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Logitech G903 Review

Logitech G903 Review

The G903 Lightspeed mouse is a mouse designed by the Swiss company Logitech for gamers. It has a fairly compact and modern black look with its RGB lighting system.

The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is among the top wireless mice for gamers thanks to its high precision. With its 16K DPI, you can control and calculate your gaming movements well. The mouse has unmatched speed, 10 times faster than previous generation mice such as the G900 Chaos Spectrum. The G903 measures 7.5 x 12.9 x 4 centimetres for 110 grams. The mouse comes with an optional 10-gram weight. Users who love the heaviness of the mouse are not forgotten by Logitech. They can add this weight below the mouse.

The caster is disengageable and multidirectional. It has 2 modes. Fast scrolling allows you to browse a multi-page document or a multi-line Excel spreadsheet. You can lock the wheel to enter precision scroll mode.

Battery life and charging of the Logitech G903 Lightspeed mouse

In terms of autonomy, the integrated Li-Po battery allows you to have an autonomy of 140 hours in gaming with active RGB lighting. If you play without lighting, you can play for up to 180 hours. In case of battery discharge, you can take advantage of the Powerplay charging system.

This system allows you to avoid running out of battery while gaming. It allows you to recharge the battery during periods of inactivity or even during your wireless gaming sessions. To do this, you have to put the PowerCore in place of the optional 10-gram weight. This Powerplay charging system is sold by Logitech separately. The G903 is Windows and Mac compatible.

Logitech G903 Review

You can also use the USB-C charging cable that came with the mouse to play while charging. It is 1.8 m long. In the box, you can also find with the G903 mouse the USB Lightspeed receiver, the accessory case, an optional receiver extension adapter, the optional 10 g weights, the button covers, the optional side buttons and the user manual.

Benefits of the Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED mouse

The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED mouse has an RGB lighting system. It can be personalized at will according to your taste. One of the peculiarities of this mouse is the fact that it can be used by a right-handed or a left-handed (ambidextrous). You can also customize the 7 buttons via the G HUB software. It should be noted that this mouse has other optional buttons that you can unlock including 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side.

You can increase the precision to 25K DPI for sub-micron performance without filtering, smoothing or acceleration. This gives you 1: 1 tracking. This feature is available in G HUB after a software update. This new generation of the Hero PMW3366 sensor ensures better battery life and lighter weight. This new sensor is the result of 3 years of work at Logitech and guarantees increased accuracy to more than 400 FPS.

The G903 has a 32-bit ARM microprocessor and built-in memory. The technologies used to ensure excellent responsiveness: USB report rate at 1 ms, wireless report rate at 1 ms with a USB data format of 16 bits per axis.

Hero also enables efficient energy management. It allows an adjustment of the image rate according to the movement of the mouse. High performance is thus obtained with minimal energy consumption. Energy efficiency is thus multiplied by 10.

With the G903, Logitech promises a true high-performance wireless gaming mouse: flawless wireless connectivity, exceptional battery life and latency-free use. Logitech wireless mice are tested and used by professional gamers. Logitech mice such as the G903 are therefore used in renowned tournaments such as the CS: GO.

It is undeniable that sensitivity and precision in the movements of the game are essential during these great tournaments. Professional players like Tucks (Chiefs eSports Club, CS: GO), Bjergsen (Team SoloMid, LoL) and Shox (G2, CS: GO) do not hesitate to use Logitech Lightspeed mice to perform better in their games.


The G HUB software allows you to control Logitech G peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, webcam, speaker, headphones … If you are undecided to find the Logitech G keyboard that suits you, we offer this Logitech G513 Carbon Lightsync RGB keyboard. It is a Gaming Keyboard that can be managed in G HUB. This keyboard has an RGB LED lighting system like your G903 mouse. Thus, you can synchronize the lighting systems on your 2 devices to follow a particular theme.

Play to the rhythm of your multimedia files with G HUB, it allows you to synchronize your lights with your titles, your multimedia files or others. You can customize your animation effects or choose directly from the 16.8 million colour ranges available. You can also download animation profiles from other players.

With G HUB, save your game profiles (commands, macros etc.) and reload them directly on the fly if needed. The buttons of your G903 mouse can be reprogrammed at will on G HUB. Directly configure a shortcut of your movements: build, run into the heap, heal, crouch, crawl and use them quickly with 1 single click. In G HUB. The memory integrated in the mouse allows you to save its configurations if you want to use the mouse on another PC.

Comparison with similar mice

Let’s compare the G903 with the G403 Hero, G502 HERO, and G703 Hero mice. All 4 have a 25K unlockable Hero 16K sensor, they provide a 1ms report rate. These 4 mice are equipped with a 16.8 million colour RGB LED lighting system. The G703 Hero and G903 are wireless while the G403 and G502 are wired mice. As for the buttons, the G403 and G703 have 6. The G502 has 11 buttons, while the G903 has 7 plus 4 optional (7 – 11).