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Best Mouse For MMOs

Best Mouse For MMOs

Are you a gamer and want to invest in a pc mouse that will improve your performance on MMORPGs? Tired of twisting your fingers to cast a spell? Or fight with your grandmother’s old ball mouse? Let us tell you that this comparison and buying guide on the best mice for MMOs is for you. Thanks to it, you will be sure to make the right choice and choose a gaming mouse that is perfectly suited to your hand and desktop.

To optimize your performance and your results, choosing the best mouse is vital. For better fluidity of movement, a light mouse is recommended. On the other hand, for more comfort in use, design matters a lot.

Thus, we are going to share with you the selection of the Best Mouse For MMOs. They will be chosen from several criteria, guaranteeing optimized results for the players.

MMO Mouse Pros and Cons


The advantages are multiple and for some, we will detail them in this article. An MMO mouse is made for gamers and those who want to achieve high performance on their pc game. The problem that gamers face with an MMO is the availability of keys.

Even though you can program macros with your keyboard, it contains as many commands as the game needs to be played. As a result, the number of keys to take into account is significant and sometimes you have to press several to achieve the desired action.

A gaming mouse is an ergonomic pc mouse so you can play for hours without fatigue, but most importantly equipped with side buttons that allow you to have keyboard shortcuts literally at your fingertips. Which is very convenient for pc gaming gamers.


We are telling you clearly, there is no real downside to investing in an MMO pc mouse, which makes both gaming mice and desktop mice for your daily tasks.

It is obvious that if you are not a gamer, this type of pc mouse will be too much, especially since in general, a good pc mouse comes with a mouse pad and a suitable keyboard. to have a complete gaming setup.

So you guessed it, the main flaw in gaming mice is their price. Even though you might find cheap mice, you might end up with too poor quality to enjoy your video games.

Thus, the differences between an MMO gaming mouse and a classic mouse are numerous. First of all, and we have just mentioned, the gaming mouse allows you to program macros acting as keyboard shortcuts, thanks to the side buttons present on it (the number of buttons and their ergonomics varying from ‘one model to another). But that’s not all.

Gaming mice are made for high-performance gaming, so they come equipped with the latest sensor, DPI, and grip technology. As a result, they will delight MMO players, seeing in these pc gaming mice, optimized playing comfort.

Nowadays, the gaming market is flooded with accessories to enhance its gaming setup, whether through the mechanical keyboard, RGB gaming mice, mousepads, or gaming PC monitors. With all these choices, there is something to get lost!

We have just laid the foundations for the definition of a pc mouse for MMO. Specialized for gamers, it has many characteristics to observe before making a purchase.

That’s why we are offering you this buying guide to make sure you choose the best MMO mouse for your pc setup.

Buttons on your MMO mouse

The first thing you notice when you want to invest in a gaming mouse is that they have

  • A futuristic design aimed at intriguing
  • More buttons than conventional mice

Indeed, this number of superior buttons allows you to be more responsive to expect high performance with your gaming mouse such that in World of Warcraft you can cast your spells quickly without becoming a finger contortionist. Thus, a simple pressure with the thumb (of the hand on the gaming mouse) is enough.

  • However, there are several types of buttons on your gaming mice:
  • Side buttons
  • DPI modifier buttons
  • Other shortcuts (SHIFT, CTRL, etc.)

Side buttons

This type of button is located on the side of your thumb of the hand that is holding the mouse. It is with this finger that you will be able to press your side buttons. But what is that for?

In most classic MMORPGs, the actions you perform (casting spells for example) are performed with the 12 number keys you have above your keyboard. The problem is, without a gaming mouse, you have to be a professional gymnast with your fingers to be efficient between your character’s movements and the actions they have to do.

This is why the majority of mice have 12 side buttons, allowing you to have macros that are easy to activate without the need for software. This is why we advise you to invest in a gaming mouse with a minimum of 12 buttons, especially since they will be useful for other PC games such as MOBAs.

DPI Modifiers

Some specific gaming mice are equipped with a DPI modifier. First, let’s specify what the DPI of a pc mouse is.

We are not going to give you a very complex explanation. DPI is the speed at which your cursor moves on your pc screen, so a DPI modifier lets you change that with just a few clicks. Most people aren’t interested in this spec, however, this one is very popular with gamers when they want to invest in a gaming mouse.

Imagine you are playing Warzone on your gaming pc. Sensitivity by guesswork is not the same as when aiming! Thanks to a DPI modifier, you will be able to change mouse sensitivity in record time, without going through game settings or additional software.

In itself, this button will interest FPS players in the first place. Still, arcade MMOs like TERA are growing in number, so take your pick of gaming mice according to your needs.

Shortcut buttons other

On some gaming mice, you will find a SHIFT button, which can take different names depending on the manufacturer of your mouse (RAZER, Logitech). This allows you to assign 2 different commands to a single button such that with a 12 button mouse you can access 24 buttons with a single press!

Suffice to say that this is a plus that we invite you not to deprive yourself off of your gaming mouse for MMO, which will allow you to have a definite advantage over your opponents, guaranteeing you high quality and high performance of the game.

An MMO mouse is made to guarantee to play comfort and outstanding performance. MMOs can baffle more than one (which is why they have been so successful these days) with their many available commands. This is what gaming mice are made for, to make your life easier and your gaming more enjoyable and easy with these buttons acting like macros.

Besides the mouse buttons, the ergonomics and design of it are just as important. A gaming mouse should be able to keep you going for hours on your PC in case of big dungeons!

Choose the right MMO mouse for your hand

Over the hours of gaming on your computer, you have developed your own grip, ie how to hold your mouse. This is dictated by your habits and wrist morphology, ensuring that you can play for as long as possible without fatigue and pain.

Gaming mice are precisely designed to adapt perfectly to your hand and the type of grip you have which can be of 3 forms:

  • In the palm: the whole hand grips the mouse
  • In claw: you grip the mouse as if you had claws
  • At your fingertips: which is not very common among gamers
  • Either way, you could invest in an ergonomic tendonitis mouse if that is needed. The advantage of these is that they keep the wrist in line with your hand.

In any case, we advise you to try out the grip in store before purchasing an MMO gaming mouse, so that you are sure to choose the best PC mouse for you.

Is it better to choose high sensitivity or not?

If you are adept at high-performance gaming and have ever watched an esports competition on a game, you have found that the sensitivity with which professionals play is often higher than that of ordinary gamers playing on consoles. or in their home office.

Although the sensitivity of the gaming mouse is not the performance, an MMO mouse with greater sensitivity will allow you to have better reflexes and, paradoxically, better performance (as long as you manage your mouse).

In short, it will depend on your needs and the type of game you are playing. As we mentioned, the needs of FPS players are not those of traditional MMO players. Take the time to analyze this to make sure you select the best MMO mouse for your gaming setup.

Our Recommendations for Best Mouse For MMOs

Should I invest in a mouse pad to complete my setup?

A gaming mouse pad has the advantage of revealing the full potential of your mouse by letting its sensor slide perfectly over it. Thus, you will have no hang-ups and your playing comfort will be even better. In any case, and if you have room next to your desktop computer, we recommend that you go with a larger than average gaming mouse pad.



RAZER is a benchmark brand in the world of video games. This time, she presents her Razer Naga X Best Wired Mouse For MMOs. This model is specially dedicated to MMO-MMORPG games. Almost identical in design to its predecessors, this one also has curves.

Its plus is its 18000 DPI laser sensor, which is flawlessly precise; and its tracking speed which can reach 210 inches per second. With 12 programmable buttons, this mouse is customizable with a palette of 16.8 million colors.

Other light effects are also available. With a lightweight of 85g, its ergonomic design is ideal for right-handed gamers. The 12 mechanical buttons on the side are designed in a curved fashion, allowing your thumb to press them easily.

The multi-directional wheel will be of great use to you no matter what your task. To synchronize the RGB backlighting of your Razer devices, you can use the Razer Synapse software. Equipped with an MMO configurator, this mouse can record your progressions and skills in World of Warcraft on each of the programmable buttons.


  • Very precise sensor 
  • Very fast-tracking speed 
  • Lightweight 
  • Ergonomic design 


  • High price
  • Not suitable for left-handed players



LOGITECH’s G600 mouse is a good choice for MMO lovers. Representing good value for money, this mouse is one of the Best Lightweight MMO mice. Ergonomically designed, but understated, the G600 is a small mouse and certainly not suitable for larger hands.

The material is designed so that the palm of the hand does not sweat. With a pleasant grip, this Logitech mouse is not ambidextrous, it is unfortunately reserved for right-handed players.

Consisting of 20 programmable buttons, 12 of them are on the left side of the mouse, allowing your thumb to press them easily. Another is found at the ring finger and the dial. It is possible to customize the keys for uses other than games.

Configuration is done via software. Equipped with high precision, the Logitech G600 has a frequency of 1000 Hz and a movement speed of 3 ms. The plus of this mouse is transmitting its position signal to the computer every millisecond.


  • Pleasant handling 
  • Simple and ergonomic design 
  • Antiperspirant coating 
  • Precise sensor 


  • Design only for right-handed people 
  • Difficult access to some buttons 
  • Grip is less ergonomic 
  • High CPU occupation in 1000 Hz mode

SteelSeries Rival 5

SteelSeries Rival 5

The SteelSeries Rival 5 mouse is very popular with MMO-MMORPG enthusiasts that’s why it’s called Best Budget MMO Mouse. With an ergonomic, original, and worked design, this mouse offers a good grip for its user. Due to its design and rubber coating surface, it would avoid your hand fatigue even in prolonged use.

Its shape would be specially designed for a right-handed person. This mouse has 18 buttons and a power button. 2 main buttons, a scroll wheel, and 3 other buttons are on the top.

In addition, 12 very responsive and easy-to-reach buttons are on the left side, tilted in different directions. The frequency of the UtechSmart Venus mouse is 1000 Hz with a 16,400 DPI sensor. The speed of the cursor is 100 to 150 inches per second.

The keys of this accessory are fully programmable, with a recording of 5 profiles on different color choices. Designed for a long lifespan, the mouse has a 1.80 m long braided fiber cable. While the USB connector is gold plated to be more resistant.


  • Good grip 
  • Rubber coating surface 
  • 18 customizable buttons 
  • Resistant


  • Not suitable for left-handed users 
  • Simple lighting system



The ROCCAT brand seduces us with its ROCCAT Tyon mouse model. With an original and very attractive design, this mouse is equipped with a dual RGBY lighting system, located at the base of the shell and on the wheel. The brand provides gamers with 2 colors to choose from black and white.

A mouse that would be perfect for MMO-MMORPG games, this accessory is a great choice for gamers. It is equipped with sophisticated and innovative technology, which makes the Tyon incomparable and unique in its kind. It surprises the MMO universe with its features that’s why it is the Best MMO Gaming Mouse.

To store the parameters, a memory of 576 KB is specially dedicated. Its 8,200 DPI Pro-Aim laser sensor ensures unprecedented precision. Also equipped with an X-Celerator paddle, it guarantees speed and fluidity of movements to finish off your opponents. The brand unveils a new design with a control fin: a dual-function button. The latter ensures the stability of your hand during the session and allows the execution of your combinations of movements at an unmatched speed.

Equipped with 16 configurable buttons and a Titan Wheel, 31 possible functions can be assigned. Thanks to the Roccat Easy-Shift +, you can duplicate buttons on the fly.


  • Original and ergonomic design 
  • Good quality of finish 
  • Pleasant handling 
  • Wide customization 


  • High price 
  • Designed only for right-handed people

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro

CORSAIR Scimitar Pro

To close our selection of the Best Wireless MMO Mouse, Corsair offers us its Scimitar Pro model. Equipped with a multicolored, dynamic, and customizable backlighting system, it is distributed over 4 lighting zones to offer you limitless lighting effects with 16.8 million colors. Offering a fairly large and very ergonomic design, this mouse takes an arched and smooth shape. It is made from plastic and finished in matte black.

The material is very sensitive to the touch and promotes a good grip. For a weight of 147 g, the mouse is quite heavy for its use. The Corsair Scimitar is made up of 12 customizable mechanical thumb keys on the left. The 2nd and 4th rows of buttons are in a rough textured finish. Each is assigned their button number. The base of this mouse is equipped with 4 Teflon pads to ensure the sliding of your movements. With its 16,000 DPI sensor, the mouse will be more sensitive.

To control the functionalities and develop the advantages offered by this mouse, the brand makes the Corsair iCUE software available to users. You can adjust among other things, calibration, DPI customization, reassignment of button mappings.


  • Good value for money 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Good finish 
  • Good grip 


  • Designed only for right-handed people 
  • Quite heavy: 147 g 
  • Complicated backlight control 
  • High price 
  • Not suitable for all hand sizes 

We have just seen the main features of MMO gaming mice so that you can choose the best gaming mouse for you. Nonetheless, there remains a point that many readers submit to us about gaming mice. This is why we suggest you answer them just below, giving you a complete vision of the PC gaming mouse market.

What is better between a wireless mouse and a wired mouse?

As mentioned quickly above, there are 2 types of gaming mice you can invest in:

  • Wired Mice
  • Wireless Mice

Each category of mice has advantages and disadvantages which we will detail below.

The advantages of a wired MMO mouse

Besides the fact that wired gaming mice are cheaper than their wireless counterparts, they have the advantage of being much more responsive than others. Indeed, the cable allows a direct connection between your gamer pc and the gaming mouse that you use, reducing to the maximum the latency time which is the time between the moment when you press a key and when the action takes place. on the screen. A wired mouse will be the friend of professional gamers and performance freaks.

The disadvantages of a wired MMO mouse

Obviously, good performance comes at a price and that is the price of cable. Your desktop for your gaming PC is already filled with them between the monitor, the tower, and the keyboard. As long as you do not tidy up your cables, adding yet another risk reinforcing this mess, especially since the cable of your MMO mouse may interfere with your movements and limit your amplitude.

Very high performance should be put into perspective with several hours of play, which is very easy to achieve when playing an MMO.

The advantages of a wireless MMO mouse

You guessed it, the advantage of these gaming mice is that they are precisely wireless and that it will no longer be able to bother you, nor reinforce the pile of cables already present on your desk. So, whether you opt for a Bluetooth mouse or a wireless mouse with a plug-in sensor, you will get rid of that, improving your playing comfort, which is essential for long-term gaming marathons (dungeon, raid, etc.)

The disadvantages of a wireless MMO mouse

In opposition to the wired mouse, when you invest in a wireless mouse, you trade part of your performance against playing comfort. Indeed, the fact that the connection is indirect gives a greater latency time. We reassure you right away unless you are looking for extreme performance, this latency will be enough to allow you to play without addicts.

If you have chosen a Bluetooth mouse, your gaming comfort will stop when the battery of your gaming mouse is empty and you have to plug it in. The advantage of a mouse with a sensor to connect is that it does not work on a battery. However, a USB port on your computer is constantly occupied by the adapter.

A gaming mouse pad has the advantage of revealing the full potential of your mouse by letting its sensor slide perfectly over it. Thus, you will have no hang-ups and your playing comfort will be even better. In any case, and if you have room next to your desktop computer, we recommend that you go with a larger than an average gaming mouse pad

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plug in my MMO mouse?

First of all, there are two types of mice that you can find on the market (and we will detail them just below): Wireless mice (Bluetooth or with adapter) Wired mice. Anyway, the connections of your MMO mouse are very easy to set up. If you opt for a Bluetooth mouse, all you have to do is connect it to your gaming PC and you’re good to go. If you have a wireless laptop mouse, but with an adapter, all you need to do is plug the adapter into your gaming PC, so that you can use your wireless mouse later. The most used connection is USB so don’t worry!
Finally, if you have a wired mouse, all you need to do is connect its cable to your computer’s USB port.

What budget for a gaming mouse?

PC gaming equipment such as mousepads, mechanical keyboards, or mice has a reputation for costing more than average. And for good reason, these are jewels of technologies very appreciated in the world of gaming for the playing comfort and the high performance that they bring. Nevertheless, the rise of discount brands (often Chinese) sees the rise of gamer products, at unbeatable prices. As we mentioned in the introduction, remember that it is not because a mouse has an RGB gaming mouse design, that this one necessarily is! If you are just looking for a design for your pc setup, why not, only your choice should be made primarily on a high-performance mouse. As a result, there are gaming mice for all budgets ranging from € 10 to several hundred euros. In order to be sure to have the best MMO mouse for your setup, we advise you to start with a minimum of 50 €. With a cheap, low-end mouse, you might be disappointed.

Which MMO should I play with my gaming mouse?

In fact, it is more your choice of gaming mouse that will be influenced by the games you play. Objectively, you can play all possible MMOs with your pc mouse, be it World of Warcraft, Tera, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online, Warframe, etc However, if you play MMORPGs with more traditional gameplay like WOW, we recommend a mouse with 12 side buttons and a shift button. If you play more edgy Asian MMOs like TERA or Warframe, we recommend that you start with a mouse with adapted buttons with a DPI modifier.
There are also MMO mouse models where you can change the number of buttons to suit the game.