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Best Mechanical Keyboards for MMO

Best Mechanical Keyboards for MMO

We have all suffered the ordeal of playing our favorite MMOs with our laptop or desktop keyboard. Although we have pressed the button, we realize that our character does not perform the requested action, and sometimes we even lose control! There is nothing more frustrating than not feeling your best with material that limits us. That’s why we bring you a comparison and buying guide for the best keyboards for MMO, so you can be sure to dominate your server.

Know before you buy!

  • Not all gaming keyboards have the same number of keys. Some have more, others have less. You will carry your choice through the games you play.
  • There are several types of key which each have their advantages and disadvantages: mechanical, chiclet or membrane, as many choices as we will detail below.
  • Backlit, rgb, silicone or even completely silent, the choice is yours! However, finding your way around all these ergonomic keyboards is not easy. However, it is imperative to make the right choice at the risk of not being comfortable.

Our Recommendations for Best Mechanical Keyboards for MMO

Logitech G915

Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 keyboard is a mechanical keyboard dedicated to gamers. Ideal for MMO games, this wireless keyboard features RGB lighting and remains one of the best in its class. Its flat mechanical keys are accompanied by Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches, which register the keys pressed.

The special thing about this keyboard is the RGB technology, which synchronizes the lighting with your games and media. This allows you to customize or create animations for each of your keys. On the other hand, as it is a wireless keyboard, Logitech is spoiling its users, especially gamers, with its new design ultra-thin mechanical switches. The latter offers precision, speed, and guaranteed performance for a mechanical keyboard.

Side characteristics, this keyboard dimensions 14.9 x 47.5 x 2.2 cm and a weight of 50 g, is made of an aluminum alloy equal to aircraft quality. With a sophisticated and compact design, this keyboard is of a good quality combining robustness and a long lifespan. Wireless type, this keyboard is powered by a battery, for an autonomy of 30 hours of games on a single charge. The battery level is indicated by an indicator light and by a pop-up notification via the Logitech G-Hub software.


  • Wide compatibility 
  • Ergonomic and compact design 
  • Lightweight 
  • High quality 
  • Impeccable wireless connection 


  • No wrist rest 
  • Limited key settings 
  • Hardly visible keys without backlighting

Roccat Vulcan 120

Roccat Vulcan 120

The Roccat Vulcan 120 series Aimo keyboard is by its modesty a keyboard that appeals to many gamers. At first glance, this keyboard catches the eye with its anodized aluminum plate finish. This Roccat Vulcan keyboard model is equipped with the EasyShift function, which allows the user to customize the keys.

This gaming keyboard is equipped with an RGB backlighting system, LED light effects as well as AIMO illuminations. These are lights that respond to your settings and key customizations with 16.8 million colors. For its small size (46.2 x 23.5 x 3.2 cm), this Roccat Vulcan 120 keyboard is the result of a sophisticated design and is made from resistant materials.

The switches are also dust resistant. Adding to its ergonomic and attractive design, this device is very comfortable thanks to its detachable wrist rest. The brand has provided this keyboard with a feature called Antighosting, which allows the user to press a combination of keys at the same time without causing any bug.


  • Made from sturdy materials 
  • Soft and fluid keys 
  • Transparent structure base 
  • Easy to clean 


  • High price 
  • Improper PC Lock LED Placement 
  • Lack of finesse in the finish 
  • Use of an internet connection for installation

Razer Ornata V2

Razer Ornata V2

A keyboard that would suit MMO enthusiasts, this Razer-designed Ornata V2 model is an ideal choice. Its design by Meca-membrane hybrid technology would provide sound feedback by pressing the keys.

All without the clicking noise. To provide more comfort to the gamer during games, Razer has designed an ergonomic wrist rest that sits in front of the keyboard. The latter is made from soft imitation leather, reducing the pressure on the player’s wrists.

You can customize the multimedia keys and the multi-function dial to your liking and make your keyboard more convenient. On the other hand, all the keys are also programmable thanks to Razer Synapse 3, this option is provided for the customization of the profiles, for the combinations of keys and the macros. Powered by the Razer Chroma RGB lighting system, this keyboard offers 16.8 million colors. Each personalization of your keys is animated by light effects.


  • Sound keystrokes with a soft and pleasant touch 
  • Multifunction digital dial and multimedia keys
  • Programmable keys 
  • The anti-ghosting capability of 10 simultaneous keys 


  • Semi-mechanical keys less compatible with gaming 
  • Razer Synapse incompatibility on Mac OS 
  • Enter key is too small



The Keyz RUBIDIUM E keyboard from The G-Lab is one of the quietest mechanical keyboards. This keyboard is specially designed for gamers. It offers its user an impressive and responsive typing quality thanks to its RED Switches. With its dimensions of 19.2 x 49.4 x 6 cm for a weight of 1 kg, this keyboard is very stable. With an ergonomic design and a good finish, this keyboard has something to surprise.

Its metal structure gives this Keyz Rubidium E model its robustness and longevity. The manufacturer recommends a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. For added comfort, The G-Lab has designed a removable magnetic wrist rest. Equipped with a Full RGB backlight system, you can choose the color of each key on this keyboard with over 16 million colors. It is possible to adjust the light intensity of the effects and its speed. It also offers its 14 unique light effects.

On the practical side, this gaming accessory has 12 multimedia shortcut keys. For each key, you can associate it with a macro, with 32 macros available. With its N-Key Rollover software, the anti-ghosting option is guaranteed, preventing a bug during your games.


  • Quiet 
  • Good typing quality 
  • Responsive keyboard 
  • Very stable 
  • Ergonomic design 


  • Lack of reliability 
  • Without Bluetooth function



The KM-G6 keyboard model from AUKEY is made up of 105 backlit keys. If you are looking for an inexpensive gaming keyboard, this is the accessory for you! With a sophisticated design, the top panel and the surface are made of metal, which is waterproof, this equipment combines strength and also good stability. The dimensions of this wired keyboard are 43.4 x 13.5 x 3.7 cm. The cable length is 1.5 m.

Consisting of 105 keys with blue switches, each switch has a lifespan of approximately 50 million keystrokes. These switches are installed to have more reactivity, precision and speed. The keys feature multimedia and shortcut controls, this keyboard promises good performance and offers good typing quality.

The anti-ghosting system will allow you to avoid bugs when pressing several keys simultaneously. Regarding the backlighting, AUKEY offers 6 LED colors; 8 lighting modes, and 2 customizable lighting systems, letting you choose the effects that suit you.


  • Affordable price for 50 € 
  • Simple and compact design 
  • Robust materials 
  • Stable 
  • Water-proof 


  • LED intensity not adjustable 
  • Inconvenient backlighting 
  • No configuration software

Gaming keyboards for MMOs Buyer Guide

There are hundreds of keyboards specializing in MMOs. We offer you this article on the best gaming keyboards to allow you to find yourself in this jungle where the technical and ergonomic characteristics are real marketing arguments. This is why, if we do not know too much, if we are not well established, we risk choosing a model that does not meet our needs. It is to avoid all this that we are offering this buying guide.

Types of keys on gaming keyboards

This is perhaps one of the most important points to look out for when shopping for a PC MMO keyboard. The keys are what you are going to use on a daily basis. It is important that these correspond to what you want. Know that there are 3 types of keys that we can find on the market:

  • Membrane keyboards
  • Chiclet keyboards
  • Mechanical keyboards

Whether you have an azerty or a qwerty keyboard it doesn’t change anything, especially with Windows 10, you can switch by pressing ALT and SHIFT.

Membrane keyboards

Keyboards with membrane keys are the classic keyboards that can be found almost everywhere in the trade. There are a few advantages to looking into this type of keyboard.

These are quite quiet, which can help your playing comfort but especially that of your neighbor if you are not alone. But the big advantage of membrane keyboards is that you can find them cheaply. All the entry-level keyboards that you will find (we are talking about € 10) are membrane keyboards.

However, these are not very effective if you are looking at performance on your MMO. Certainly, they will allow you to play at a lower cost but their lifespan is limited (especially if you have chosen a cheap one). On top of that, the key bit rate is the minimum one should expect with a gaming keyboard. You might as well tell you right away, gaming enthusiasts do not choose this type of keyboard.

Chiclet keyboards

Keyboards with chiclet keys are those famous keyboards with flat keys. You have surely already seen them especially on laptops on which they are mainly present. The advantage of this type of key (about which we write

currently these lines) is that they are comfortable and quiet. You can then play without a headset without any problem and be sure not to disturb your neighbor who will be happy not to hear you press frantically on your gaming keyboard.

However, the key bit rate is very low, which is inconvenient for MMOs and demands performance-conscious gamers. In addition, this type of key on MMO gaming keyboards is very rare and often increases the cost of the PC keyboard. For the same price, you could have many other useful advantages of a gaming keyboard. This is why most gamers choose the latest keyboard categories.

Mechanical keyboards

Keyboards with mechanical keys are, in the category of gaming keyboards, the most popular keyboards and indicated for performance. They are the ones who accumulate the most advantages and haunt the dreams of all the big players.

These are classified for their responsiveness and ability to quickly transmit information thanks to the switch system. To put it simply, where a membrane keyboard transmits information when the key is at the end of its travel, a mechanical keyboard transmits the information when you start to press the key, that is to say when the key is pressed. ! Understand that you gain many seconds on an entire game.

Plus, these keyboards are super sturdy so you can play for hours on end every day without any durability issues cropping up (and in case you get a little upset over your favorite MMO).

These specialized gaming keyboards are therefore very responsive and sensitive, guaranteeing you unparalleled typing comfort in addition to foolproof strength. Everything is done so that you can play in peace and that your investment is positive. So what are the drawbacks of such a gaming keyboard?

With its technologies, it is very noisy (although silent keyboards exist on the market), which means you have to play with headphones, and your famous neighbor too. In addition, they are quite expensive keyboards which you should not be afraid to invest in. Set a certain budget and treat yourself, that you don’t have to buy a full keyboard every year, which hurts your hands.

Advantages / Disadvantages of Best Mechanical Keyboards for MMO

The advantages of choosing a keyboard for MMO are many and vary according to the model on which your choice will obviously be. In general, you will benefit from a specialized gaming keyboard that will allow you to configure macros very easily, ensuring better performance.

These macros are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to be twice as fast on the action by combining 2 keys on one. This allows you, for example, to launch 2 attacks with a very short delay in between. This will prevent you from having too much gymnastics with your hands which, in the long run, could result in tendonitis in the fingers or the wrist, which we do not wish you.
Therefore, the keyboards for gaming MMOs are often more comfortable (as equipped with wrist rest) than gamers keyboards classic allowing you to accumulate hours of games very easily without any pain coming to hinder you in your party.

In addition, these benefit from cutting-edge technologies considerably improving the precision and transmission speed of the keys, so that you can be sure to perform the right actions at the right time, to the maximum of your reflexes.

The downsides are not numerous and take into account the problems associated with a poor quality gaming keyboard rather than MMO keyboards in general. What we can note is that these (unless you select a quiet keyboard) are louder than average due to the larger mechanisms present under each key. It’s the price of the performance