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best monitors with webcam

Best Monitors With Webcam

Whatever use you make of your computer, it is very important to have a screen with a built-in webcam.

Whether for work, such as using Zoom, Google Meet, or even Skype to communicate with customers or partners … or for video games, by interacting with a team of players … or even in your personal life by chatting with friends and family who live remotely.
Investing in a good computer screen with a built-in webcam will definitely help you! Let’s take a look at the essential characteristics that your computer screen with an integrated webcam must-have.

Know before buying

  • Computer monitors with integrated webcam are available in various sizes, types, and resolutions
  • Some computer monitors with a built-in webcam also include a microphone
  • The integrated webcam is not incompatible with the external webcam (if you need to change the webcam, it is possible)

PHILIPS 499P9H / 00

PHILIPS 499P9H / 00

This 499P9H / 00 widescreen from PHILIPS is the most expensive PC monitor available on the market. For a price of ‚ā¨ 1,150.02, treat yourself to this 49-inch screen with its 32: 9 aspect ratio, the ideal screen if you plan to opt for a two-screen configuration, this one will do the trick. case.

Offering 5K DQHD high definition resolution, enjoy the best viewing experience with detail brought to the fore. With its curved panel, the brightness is 450 cd / m² and excellent contrast. On the ergonomic side, the height of the screen is adjustable up to 130 mm and also a VESA support of 100 x 100 mm to hang it on the wall.

Necessary for your videoconferences, it is equipped with a removable webcam with a Windows Hello function and two 5 W speakers. Equipped with new Low Blue Light technology, it protects your eyes from blue light and irritation. Regarding the connections, this PHILIPS 499P9H / 00 screen offers several ports to connect your devices and have your configurations, namely DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, USB-C 3.1 Gen 2, USB, RJ45 Ethernet LAN, and audio output.


  • Ergonomic design‚ÄČ
  • Height, rotation, and tilt adjustment‚ÄČ
  • VESA mount‚ÄČ
  • SuperWide curve LCD screen‚ÄČ
  • 5K DQHD resolution‚ÄČ
  • Webcam, Integrated speakers‚ÄČ
  • Low Blue Light technology
  • Several connections


  • High price‚ÄČ
  • No microphone

Lenovo Think Vision X1

Lenovo Think Vision X1

Lenovo is a well-known brand in the field of computing, this time it presents its PC monitor with an integrated webcam called Think Vision X1 2nd Gen. With its dimensions of 27 inches and its slim design with a thickness of 4.7 mm, this screen is suitable for all uses, whether for office automation or for gaming.

With 4K Ultra HD resolution, enjoy an incomparable and intense visual experience. Small graphic details will be highlighted by this monitor with perfection. With an IPS panel with a brightness of 350 cd / m², this screen has excellent contrast in dynamic mode. The response time is super fast and can reach 4ms.

Sold at ‚ā¨ 754.55, this screen has a Full HD webcam with two integrated microphones, which are very useful for your videoconferences. To connect your devices, Lenovo ThinkVision X1 2nd Gen offers several ports, including HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, and Thunderbolt 3. And finally, to better immerse yourself in graphics, it is equipped with two 3W speakers.


  • Slim and lightweight design‚ÄČ
  • Suitable for multiple uses‚ÄČ
  • 4K UHD graphics resolution‚ÄČ
  • Superfast response time‚ÄČ
  • Full HD webcam
  • Built-in microphones‚ÄČ
  • Several connections‚ÄČ
  • Integrated speakers


  • Expensive price

ASUS Business BE24EQK

ASUS Business BE24EQK

A product of the giant ASUS, this Business BE24EQK model is the cheapest in the category of PC monitors with an integrated webcam. For a price of 193.88 ‚ā¨, this PC monitor will offer you the best graphics conditions for your various tasks. With an ergonomic design, the edges of this screen are rounded, suitable for a dual-screen setup.

But also, its foot will allow you to tilt or turn it according to your ideal positions. Its 100 x 100 mm VESA mount will allow you to fix it to the wall or as an articulated arm. With its 24-inch IPS panel, it offers a wide viewing angle with a 16: 9 aspect ratio and Full HD graphics resolution.

Featuring a fast 5ms response time, this ASUS monitor has excellent contrast. The Full HD webcam, microphone, and integrated speakers will facilitate communication for your videoconferences. This screen offers more than the others, among others, the two Flicker-Free technologies and the Low Blue Light, which will protect your eyes against fatigue and irritation especially for prolonged use. On the connectivity side, this Business BE24EQK model has VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports.


  • Affordable price‚ÄČ
  • Full HD resolution‚ÄČ
  • Wide-angle vision
  • Full HD webcam, Integrated speakers, and microphone‚ÄČ
  • Adjustable foot‚ÄČ
  • Adjustable tilt‚ÄČ
  • Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light technology


  • Non-adjustable screen‚ÄČ
  • Poor sound quality

ACER B227Qbmiprx

ACER B227Qbmiprx

A screen that adapts to your daily needs, this ACER B227Qbmiprx monitor features a 21.5-inch LED display with a simplistic, bezel-less design. Equipped with an IPS panel and Full HD graphics resolution, the aspect ratio is 16: 9. It also offers a beautiful brightness of 250 cd / m² and a fast response time of 4 ms.

This screen is suitable for different configurations, especially if you are looking to use two screens. With its ergonomic height adjustable foot, you can also adjust the orientation of your screen with a pivot function and a horizontal rotation. Equipped with new ACER Vision Care, Confyview, Flicker-less, and Low Dimming technologies, this monitor will take care of your eyes even during prolonged use.

Having an integrated Full HD IR webcam will allow you to make video conferences easily. It has an onboard microphone for fluent and clear conversations and two integrated 2 W speakers. Regarding the connections, this monitor has several ports to connect it to your devices: HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, USB 3.0, and audio output.


  • 21.5 inch LED display‚ÄČ
  • Simple, borderless design‚ÄČ
  • Full HD resolution‚ÄČ
  • Fast response time‚ÄČ
  • Suitable for a dual display setup‚ÄČ
  • Ergonomic‚ÄČ
  • Several connections‚ÄČ
  • Full HD IR webcam, Speakers, integrated microphones‚ÄČ
  • Eye protection technologies


  • Nothing to report

HP Elite Display E243m

HP Elite Display E243m

For a price of ‚ā¨ 277.40, the HP brand offers us its Elite Display E243m PC monitor model. With its IPS panel, the fast response time is 5 ms and a brightness of 250 cd / m¬≤. HP also offers a 23.8-inch LED display and offers a 16: 9 aspect ratio with Full HD resolution.

Compatible for a dual-screen configuration, enjoy wide viewing angles whether for office or gaming. The screen is adjustable in portrait mode at 90 ¬į, tilt and you can adjust the height for a comfortable posture. With an integrated webcam with a resolution of 720 p, this screen is ideal for video and Skype conferences.

Even better, to keep communication with the other party running smoothly and clearly, this HP Elite Display has dual digital microphones and built-in speakers. To connect your devices, this HP monitor offers several ports including Displayport 1.2, VGA, HDMI 1.4, and USB 3.0.


  • The +
  • Affordable price‚ÄČ
  • Slim, borderless design
  • Full HD resolution‚ÄČ
  • Fast response time‚ÄČ
  • Good brightness‚ÄČ
  • Adjustable in rotation, tilt, and height‚ÄČ


  • Webcam requires additional cable‚ÄČ
  • Without user manual

Buyer’s guide to choosing best monitors with webcam

This is an obvious advantage, but one that should not be forgotten to name: by buying a computer screen with an integrated webcam, you save a webcam! Obviously, you have to make the right choice from the start. Because if you go for a computer monitor with a poor quality built-in webcam, you will have to buy one anyway.

No cables

Who likes to have wires and cables everywhere for all of their devices? This is not practical and there is always a risk of losing or damaging them, which makes them unusable … By opting for a computer screen with an integrated webcam, we get rid of the superfluous: no Bluetooth, no cables, nothing!

Easy to transport

Remember that an external webcam takes up space, and you have to connect it every time. So if you work online and travel often, you will not only need to carry it around but also connect it every time. There is no such problem with computer monitors with a built-in webcam.

What are the disadvantages of having a computer screen with an integrated webcam?

Lower quality than external webcams

External webcams have more space for lenses and other electronic components. So they generally offer better resolutions, better quality photos and videos, and better sound. If the picture and sound quality is of utmost importance, then a high-end external webcam will meet your needs better than a standard built-in webcam. Stereo microphones, wide-angle lenses, and advanced autofocus functions are all features you would expect to find on more expensive external webcams and are generally not available on built-in models.

Risk of breakage

The big problem with computer monitors with a built-in webcam is that breakage is much more of a hassle. Think about it: if you break a webcam that’s detached from your computer, that’s okay. You just have to buy another one. On the other hand, when the webcam is integrated into your computer, you will have to go to a repairer.

Less security

Most people are uncomfortable with a webcam constantly pointed in their direction, lest a hacker will be watching them. Whether it is a real danger or an urban legend, it is true that laptop screens with integrated webcams do not help reassure users. Whereas a typical webcam user just has to turn his device in another direction to be at ease. There is in any case a solution: the little piece of paper on the webcam!

Fixed position

One of the downsides of built-in webcams is that they can only be moved with the screen itself. Where an external webcam can be rotated and flipped, the integrated webcam is fixed.

Computer monitors with integrated webcam: the importance of the microphone

There is another element that will weigh in the balance, it is the presence of a microphone. When you have a computer screen with a built-in webcam and microphone, you can rest easy!

This allows you to have an all-in-one device that assures you easy communication, image and video, with anyone: be it your colleagues, friends, family or gaming partners.

Make sure, however, that the microphone is of acceptable quality and not just standard quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an integrated webcam and an external webcam?

First of all, the installation and the cost. Integrated webcams are included in the price of your computer and do not require any additional installation. They are usually ready to use directly from the manufacturer, with all the necessary software and drivers preinstalled.

In contrast, external webcams require additional expense and must be installed and configured manually. While most external webcams require a very little initial setup and are usually ready to use as soon as they are plugged in, this should still be taken into account.
Then the upgrade and maintenance. You don’t have a choice of the webcam when you buy a computer monitor with a built-in webcam. While choosing an external webcam allows you to select one that meets your needs in terms of price, resolution, and features. Likewise, it’s much easier to replace or upgrade an external webcam than an internal webcam.

If there’s a problem with a built-in webcam, you’ll have to open the screen to access the lens and cabling, while an external model is much easier to access. The process of troubleshooting with an external webcam is much simpler: you can plug it into another computer to verify that it is still working, for example, which is not possible with a built-in webcam.

Portability also plays a role. External webcams are more difficult to place (on top of a screen, for example) but also more flexible: you can turn the head of a webcam more easily than you can turn your entire laptop.
External models are much more suitable for remote monitoring situations. For example, they are much easier to place on a window or a door. Also, if you are on the go with a laptop, an internal webcam will be more interesting because everything is built into the computer itself.
There are no additional devices and wires.

And finally, we must mention the quality. External webcams have more space for lenses and other electronic components. So they generally offer better resolutions, better quality photos and videos, and better sound.
While picture and sound quality is of utmost importance, a high-end external webcam will meet your needs better than a standard internal webcam. Stereo microphones, wide-angle lenses, and advanced autofocus functions are all features you would expect to find on more expensive external webcams and generally not available on built-in models.

What quality of a computer screen with an integrated webcam?

It is essential to opt for a webcam with a high resolution. The lower the resolution, the grainy the image appears on the screen. Most modern webcams only support high-definition video capture. Look for a video capture resolution of at least 720p or higher. A 1080p webcam is even better, and these webcams are becoming more popular and affordable.

Also, consider the frame rate! A high frame rate is very important. Non-high frame rate webcams produce images that stutter and periodically freeze on the screen. Frame rate is measured in a number of frames per second; therefore look for the fps mention on the webcam packaging. A minimum of 15 frames per second is required to broadcast video. It is recommended to choose a webcam of 30 frames per second or more. A webcam with 60 images per second is ideal, but it will have to pay the price.

Computer monitors with integrated webcam: for whom?

The key point here is the webcam. You have to ask yourself the question: what will the integrated webcam be used for?

You have to take into account the characteristics of the integrated webcam and the external webcam: installation, portability, and quality. The computer monitor with an integrated webcam is perfect for professional or home use. For example, the integrated webcam is more than sufficient to participate in professional meetings or to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Where the built-in webcam might prove insufficient is when you need crisp video quality. Let us quote for example the case of streaming or the diffusion of lives online. You need ideal picture quality for your viewers, which means you will find what you are looking for on external webcams.

Can I use an external webcam on my computer screen with integrated webcam?

Maybe for some reason, you want to hook up an external webcam to your computer monitor with built-in webcam. This can happen if your integrated webcam is broken, for example, or if you want to change the frame.
Whatever your reason for wanting to use an external camera, these cameras are easy to set up and use, even with a built-in webcam.

Start by connecting your external webcam to your computer. Most webcams connect through a USB connection, but other connections are sometimes used. If you are not sure, consult your webcam’s manual.
Then insert the installation disc that came with your webcam. A window will appear on the screen to guide you through the driver and software installation process.

Launch the software in which you want to use your webcam. This could be instant messaging software, a website, meeting software, or other software that has video conferencing capabilities like Zoom.
Open the preferences of the software you are using, and find the video preferences section. This procedure varies slightly from program to program. If you have trouble finding it, consult the help documentation for your software.

Select your camera as the preferred device for your software. Again, this varies slightly from program to program, but you should find in the video preferences a drop-down list or selection box allowing you to choose from installed video devices.
Despite all these maneuvers, it still does not work? Then try to deactivate the integrated webcam by going to the settings. Since the integrated webcam will no longer be detected, the external webcam will be automatically displayed.

Computer screen with the integrated webcam, yes or no?

It is not difficult to find a computer monitor with a built-in webcam, it has become so common in the market. On the other hand, it’s hard to find a good display that has everything you need.

The built-in webcam (with a built-in microphone if possible) allows you to have an all-in-one device, without carrying a ton of wires and cables with you and without taking up too much space. Whether for professional, personal or recreational use, the computer screen with an integrated webcam is more than enough for most people!

This will be insufficient for a handful of people who have very advanced uses with their webcam, such as for streaming and live. These people should look to an external webcam. But even if you don’t fall into that category, you still have the option of using an external webcam alongside your internal webcam.