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Logitech G513 Review

Logitech G513 Review

The Swiss Logitech Company is renowned for providing robust and quality equipment. It also strives to produce a series of equipment improving the negative points seen in a previous generation. In this article, we are going to test and analyze the Logitech G513 keyboard which is an evolution of the Logitech G413 series. It is sold on Amazon, but also on the Logitech site for the price of 100$.

Let’s start with unboxing, in the box, we find the gaming keyboard, the shape memory palm rest, the gaming keys, the key extractor, and the user manual. Gaming keys have a more touchy shape allowing gamers to better position their fingers and perform better at their favorite games. The plastic key extractor allows easy interchange of standard keys for gaming keys.

Logitech G513

Logitech G513

The Logitech G513 is a 104-key mechanical-type AZERTY keyboard. It has a memory foam palm rest. The keyboard measures 13.2 x 44.5 x 3.4 centimetres for 962 grams. It is equipped with Lightsync RGB technology. The keys are thus illuminated at will. You can choose a range of colors from the 16.8 million colors available.

You can use the G HUB software to customize your keys and to fine-tune your settings and light management. Unlike G810 or G613 keyboards, the keyboard is quite minimalist, because it is not accompanied by dedicated keys to directly manage multimedia files. However, key combinations with Fn can be used for the same purpose.

The G513 keyboard is an evolution of the G413 generation. Logitech fixed all the flaws and negatives of the previous series such as key alignment issues, single color LED lighting, etc.

This G513 keyboard is equipped with GX Brown tactile mechanical switch keys. It is therefore ideal for players who want to feel the mechanical feedback of the keys. There are, however, other switches: linear and clicky that you can choose from. These switches provide increased performance and precision.

They are twice lower than traditional switches, thus increasing their reliability. The brown tactile switch is characterized by instant and precise feedback. It is therefore preferred for competitive gaming. This keyboard thus presents a performance gain of 25%compared to standard keyboards.

Logitech G513 Review

The GL Linear Switch is ideal for repetitive hitting games. It is thus to opt for action games or MMOs and finally, the clicky switch is to be chosen if you are a fan of keystrokes. However, all Logitech switches have undergone fairly extensive testing to ensure good reliability and durability.

The keys are quite quick and they don’t require too much pressure to activate them. As a mechanical keyboard, the noises caused by the keys are quite commendable. The keys are also very pleasant to the touch and are resistant at the same time since they each support more than 70 million keystrokes.

The keyboard design is thin and rigid with its premium aluminium case. This keyboard is equipped with programmable and multimedia function keys (with Fn). You can play your multimedia files, take breaks, control the volume. You can also manage lighting etc. The keyboard is equipped with 6 feet ensuring stability and comfort of use.

Advanced Features of the Logitech G513 Keyboard

One of the perks of the Logitech G513 keyboard is having a memory foam palm rest. The wrist rest easily returns to its original shape to provide maximum comfort of use. The foam is wrapped in a fairly durable soft imitation leather. It is made of waterproof material which is therefore resistant to hand perspiration. It measures 88 x 445 x 21.5 mm (W x L x H).

The wrist rest can be glued to the keyboard or be pulled apart without a problem. On the other hand, it does not have a magnetic system as we can see on the BlackWidow Chroma V2 and Ornata models from Razer. Which is a bit of a handicap for those who move the keyboard quite frequently during their gaming session.

The RGB lighting is light sync. With the latter, each of you can be personalized and synchronized with multimedia content and your games. Light sync technology lets you sample scene colours from your favourite games and use them on your keyboard. The lighting can also be controlled by your games to accentuate the immersive side. The lighting would thus be adapted according to the actions of the games: enemies in sight, explosion, injury, care, etc.

The Logitech G513 is one of the favourite keyboards for eSports gamers because it is quite fast, reliable and consistent. If you are not a fan of wired keyboards, we recommend the G915 wireless keyboard.

Combined with Logitech G mice such as the G903 Lightspeed mouse, GitHub allows synchronized management. It also supports all your Logitech G devices such as headsets, speakers, webcams etc. With G Hub, quickly save your profiles and use them on the fly depending on your games.

You can assign macros to function keys F1 through F12. G Hub also allows you to customize your mouse buttons for further personalization of your equipment. With this software, you can create your own configurations or download the profiles of other users. Key colour management is simplified.
You can use the Video Game Assistant software to synchronize the lighting effects on your keyboard with your list of compatible games.

This software also allows you to scan your PC and present the profiles adapted to each game. It also allows rapid management of the RGB lighting on your keyboard. It can be uniform, by zone or by touch. The keys can also be configured so that they flash when there is a new event to take into account in the game. It should be noted, however, that without the RGB lighting, the keys are difficult to see.

Strength and durability are part of the game with the Logitech G513 keyboard, as it is made from a 5052 aluminium and magnesium alloy. The resulting combination is a noble and robust material with a refined and uncluttered design.

The presence of a USB port on the Logitech G513 keyboard is very popular with gamers. You can use it to charge your other devices and peripherals or to increase the transfer rate to your keyboard. This keyboard is compatible on Windows version 7 and later, on Linux and on MacOs.