Logitech G413 Review

In this article, we are going to test and analyze the Logitech G413 Gaming keyboard. The Logitech G413 keyboard is available on the net and on the manufacturer’s website for 80$. At Amazon, the price is generally more attractive.

The G413 keyboard is supplied with 12 additional gaming keys and a key extractor to interchange them during your gaming or office sessions. In the box, you will also find the user manual. The Logitech G413 measures 44.5 x 13.2 x 3.4 centimeters for 1.11 kg. The Logitech G413 keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard with a Romer-G-type switch.

Logitech G413

Logitech G413

Mechanical keyboards are generally more popular with Pro gamers than membrane ones. This is because mechanical keyboards are more responsive and players can perform their playing movements faster. This keyboard does not have a built-in palm rest. If you are looking for a keyboard with a palm rest, you can opt for the Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard. or the Logitech G513. The latter has a palm rest with memory foam.

The Logitech G413 keyboard features a single colour illumination system. The colour of the lighting is red for a black keyboard. You have another choice of colours with this Logitech G413, the silver. In this case, the light colour is white. This keyboard is quite responsive and is used by Pro gamers. The workmanship is of superior quality and the materials used have been well chosen to provide a durable and efficient keyboard.

This keyboard is made from 5052 aluminium alloy. It is quite light and very thin. If you want a keyboard with a key-by-key customizable RGB lighting system, you can opt for the Logitech G915 Gaming Tastatur keyboard. In this case, you can choose a colour from the 16.8 million available. If you want an efficient gaming mouse with your keyboard, you can choose the Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED mouse.

If, on the other hand, you want to use a keyboard that directly integrates a mouse touchpad, you can opt for the Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard . The G413 is Logitech’s first keyboard with frameless keys. That is to say without a shell around them. The keys seem to float above the Romer-G switches. This keyboard has an additional USB port. It can be used to increase the connectivity speed with the PC or to connect other peripherals (mouse or others).

It includes 12 gaming keys. So you can use them to perform at your favourite games. This keyboard is under the manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years: a guarantee of reliability and robustness. On the back, you can deploy the adjustable feet for a perfect tilt. They are provided with rubber for better adhesion to the substrate when in use.

Configurations of the Logitech G413 Keyboard

This Logitech G413 keyboard is mechanical with Romer-G touch switches. These switches are very efficient. That is 25% more efficient than standard mechanical switches. They have a low travel height of 1.5mm making them very fast and precise.

The returns of the keys are well felt and pleasant. You will need 45g of a strike force to activate each key. Each key supports up to 70 million keystrokes without a problem.

With the lighting system, the keys will always be visible effectively, even during night gaming sessions. You can customize the lighting system through Logitech’s Video Game Assistant software. Only one effect is available. This is the variable speed pulsation effect.

With Logitech Video Game Assistant software, you can observe the heat map. This allows you to see which keys are used the most. You can therefore anticipate maintenance for a longer key lifespan. Different profiles associated with your favourite games or software can also be saved on this software. The profile concerned will be loaded automatically once the software or the game is launched.

In terms of the controls available on this Logitech G413 keyboard, you can control your audio and multimedia streams via multimedia key shortcuts. These keys can be activated using the Fn key with the function keys. You no longer have to leave your game to play your favourite piece of music. Everything has been planned by Logitech. You can also control the volume.

You can also activate game mode by pressing Fn + F8. In this case, some keys or key combinations are deliberately disabled to avoid accidentally quitting the game (windows key, Alt + F4, Alt + Tab etc.).

You can combine up to 26 keys to perform your movements quickly. The keypad is equipped with an anti-posting system so that you can also press several keys at the same time. You can also configure macro keys using Logitech’s Video Game Assistant software. You can use the function keys F1 to F12 for this purpose.

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