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QWERTY keyboard into AZERTY

How to transform a QWERTY keyboard into AZERTY in Windows?

Have you accidentally changed the configuration of your AZERTY keyboard to QWERTY? Entering text becomes very difficult for you because of this unintentional change? Do not panic, there are several methods you can follow to get the ball right. In this tutorial, we explain how to switch a QWERTY keyboard to AZERTY mode on Windows. Make yourself comfortable and go!

I- Use the language settings to return to AZERTY mode

Did you know that the management of the keyboard in Windows is inherent to that of the language of the system? By default, Windows supports English and French. Switching from one to the other is very easy!

To start :

  • Click the Start button, then type Settings in the search bar
  • In the window that appears, find the Time and language option then click on it
  • Then click on the Language tab
  • Under the Windows display language option, select French from the list and press OK

II- Return to the French AZERTY keyboard in Windows: use the Alt + Shift combination

Whether in Windows 7, 8, or 10, simple key combinations allow you to switch from one language to another, and therefore from one keyboard to another.
Therefore, if you want to return to QWERTY mode, simply press the two Alt + Shift keys on your keyboard.

For information, the Alt + Shift combination allows you to switch the French keyboard to English or vice versa in the version of Windows installed on your computer.

As for the Alt key, it is the one found on the left of the keyboard and is often located between the Windows key and the space bar.

III- Change a language or a keyboard in Windows: the various other shortcuts to use

The Alt + Shift key combination is not the only solution that allows you to switch from one keyboard to another. Indeed, in Windows 10, the combination of keys Windows + Space plays (almost) the same role as that of Alt + Shift.

  • We find the Windows key at the bottom left of the keyboard.
  • The Windows key is in fact the button with the small Windows “logo window” symbol.
  • Hold it down, then short press the space bar.

The main difference between the two shortcut keys remains the fact that Alt + Shift is used to switch between languages. Windows + Space, on the other hand, is used to switch from one keyboard to another.

If you have never changed Windows settings before, the language you are using will always be shown in the lower right corner of the screen near the time in the taskbar. For example, you will notice FRA for French or ENG for English (English).

To change this, click on the FRA or ENG tab in the taskbar. You will see a drop-down menu that shows several languages ​​installed on your computer. You will just have to select the one you want to have.
In addition, there are key combinations that seem more functional with computers configured under Windows 7 or Windows 8. These include the keys:

  • Shift + Alt Gr
  • Shift + Alt
  • Alt + Shift

IV- Remove the risk by locking your keyboard in AZERTY mode

Once the situation is perfectly restored, you can also change or disable the keyboard shortcuts, or even completely remove the English keyboard to prevent such errors from happening again! For that :

  • Click on the Start button
  • Enter Control Panel > Clock > Language and Region
  • Then click on Change keyboards
  • Then select the type of keyboard you want to change ( for example, EN in QWERTY mode )
  • Click on “ Remove “, then click “ OK “.

There it’s done! This method will prevent your computer from switching to QWERTY mode the next time.

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