Light Strike – Test and review

Light Strike for all ages and for all prices in stores. It is very easy today to find a toy that is perfectly suited to your child and his personal tastes. With the holidays just around the corner, you are definitely looking for a good toy that can keep your kids entertained throughout the day.

You do well to stop on this article, because the Light Strikeis a toy that is perfect for all boys ages eight and up. We have children who would like to work in the police, for example, and this toy could very well allow them to practice shooting. Don’t let your kids go around in circles during their entire vacation, when you can help them have fun with each other and spark their curiosity.

Light Strike

Is the Light Strike rifle recommended?

This toy is highly recommended because it is equipped with sound and light functionwhich allows children to challenge themselves and perfect the precision of their shots. It is a toy that offers a wide choice of color, so that each child can choose according to their color preferences. It offers the possibility for children to play as a team, and to compete against each other to make the game a little more interesting,

allowing the child to improve his playing tactics. bulky and you can store it easily, whatever space you have in your home. However, this toy does not have only positive points, because it is only suitable for boys, it is a bit expensive and requires batteries to be able to function properly, but it will perfectly meet the expectations of your children.

  • Easy storage
  • Several color choices
  • Team game
  • Sound and light functions
  • Only for boys
  • Requires batteries
  • Costs a little expensive
  • User manual in English

I work as a cashier in a local supermarket , and each year we are entitled to a gift box only for children. As I already have a boy and in addition to my two nephews who will be there for the holidays, I chose to take this Light Strike rifle. The first is offered by the company, and I bought two more to allow everyone to participate. It’s a game that has me a lot more since it got to the toy department, and even my husband got caught up in this game. It’s really really well done, with good laser detection, at least. about thirty meters. During the weekends my husband plays outdoors with the children, and sometimes in the dark for maximum effect. The game even comes with a headset so parents can protect their ears.

Easy storage

Light Strike

Whether on vacation or during school, every child feels the need to play and be entertained at some time of the day. It’s easier when the child already knows where to store his toys, and it’s even better when it comes to a toy that he can easily move on his own. That’s why the maker of the Light Strike rifle didn’t complicate their toy, and did it in the least bulky way possible. It is simply a rifle that comes in a small box, already assembled and ready for use. It’s different from those big toys that come in separate pieces and take up unnecessary space when it comes to putting it away.

Moreover, the Light Strike weighs only 680 grams , and it is easily transportable by the child, without needing the help of his parents. Even after play, the child can easily come back to put his toy in place on his own, without it being a chore for him. He can even move and walk around easily with this toy to go find his companions anywhere for a game. No matter how big or small your house is, this gun will find its place somewhere in your closet without being bulky.

Several color choices

Light Strike

Generally, children’s toys often don’t have several different colors, especially when it comes to a gun. We are totally used to always finding black color only and simply, without any fantasy on either side. Maybe because they are designed for boys that some builders think there is no need for fancy. However, this maker of the Light Strike rifle thinks quite the opposite, since he has released this toy in several different colors, only neutral and dark colors that may be suitable for boys.

In addition, each rifle has drawings , and color fantasies of all kinds, to the delight of children. That’s a really good idea from him, because being a boy doesn’t mean you can’t get a little color too. It is very touching to see a child’s face light up in front of this kind of toy, and to admire all the drawings that are all around.

Team game

if you buy one for the number of children you have at home. Although it is different from those chess or building games that allow kids to get together and play together, it is perfect for a 2-4 team game. So you can be reassured if you have several boys in your home and you wonder how you are going to be able to each of them.

With this rifle, they will spend the day having fun together without even realizing the time that passes. It also allows you to take part in the game, so you can spend time with your child whenever you have the chance. Thus, its wide choice of color allows you to take a different color for each child, in order to identify them and avoid their problems sharing these guns.

Sound and light functions

Light Strike

The peculiarity of some toys lies in the fact that they emit sounds and sound more real than life, while others are content to be very quiet and push children to make noises themselves using their mouth. The Light Strike is part of the first category, those toys that emit sounds while in use. Indeed, this rifle is equipped with a sound function and also a light, which allows it to make noise when the child shoots, while the light function is pointed at the target to be reached.

These features let players know when he hit his target, and when he missed it earlier, and shot into the void. The light function is also capable of going up to several meters, and is triggered directly after the sound noise. This is a very good asset for this toy, as children will no longer need to make noise with their mouths themselves, as is often the case with some classic guns.

Only for boys

Whether they are girls or boys, all children need to play, and this constant difference between children’s toys is starting to become a real problem for some parents on a daily basis. Some are made to be mixed, that is to say, can be used by both girls and boys. Others, on the other hand, have an indication that it is a toy only for boys. This is the case with this Light Strike rifle, which is unfortunately a very good toy, but only made for little boys.

It is even specified on the technical sheet that it is only suitable for boys with a minimum age of eight years, so even the little ones can not enjoy it. It is annoying to have such restrictions on a simple children’s toy, which leads to believe that it is a little dangerous toy. You might as well know now that if you have girls and boys, you will need to find another toy to distract your daughter. This is so that she does not feel aggrieved aside when her brothers are on one side taking advantage of their rifles.

Requires batteries

With the evolution of technology, several toys are manufactured today with batteries, and delivered with an adequate charger, in case of discharged battery. But we do not understand why this manufacturer still lagged behind in making this gun a device that takes batteries. It is a real source of daily expense for parents, as the Light Strike takes up to 4 batteries, which are not even included with the first purchase. After receiving your rifle, you will therefore have to go to a store to find the corresponding batteries.

It’s not great at all, especially since it’s a toy that will be used by your children all day long. With the added sound and light function that it has, these batteries will not last long in the rifle. At some point you will be forced to deprive your child of this toy, simply because you haven’t bought the batteries yet.

Costs a little expensive

The quality ratio of this toy is a real limit for some parents, because if you want to please your child, you must prepare a fairly substantial amount of money. In addition, if you have several boys and you want them to play together, you will have to buy several. It’s still a bit of a shame, having to spend so much on a simple toy that your child can even easily break if it’s brutal enough or if he accidentally drops it.

Finally, it is only parents who have a good financial position who can easily buy this Light Strike rifle. However, all children are equal, and have the same rights, regardless of their social class to which they belong. This manufacturer must try to revise the price of this rifle, in order to allow everyone to benefit from it, even the less fortunate.

User manual in English

It is no wonder that this toy has a user manual, because it is important to teach children how to proceed with such a device. What is rather astonishing is to note that the manufacturer made this manual only in English. It is as if it is a product that he wants to sell only in a limited area, otherwise how will users who do not speak or understand any word in English do. We are certainly not criticizing the fact that he made a manual in English, but by doing the front in English and the back in French, it would have been more understandable.

Thank you for reading this article

At the end of this reading, you agree with me that this Light Strike toy is a very good method of entertaining your child, especially if it allows the child to enjoy these moments with his father. It prevents the child from playing alone, and teaches him the meaning of teamwork,

because it is a game that can also be played in several different teams. If you have boys like me, then look no further on how to make each of them happy, as this toy is a great way to bring them together and allow them to hang out together. I have made the effort to give you all the details regarding this toy, and I hope I succeeded. However, some of you may need more clarification,

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