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Best High Performance Laptops

Best High-Performance Laptops

The choice of a laptop PC is very important because it is a device that will accompany us for years.

The market is now so large that there are products in all price ranges, and finding the best laptop isn’t always an objective question.

1. Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13
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The 2020 XPS offers us a frame with impeccable finishes that perfectly matches a screen in 16:10 format. Still very attractive. A 13.4-inch screen takes up almost the entire surface of the front.

The definition can be in full HD or in 4k. The panel is excellent, the colors are faithful to the detail. The brightness does not disappoint either when combined with a more than correct anti-reflection treatment. Even in direct sunlight, readability is good.

The 2020 XPS 13 offers 10 hours of battery life. Which is reasonable for a 13-inch laptop.

This model is an example in terms of mobility with its 1.2 kg on the scale. When it comes to audio, Dell doesn’t go to great lengths. We find the same vices as the old models. The speakers are still stuck to the sides of the chassis and fitted with very small grilles. As a result, the sound is cramped and offers an effect of boxes making the whole chassis vibrate.

Finally, for performance, the device is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor coupled with 16 GB of Ram and a storage of 512 GB.

A well-muscled configuration allows you to work quietly on any palette of applications. Ideal for office work. It is not recommended to play or edit video with it.

2. Apple MacBook Pro 16

Apple MacBook Pro 16
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This model is attractive with a brand new screen size of 16 inches. Its reworked chassis also and especially appeals to Apple integrates a high-end Intel processor. You will be able to choose between Core i7 or Core i9. The understated gray aluminum frame always gives chills. The Apple MacBook Pro 16 offers a second screen that we like to call the touch bar. An OLED screen is located between the keyboard and the main screen.

Basically, it allows you to manage sound and light. However, it will change and adapt depending on the application that is open. The touch id always works wonderfully whether it’s for unlocking the computer or paying online. The trackpad is still as big, pleasant, and efficient as ever.

Regarding connectivity, Apple is limited to the bare minimum as often. There are 4 USB ports and a headset microphone port and that’s it. As far as the heating is concerned, nothing extraordinary, especially if you choose a model equipped with a Core i9 processor. The chassis heats up strongly but the temperature under the touch bar remains reasonable. As a result, the fans run at full speed and get a bit noisy without becoming a nuisance to the user either.

One of the big only flaws of this MacBook remains the afterglow of the screen as often. Concretely, blurry trails will disturb the most sensitive users when moving on the slab. What a shame when you know that otherwise, the screen is just perfect. The respect for colors is exceptional and allows you to work on images comfortably.

We move on to performance, equipped with the high-end chip from the Intel catalog, not too much to worry about. Accompanied by 32 GB of Ram and a 2 TB SSD, the whole thing does not disappoint.

For gaming, the MacBook Pro is equipped with an AMD Radeon pro 5500m graphics card. Often considered quite modest, however, the results are quite correct to run games at 1080p. But if a graphics card is present, it is mainly for video editing, 3d modeling, or all other applications intended for creatives.

Side autonomy which counted 15 hours, is an exploit for a powerful laptop PC and even more for Apple. The brand really wanted to make this laptop portable and therefore worked well on the autonomy but also its size. Weighing only 2 kg, it is more than transportable.

Finally, concerning the audio, Apple adds 2 additional speakers raising the quantity to 6. Successful feats of strength for the brand offering a sound quality worthy of a good portable speaker. The whole is powerful and balanced.

3. Lenovo Yoga Slim 7

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7
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Lenovo enters the world of ultra-portable thanks to the new Yoga Slim 7. The brand decides to play the card of sobriety by proposing a metallic gray frame. At first glance, you can see the build quality. The use of aluminum brings a very appreciable premium aspect. The screen avoids fingerprints and is much easier to clean.

Although it is part of the Yoga family, its screen cannot open to 360 degrees and is limited to 180 degrees. In 16: 9 format, the screen occupies more than 80% of the facade. We are pleasantly surprised by the keyboard which is excellent. The race is good and facilitates the use. It is also backlit. No fingerprint sensor on the menu but facial recognition via the camera.

We appreciate a large amount of connectivity on this ultraportable ranging from USB C to HDMI. However, the MicroSD port is missing, too bad. On the performance side, the heat is well managed. Equipped with an AMD ryzen 5 4500 u processor, it greatly surpasses the core i7.

It allows multimedia use, web browsing, and even photo editing. The games are not to be put aside either and the graphics card presented allows them to run at 55 frames per second.

With a 14-inch screen and 1.4 kg on the scale, the Yoga Slim 7 remains a mobile laptop. In addition, count a little more than 11 hours of autonomy.

4. Huawei MateBook D14

 Huawei MateBook D14
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A sleek and assertive design gives it a rugged and reliable look from first glance. Sharp angles, dark color, and a prominent logo make it look very professional and elegant.

The camera that was above the screen on the old models is now a few centimeters lower. Integrated within a dummy button, it only takes a press of the finger to deploy them. Ingenious, of course, but the angle of capture is not the most flattering. The edges around the slab are particularly thin and the occupancy rate exceeds 80%.

In terms of performance, no big disappointment either. Huawei opts for the latest ryzen 5 3500 u processor and Ram’s 8GB companion. Lined with a good graphics card, the MateBook D14 can run some games. However, did not intend to run the biggest of this world at the risk of never starting it. On the other hand, it will be able to run all the office software without a problem and even allow you to retouch your photo.

Heat is not a problem and noise from the fan is non-existent. We also see a brand new fingerprint sensor that nestles on the start button. It turns out to be quick and efficient. There is also a lot of connectivity which remains the strength of the brand. It is complete and in large quantities.

With its 14-inch screen and its small 1.4 kg, the MateBook D14 is easily transportable. Count an autonomy of 8:30 hours.

We finish with the audio, the speakers of the device are powerful for this small model. The frequencies are balanced and even bring a certain softness to the rendering. The mini-jack is also of very good quality. Although exceeding 80% of the volume the rendering is less good.

5. HP Elitebook x360

HP Elitebook x360
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We finish this top with HP. The latest model is dressed in aluminum. On the back cover appears the stylized logo which is reserved for the brand’s elite products. Being a hybrid computer, the touchscreen revolves around the keyboard and quickly transforms into a tablet. The sturdy frame won’t bend when held with your fingertips. You can unlock the device with your face using Windows Hello.

Facial recognition by the webcam is effective. Just like the fingerprint sensor located on the keyboard. Little more, it is possible to encrypt this data with the client security application which is installed by default. Another small bonus for people working with sensitive data, that HP offers a secure view. This system allows a filter to appear on the screen to reduce viewing angles.

As with Huawei, we notice a large number of connections. The keyboard is very pleasant. It offers appreciable resistance to obtain a better feeling of typing. Backlit on 3 levels, the arrangement of the keys remains correct. The trackpad is of good quality and responds perfectly to the commands given to it.

On the performance side, we appreciate the brand’s very good heating management. The fans do their job well while remaining very discreet. The 13-inch IPS touch screen offers a very good image definition. However, the front screen ratio does not exceed 75%. On the other hand, its anti-reflective coating remains one of the best on the market and allows you to work calmly outside in the full sun.

The Elitebook is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and comes with 8 GB of Ram and a storage capacity of 256 GB. These characteristics are solid especially since they are coupled with an efficient cooling system allowing very good results in terms of pure performance. No graphics card is present. It will be necessary to be satisfied with an Intel HD GPU. Basically did not intend to play on this model. It will be excellent in terms of office automation, web browsing and may even allow you to do a little photo editing. With a 13-inch screen and 1.4 kg, this HP model can be transported anywhere. Count on the autonomy of 11 hours.

We finish with the audio, the speakers are placed judiciously between the screen and the keyboard. The sound delivered is rather correct and balanced.

So what do you think of these models? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments.