How to Remove the keyboard from your Laptop?

The keys on your keyboard are erased or broken, the touchpad no longer works; or are you thinking, simply, of customizing your keyboard or acquiring a more powerful one? Did you know that handling costs between € 30 and € 60? Are you wondering if it would be possible to disassemble the keyboard from your laptop PC yourself? Yes, and it is very easy and fast! You just need to follow the steps below.

Can I detach the keyboard from a laptop PC?

Accidents happen… Who has never spilled their coffee or tea on the computer keyboard?

Now, do people react the same way if they spill hot liquid on a laptop keyboard or on a desktop computer?

Desktop PC owners simply remove the USB cable connecting the keyboard to the central unit, and voila! Then it’s up to them to clean it or replace it.

What about laptop owners? Most do not know that their keyboard can be taken apart and rush to the local repairman, paying between 30 and 60$ the price of manipulation that they could very well have done themselves!

On the other hand, it is not enough to encounter problems with your keyboard to want to change it. Some wish to acquire a luminous keyboard called backlit. Others wish to personalize or adapt their keyboard to gaming… and the list goes on.

What would we need to do it?

You need only a thin screwdriver! Make sure your tool is not sharp so as not to damage the keys.

How do you remove the keyboard from the laptop?

\You will see that it is very simple manipulation. So, of course, every computer is different. However, disassembling the keyboard remains the same for all laptops… except for one detail.

Sometimes you have to undo the two screws that are behind the battery of some laptops, then the procedure remains the same.

“Why does the procedure remain the same, while in some PCs there are screws behind the battery, and in others not?”

The same, quite simply because, in all cases, you will have to remove your battery as well as the power cable to proceed with the disassembly of the keyboard.

If, when removing the battery, you see two screws, unscrew them. Otherwise, all you have to do is follow the steps designated below:

In every computer, there are clips above the keyboard, not below! Be careful not to insert the screwdriver below the keyboard to lift it. It will not help you but rather damage the keys on the keyboard.
These clips are kind of tiny notches that make it easier to handle. When you unclip them, the keyboard pops out.

There are six of them, and they are located behind the tabulation key (TAB / or two arrows in the opposite direction) and to the right of the key: ESC, F4, F8, F12, Del. as well as the End key.

  • First of all, you have to turn off and unplug your PC.
  • Then locate all the clips.
  • Release the clips by gently pushing the screwdriver (as far as possible) back and the spring below the keyboard will instantly eject it.
  • Make sure all clips are open.
  • Pull the keyboard towards you.

You will notice that the thread is held on a small tab. Press it gently with the screwdriver, it will come off immediately.
And there you have it, your keyboard is detached from the laptop!

How to reassemble it?

It’s just as easy to put it back together. Here are the 03 steps to follow:

  • Position the keyboard.
  • Put the tab right side up.
  • Integrate the keyboard into the small notches and finally snap the clips.

What is the reason for dismantling a keyboard?

  • Clean the keys.
  • Replace a faulty keyboard.
  • Want a more efficient keyboard.
  • The keys are blocked or deleted.
  • Not wanting to resort to stickers.
  • The touchpad no longer works.
  • Desire a backlit (illuminated) keyboard.
  • Do not be used to the QWERTY keyboard or the reverse (AZERTY).
  • Want to adapt it to gaming.

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