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Cooler Master mm720 Review

Cooler Master mm720 Review

Cooler Master has just broken his new record with his new 49-gram MM720 gaming mouse! And naturally dethrones is an old model MM710 gaming mouse of 53 gr.

In recent years the manufacturers of gaming peripherals have been on a war footing and compete for the first place to make the lightest mouse in the world! Unambiguously, Cooler Master is the winner again with its new model launched recently.

For a gamer, the weight of the mouse is a crucial factor! In games played with low sensitivity, it is necessary to perform very long movements with the mouse. If a gaming mouse is too heavy, it can cause inertia and can block the player in his launch.

For this reason, manufacturers like Cooler Master are launching increasingly lightweight mice on the market.


SensorPixArt PMW 3389
Acceleration50 grams
Speed400 IPS
Sensitivity16,000 dpi
Processor32-bit ARM Cortex
Internal memory512 KB
SoftwareMasterPlus +
Cable length1.8 m
Dimensions105.42 x 76.52 x 37.35 mm
Weight49 grams

Equipped with the latest-generation PixArt PMW 3389 sensor, this light and small mouse especially for gamers is available in 4 colour versions: Black and white, in two versions, matte and glossy. All for a price of $49.99!

Unfortunately Cooler Master has still not introduced the possibility for the player to change the sensitivity directly on the MM720 mouse. You will have to do it through the software or configure it yourself by sacrificing one of the buttons.

Cooler Master mm720 Review

Another small drawback, we can change the sensitivity of this 49-gram mouse only on 7 DPI levels (400, 800, 1200, 1600, 3200, 6400 and 16000 DPI). All this is probably explained because Cooler Master wanted to lighten the weight of its new gaming mouse as much as possible.

Cooler Master has perfectly redesigned the innards of this mouse because, in addition to having integrated the new optical sensor that we have already spoken about, The gaming mouse is honed for a smoother glide and better control by the player.

The manufacturer, for some reason, decided it was a good idea to cover the mouse – including the inside – with a waterproof layer, and in fact, the MM720 is IP58 certified!

Cooler Master offers first-time buyers a free adhesive liner that perfectly matches the shape of the mouse, designed to improve grip, adding 0.75mm to its thickness. This band will later be sold separately for $ 9.99.

The Cooler Master MasterMouse MM720 is the lightest mouse in the world to date, available on the Cooler Master online store since September 30, 2020, in matte black and glossy white for $ 49.99.

From October 27, 2020, this mouse arrives on Amazon at the same price adding the colours glossy black and matte white.