10 Best inflatable mattresses – [Comparison & Buyer Guide]

Mattresses are essential elements for sleep. Thus, we must be reassured that we are sleeping on the right mattress. There are several types of mattresses but inflatables are more and more popular because of their many advantages. They are both comfortable and practical, guaranteeing a soft and restful sleep. The brands are numerous and the ranges quite varied.

I will compare for you in this guide the 10 best inflatable mattresses.  there are some that are sure to suit each person effectively. So don’t wait any longer, take care of your sleep, which is a guarantee of good shape on a daily basis.

Restful nights are essential for a good awakening and good health. I am a physiotherapist and my patients complain of very restless nights due to uncomfortable mattresses. In my center, I have inflatable and orthopedic mattresses. The sessions are going very well and faced with the concerns of my dear patients, I advised them to use inflatable mattresses. The feedbacks are more and more positive and the satisfaction is total.

They now wake up rested rather than tired and reassure me that my health is at the top. Pregnant women, on the other hand, could not hope for better than the benefits they get from using their inflatable mattresses. Give your nights a boost by using the inflatable mattresses that will accompany you throughout the year, whatever the season.

Intex Lounge pool Ghost |The best inflatable pool mattress

Intex Lounge pool Ghost

Intex Lounge ghost pool is a lounge chair in the colors of the lagoon that will allow you to enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation on the water or on the ground. Very practical, it contains a cup holder to refresh yourself at any time, and a support cushion that will add comfort. Enjoy the sun pleasantly while letting yourself be carried away by the lapping of the swimming pool. With a trendy design, it will embellish the swimming pool, will seduce your guests and you will not be able to do without it. Ergonomic and very comfortable, this swimming pool mattress will allow you to relax in your swimming pool or around it all summer long. Thanks to its semi-recumbent position, you can choose to take a nap or read a book. Indulge yourself in the open air in your swimming pool using this inflatable mattress.

  • Very comfortable

  • Convenient
  • Robust and durable
  • Stable position
  • Sustainable
  • A little fragile

The best intex inflatable mattress

The best intex inflatable mattress

Intex 66702 is a two-seater inflatable bed that will make your sleep easier. It is particularly distinguished by its soft and comfortable coating, which creates a thin and pleasant layer of protection for the user. You can use it without adding sheets if needed, which is great for keeping you cool, especially on summer nights. With impeccable finishes, you won’t risk seeing it damaged anytime soon. Resistant and solid, it is ideal for adults and children; even the rowdiest. Its appreciable dimensions can accommodate two adults efficiently and in the greatest comfort. Very practical, the integrated raised pillow is ideal for a feeling of comfort and increased well-being. Its storage bag with which it is provided will allow you to easily take it wherever you want and enjoy the benefits of relaxing sleep.

  • Very resistant

  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Great ease of use
  • Compact size
  • Integrated electric inflator
  • Deflating not easy

  • Heavy

Intex 66702 Inflatable Bed 2 | The best Decathlon inflatable mattress

Intex 66702 Inflatable Bed 2

Designed for two campers, the air seconds 140 cm inflatable camping mattress will be the ideal solution if you need great comfort on campsites. Thick and very quick to install, it inflates easily for optimal comfort. Its two air chambers with non-return valve are provided for ease of inflation. Once lying down, the air pressure will distribute itself under your whole body and provide you with comfort never felt before. Very resistant, it is approved to withstand 80 cycles of inflation and minimum deflation, enough to make the most of your sleep and naps. Its specially designed structure will allow you to have a good night’s sleep, especially thanks to its soft and silky touch. Lightweight, practical and easy to maintain, this mattress will suit you, whatever adventure you embark on.

  • Great sleeping comfort

  • Easy assembly
  • Ease of transport
  • Very convenient
  • Increased resistance
  • Heated

  • Closed

Explorer AIR MAT inflatable mattress | The best air inflatable mattress

Explorer AIR MAT inflatable mattress

The Highlander Explorer Air Mat inflatable mattress is very compact and suitable for one person. It will put you very comfortable during your night’s thanks to its structure which is specially designed in polyester. This gives it good robustness and gives it a long lifespan. It has an integrated pump, a quick deflation valve to allow you to easily set it up. Its storage bag which is provided will facilitate storage and transport. As for its maintenance, it is facilitated by the repair kit which will allow you to fix any possible small breakdowns. Perfect as an extra bed, this mattress is very resistant and will make you spend peaceful nights. Specially designed, it will give you a better feeling of sleep every day and will also contribute to your good shape.

  • Nice design

  • Good workmanship
  • Innovative technology
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Generous thickness
  • High price

  • Very light

Intex 6441 2 person inflatable mattress | The best automatic inflatable mattress

Intex 6441 2 person inflatable mattress
The new Intex 6441 two-person inflatable mattress is the solution if you are looking for an extra bed and do not necessarily have space to install a second bed. Worry no more, this ultra ergonomic bed is made of inflatable vinyl and can accommodate two people. Supplied with an automatic inflator, it allows quick and easy installation and reaches the dimensions of 152 × 203 cm and a thickness of 46 cm. This built-in electric inflator makes it easy to inflate and deflate when you need it. Thanks to its dimensions, you will have a good restful night’s sleep and wake up feeling great. Very practical, it can be emptied and easily stored in its carrying case without wasting space when you no longer need it.

  • Carrying case

  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Space saving
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Deflates a little

  • Poor price-performance ratio

READYBED inflatable travel baby mattress | The best baby inflatable mattress

READYBED inflatable travel baby mattress

Give your baby a very pleasant and gentle sleep by making him sleep on the Readybed inflatable travel baby mattress while on the go. All in one, it is perfectly balanced so that baby does not lose a feeling of comfort when traveling. It has an integrated duvet and a headboard for added security. This nomad baby bed will be very small in its transport bag to slip into the suitcase. It presents itself as an excellent alternative to the travel cot due to its well-thought-out design. Two foam fences also provide security against a lack of comfort. It is a practical and perfect solution that makes it easier for mothers to travel with their babies without having to hurt their arms and in a more relaxing way.

  • Raincoat

  • Easy to clean
  • Optimal security
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to store
  • Careful maintenance

  • Thin

Double inflatable mattress with Headrest Intex 64448 Ultras Plush | The best double inflatable mattress

Double inflatable mattress with Headrest Intex 64448 Ultras Plush

The new Intex 64448 ultra plush inflatable double mattress with headrest is that marvel that will provide you with the comfort you have long sought. It is made of ultra-plush fiber tech to guarantee each user maximum comfort and relaxation. Its design was made with the objective of maximizing convenience. The integrated inflation and deflation pump allow use in all situations, ensuring practicality and outstanding functionality. The height of 46 cm allows practical use for both phases of movement and the padded headboard makes it one of a kind. Its carefully chosen materials make it one of the most sought after inflatable mattresses on the market. It guarantees you the most peaceful sleep because it maintains an ideal temperature in each season.

  • Good design

  • Resistant material
  • Great comfort
  • Morphology respected
  • Ideal temperature

  • Very expensive

Holo inflatable mattress | The best pregnancy inflatable mattress

Holo inflatable mattress

Recommended for people who sleep on their stomachs, the Holo inflatable mattress will delight pregnant women. It is a sleeping mattress that has a tummy hole, which is ideal, especially during pregnancy. Featuring a raised edge, it provides support for your back and hips. It will also allow you to lie on your stomach during short periods of rest. Revolutionary, it allows the baby to take his optimal position for birth and helps relieve pain. By using it, you will no longer have to worry during all stages of your pregnancy. Much more, it can be used even after birth, providing continued support to your tummy. Easily deflate the head of the mattress to take it with you on trips, a visit to your chiropractor, yoga class, or the beach.

  • Great comfort

  • Multifunction
  • Easily portable
  • Pain relieved
  • Back and hip support
  • Wears out quickly

  • Reduced stomach comfort

Deeplee Inflatable Camping Mattress with Electric Pump | The best winter inflatable mattress

Deeplee Inflatable Camping Mattress with Electric Pump

The Deeplee is a two-person inflatable mattress that can also be used while camping. It allows for a very large sleeping space and you can also use it as a daybed or guest bed. With 0.4mm thick PVC, the structure of the air mattress remains firm. The flocking surface is soft and suitable for your skin for comfortable and stable sleep. Its internal structure is perfect and its balance allows you to support your body and refresh your pressure. Support capacity is estimated at 60 LB which is required to accommodate two adults. Perfect for an extra bed, it can be used for sleeping at home, camping in the car, having lunch break at the office. It folds up easily and also fits easily in a nylon carrying bag.

  • Non-toxic PVC

  • Air bed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable high structure
  • Easy to store
  • Very delicate

  • Complicated maintenance

Intex Downy Junior Twin inflatable mattress | The best junior inflatable mattress

Intex Downy Junior Twin inflatable mattress
Intex Downy junior twin inflatable mattress is ideal for a person looking for comfort at a reasonable price. It is very soft to the touch thanks to its velvet coating which softens the skin without attacking it and accompanies you in your sleep. It has a two-in-one valve that facilitates inflation and deflation of the mattress. In addition to the merit of being very practical, it has optimal sleeping comfort thanks to its soft flocking for restful nights even in the middle of nature. After use, the windscreen folds flat. Adapt your daily life with the one-person camping mattress. Both practical and light, it is nevertheless designed with a reinforced structure to withstand all conditions. You will enjoy all the benefits of restful sleep on a daily basis by using this inflatable mattress.

  • Air mattress

  • Comfortable layer
  • Two in one valve
  • Compact to store
  • Good price
  • Deflates quickly

  • Not very good quality

Thank you for reading this article

This guide compares the 10 best inflatable mattresses of 2020. I took great pleasure in writing it, hoping that you are well-educated on the best inflatable mattresses around. Enjoy a cozy sleep and naps in the open air in complete comfort. Depending on your budget, there is a mattress that will meet all your different requirements.

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