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Best Laptops For Programming

Best Laptops For Programming

For a programmer, the developer laptop is arguably the ultimate tool to get the job done. The quality of the machine can indeed have a considerable impact on the productivity of the programmer.

A computer that is not powerful enough can become a limiting factor for a project, moreover, a laptop that is too large can be cumbersome for developers who are constantly on the move. It should also be remembered that preference plays an important role when choosing a computer.

Best Laptops For Programming

We are much more productive with a computer that is not only powerful enough but also suits our tastes.A developer will spend most of their time on their computer, so it’s okay to choose the computer that’s best for them.

1. ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo

 ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo
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We’ll start right away with an unusual ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo laptop. It is a laptop whose particularity is the presence of a second screen called the Screen Pad.

This is one of the best performing PCs on this list with a 10th Generation Core i7 10.51 EU processor, it is one of the best processors you can get in the market for this type of PC, so there is nothing to worry about. The 16G RAM and 1 Terabyte PCI-E SSD hard drive is faster than ever. The read speed is 3000 megabytes per second while the write speed can go up to 1700 megabytes per second.

This has a considerable impact on the IDEs that you will use like Android studio or Picharme, this machine has an Intel UHD 620 Graphics card.

The resolution and 1080p full HD regarding the ports there are two USB ports, one USB port, it is a micro SD card reader an HDMI input, and a Jack socket, so you do not need to use an adapter each time the 14-inch screen is touch-sensitive what distinguishes this machine the most is its screen not of 12.4 pushes.

The second screen is very practical to display secondary tasks no need to use a second monitor to get an overview of the project thanks to the Ergo lift design of the device and its two fans, it easily dissipates heat effectively and prevents overheating during tasks that consume a lot of resources.

2. Acer Swift 7

Acer Swift 7
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We continue with ACER SWIFT 7 SF 714 52 T as its name suggests it is a 14-inch laptop.

If you move around a lot, it is small and light enough that it will indeed not stand out. It weighs only 890 grams since its case is made of ultra-light aluminum.

Although this is a 14-inch computer, it is the same size as a standard 13-inch computer thanks to its thin 2,57 mm edges allowing a 92% display ratio.

He really has something to impress his colleagues. Its dual-core 8th generation Core I7 processor with 1.4G, it can go up to 4.2 Gigabyte in turbo boost. This is great for avoiding long builds for projects that require a lot of resources.

This machine is equipped with 16 Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM, which is more than enough for a programmer with such RAM memory. We can work on several windows in multitasking and even open several tabs of a browser without the machine. The hard drive uses SSD technology and has a capacity of 512 Gigabytes.

It has a typical USB port that supports Thunderbolt 3. Of course, it comes with a power supply, it’s 45 watts and a USB adapter, it’s to HDMI USB type A USB. A protective case is also included in the set. The screen at Full HD resolution and it is tactile with a multitouch function. In addition, we can authenticate by fingerprint. Autonomy is one of the important aspects, especially if you travel or if you work in an airplane or in a public place.

This product can last up to 10 hours of non-stop use. If you are, for example, a web developer looking for a computer with a compact and elegant form but powerful enough for your work, this computer is for you.

3. Dell XPS 15-7590

Dell XPS 15-7590
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The next computer is none other than the DELL XPS 15-7590. It is one of the flagship models of the brand with the 13-inch version. This computer is ultra-light and weighs only 1.8 kg. The aluminum coating gives a premium look to the laptop.

The palm rest is made of carbon fiber so that it is always cool even during long compilations. With its 15-inch Infiniti Edge display, the edges are almost imperceptible, making it look like a 14-inch computer or even that of a large 13-inch computer. The resolution is 1080p with an IPS screen, is this, to avoid glare. It is possible to opt for the touch version whose resolution is 4K.

Dell also offers an optional Oled screen, but only for 1080p resolution. The machine is equipped with a 9th generation Core i5 processor initially running on 2.4 Gigahertz but, which can reach 4.1 Gigahertz with turbo boost. You can also opt for the Core i7 version.

It has a memory of 8 Gigabytes that can be customized up to 32GB connectivity is very complete for a computer of this size. It has two USB Type-A ports, you can connect for example a USB microphone and a storage device, an HDMI input, a Thunderbolt port, and a Jack socket. For a 15-inch computer, it easily fits in a purse and you hardly notice it.

The autonomy is very good and can go up to 10 hours of continuous use. Windows 10 comes preinstalled but for those who prefer to work under Linux, it has been tested and worked great too.

4. ASUS Zenbook 14

ASUS Zenbook 14
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Here is another ASUS ZENBOOK 14 laptop. It is very thin and light at the same time its full HD nanosilver screen gives it the appearance of a 13 inch with 86% chassis display ratio. It is one of the most convenient computers on this list for on the go with its weight of 1.45 kg and small size. It is much less bulky than a book.

Its eighth-generation Core i7 processor can reach 4.6 Gigahertz in turbo boost. F or RAM, it has 8 Gigabytes of RAM. The hard drive is equipped with a 512 Gigabyte NVM, PCI M2 SSD. With its small size, this computer consumes less power, its 47 Watt Li-Polymer battery can last 10 hours and even more in power saving mode.

Authentication can be done by facial recognition using Windows and infrared technology allows the webcam to identify faces well even in the dark.

Windows 10 families are preinstalled, but you can order the PRO version for maximum productivity. The ergo lift design offers a better keyboard position and optimizes the device’s cooling system. Apart from its portability and elegant design, this computer is powerful enough to accompany you throughout your project.

5. ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 17

ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 17
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The latest laptop is ASUS ProArt StudioBook Pro 17. It’s the biggest computer on this list. It is indeed a 17-inch computer but the edges of the screen are still very thin thanks to nano-age technology. The size of the computer is considerably reduced. The machine is equipped with a Hexa Core Intel 01 22 76 m2 8 Gigahertz processor up to 4.7.

The RAM is 16G and can be increased up to 32GB according to individual needs. NVM hard drive. The SSD has a capacity of 1 TB, it has the Nvidia Quadro RTX 3000 graphics card which is one of the most efficient on the market.

In addition, This computer is ideal for programmers who work in artificial intelligence, there is no longer a need to rent virtual machines online as all calculations can be done locally.

Connectivity is therefore very practical with an HDMI port, an SD card reader, 3 USB type-A ports. It has the latest wireless connectivity standards with X6 wifi and Bluetooth 5.0.

Finally, This machine was built to last. It has been certified by the mil STD 810G standard which testifies to its reliability and durability. In summary, all laptops are good for programmers, but it depends on the budget and the purpose of use.