Invicta pellet stove – test and review

Invicta pellet stove – test and review In both cold and hot seasons, there is always a way to create an ideal climate at home. The Invicta Nola 8 pellet stove is ideal for maintaining the ideal temperature in a room in the cold season. Presenting itself as a modernized version of the traditional fireplace, it arouses great interest,

which prompts a large number of interested to question its reliability and even its practicality on the domestic level. Well in this article, you will find the main points to know about this latest generation equipment which aims to participate in your well-being at home.

Invicta pellet stove

Is the Invicta NOLA 8 pellet stove recommended?

Yes, it is. This stove is particularly recommended for its low electrical energy consumption, ease of installation, and easy maintenance. Concretely,

you that it will keep all its promises at home. Although it is not affordable for all budgets, we still cannot question how it works, especially since it is a derivative of the latest technology. Apart from its programming which will make you turn your brain in all directions, you will undoubtedly like its great autonomy and its very low sound emission.

  • Very nice design

  • Low consumption
  • Acceptable noise level
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Quick start
  • Minimal footprint
  • Good autonomy
  • Very expensive
  • Complex programming

For more than a decade, I have been promoting my training as a heating expert on various sites. Indeed, I am very comfortable on projects of setting up a chimney, creating ventilation ducts and repairing heating devices. My experience in this field gives me a good head start on the mastery of heaters like the Invicta NOLA 8 pellet stove.

I can say with certainty that it is a very practical device for home heating. In fact, I was able to install it several times in various premises and I did not have a problem. So for me, it’s a piece of equipment that finds its place at the domestic level.

Very nice design

You have to be really insensitive not to succumb to the charm of this state-of-the-art stove. In fact, it can be said that Invicta has put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetic appearance of this device, especially since it is installed in the house and not outside. It was, therefore, necessary for the manufacturer to play the card of ingenuity to give this device a most attractive appearance.

That said, this equipment consists of a compact block which is in reality the seat of combustion. Its rectangular trunk in pure premium steel, therefore, houses the brazier, the candle and many other elements essential to the optimal functioning of the device. However, its exterior view leaves nothing crude or rudimentary, which would call into question the perfection of its finishes.

Also, the appreciable design of this device is seen in its exterior configuration. Its control panel is perched on its upper face and a carefully crafted display case gives a magnificent “fireplace effect” by giving an overview of the combustion of the pellets internally. In addition, it is a sealed stove that is to say waterproof that certainly lasts a very long time. All of these arguments work together to support the idea that Invicta has unquestionably gone all out in the making of this modern heater.

Low consumption

Low consumption

This electrical equipment will not drastically increase your usual consumption. This 108 kg juggernaut requires enough electrical energy to function perfectly, but its consumption does not exceed 8 KW . Indeed, its nominal power is 350 W and its power modulation varies between 3.1 KW and 8 KW.

Do not be afraid to acquire this device mistakenly thinking that it will make you consume a lot more than usual. Also, note that it was rated 7 stars for the green flame. This means in clearer terms that its heating is ecological and does not provide harmful gas; what all users who want to protect the environment dream of.

Acceptable noise level

The noise emitted by this device when it is in operation is not very disturbing. Remember that this is an electrical device and therefore cannot be completely silent. However, its emission, its sound emission largely depends on the stopped heating speed. Logically, therefore, the higher the latter, the noisier the device. Note that its major noise is that of the falling granules which is quite audible,

but does not disturb the peace of the user for a long time. Concretely, the sound emission of the Invicta NOLA 8 varies between 35 dB and 54 dB depending on the power level activated (P1-P5). The different setting possibilities give the user a great deal of freedom to choose when this stove can be very loud and when it can also be quiet. It will then make very good use of programming and silent mode.

Easy maintenance

Don’t be fooled by the imposing size of this oven into thinking that it is very difficult to maintain. Admittedly, it requires regular cleaning, even daily, but rest assured that it is not a heavy task. The elements which must be maintained in particular are the glass, the crucible, and the ashtray.

This operation must be carried out with rigor and thoroughness so that this stove always remains functional. For this cold cleaning, it will take patience but also perseverance has given that the internal parts to be cleaned are generally covered with ash and granules which must be completely removed before restarting the device. The user can do it themselves regularly, but it is also recommended to have the NOLA 8 cleaned at least once a year by a professional.

Easy installation

It is not complicated to put this modern oven in a house. However, it is necessary to comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations which require that this intervention be carried out only by a professional. The point is that its installation is not complex, but requires strong skills. Therefore, the user should not risk installing it themselves, even if they think they are an excellent handyman.

This latest generation stove also offers at least three possibilities for installing it without difficulty. First, it can be installed in zone 1, which is to say with a single wall insulated duct which ends at the roof. Then, zones 2 and 3 can be used for its installation with a concentric duct with watertight fittings and sealing ring at the fittings. It is important to note that this stove should never be placed directly on combustible materials such as parquet,

as the temperature on the underside is very high. In this regard, a protective plate is to be expected. Also, the installer will try to adjust the feet to their highest position in order to avoid the transmission of heat between the appliance and its base as much as possible.

Quick start

To start this heater, simply press and hold its “on” button until the various functions light up. Between the moment you press the button and the actual operation of this device, it takes a maximum of 3 minutes, which is relatively fast for such a strong device. At the end of this time, the flame is born in the oven and a heating phase begins for about 8 minutes 30 seconds . On the other hand, switching off this device is less interesting than switching it on, since it lasts about 20 minutes and at the same time causes a sudden increase in fan noise.

Minimal footprint

It’s okay not to want to clutter up your home, especially if you’re claustrophobic. If that’s any reassurance, this pellet stove doesn’t require a lot of space. Even if your home is not large enough, you will be able to find a place for it without reducing your flexibility of movement. Indeed, this device has the advantage of extending in height and not in width. As a result, it has a degree of a size similar to that of a vertical refrigerator. To see the heart of it, note its following dimensions: 1135 m high, 465 mm long and 510 mm deep. This rectangular-shaped equipment ensures optimal operation without being too present in your living space.

Good autonomy

Note that this Invicta stove can operate autonomously, which is a great advantage. Indeed, it may happen that your room has an electrical problem. Be aware that in this circumstance, you will not be weaned from the heating of this device, provided of course that this electrical failure is quickly resolved. In reality, the NOLA 8 has an autonomy of between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.. What does this factor depend on?

Well, it depends on how much energy it was able to store while plugged in. It is therefore a device that requires a sufficient power supply, and this, permanently, so that its autonomy is always at the top. But as noted above, its minimum in autonomous mode is 7 hours. Therefore, even if it is not sufficiently recharged, this stove can still heat a room for several hours at a time.

Very expensive

Interested in the Invicta NOLA 8 stove? If so, be prepared to pay a nice sum at the cash register. By that, we mean that in addition to being a very high-quality appliance, this pellet oven is also high-quality equipment that you will not be able to afford if you do not have a heavy enough financial purse. It is true that when we refer to its structure and even its quality of design,

we can clearly read that it is not a device made available to the small social class. Rest assured, its high quality/price ratio does not discredit this device at all. However, it is important to know what to expect with a product before you start purchasing it. Well with this stove, it won’t be just a few banknotes that you need, but a substantial amount.

Complex programming

If you are new to this type of equipment, you will probably have big problems programming me, at least the first few times. It must be said that although it has a visible control panel and apparently easy to handle, its settings are not easy to make. In fact, this high-quality stove offers the possibility of doing either a one-time programming or weekly programming of the thermostat. However,

in either case, you have to be used to this type of oven. Fortunately, it comes with a notice which is certainly quite long (3 pages), but very explicit. If the user does not have a high level of understanding, he may need to bring in a heating expert to master the programming cycle of this heater. It is a limit not to be neglected,

Thank you for reading this article

You have long searched for a way to warm yourself at home using modern methods. Then you couldn’t resist the charm of this Invicta pellet stove. I sincerely hope I have informed you enough that this advanced device in the previous lines.

By going around its characteristics, I took care to detail the salient points such as its autonomy, its design, and its ease of installation. However, I remain aware that a much more extensive article is needed if each characteristic of this device must be mentioned in great detail. So, I remain at your disposal for more information on this subject

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