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an external USB Type C recordings port. There is also a 12V power input if you want to use the camera on mains rather than battery.

In terms of storage, if you want the items to remain entirely internal, there is a card booster, one for UH2 SD cards and one for Cfast cards. But also, the USB port can also be used for external recording to portable hard drive or SSD.