Logitech G915 Review

The Swiss company Logitech is known for these premium gaming peripherals. In this article, we are going to test and give our opinion on this G915 wireless keyboard. This wireless G915 Gaming is available on the net and in particular on the Logitech website for the price of 230$.

Let’s start with unboxing. In the box, we find the G915 keyboard, the Lightspeed USB receiver, a USB extension cable, a micro-USB cable and the user manual.

The G915 presents itself in a sober and modern look with exemplary robustness. The materials have been carefully chosen for this purpose to provide a durable keyboard: high-quality aluminium and plastic. The keyboard adopts a frameless design. The Logitech G915 is a wireless gaming keyboard measuring 475 x 150 x 150 mm (L x W x H). It weighs 1025 g. The G915 features Lightspeed and Lightsync RGB technologies. The G915 keyboard features all-new high performance super flat mechanical switches.

The G915 is extremely thin. Everything has been well thought out to provide you with a high-performance keyboard. It has been designed to withstand hectic gaming moments and accompanies you to the end of your gaming passion. If you want to have a tilted position of the keyboard, you can extend the keyboard feet which are available for this purpose. They can be half-inclined or positioned at their maximum height.

The multimedia buttons are present on this keyboard to directly manage your audio and video files. The play, pause, mute, previous and next commands as well as a volume control knob are available for this purpose. 5 G keys are also present on this keyboard.

Configurations of Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 keyboard features Lightspeed technology. It enables very fast wireless connectivity of 1 ms. This technology is used by esports gamers around the world for its proven effectiveness in competitions. This technology was developed expressly by the engineering team of Logitech G to have a stable wireless connection without latency. It’s a faster wireless connection than most wired connections on the market.

With the problems of wireless connectivity, the Logitech team took up the challenge and revolutionized the data transfer system. Here’s a comparison of the click-responsiveness time of a Logitech wireless mouse with competing wired mice. You can switch from a Lightspeed connection to a Bluetooth connection when needed.

The design of Lightspeed connectivity truly follows a rigorous engineering process and battery of tests. The components that make up the chain process the data as quickly as possible. Every step has been optimized and every circuit path has been studied to provide excellent wireless connectivity. This goes through the antenna geometry, the components and the firmware used to drive everything.

Logitech has thus implemented high-performance and energy-efficient equipment. Logitech’s lightspeed has redefined wireless and has truly become a benchmark in the field. It’s not just wireless keyboards that feature this innovative technology. New generation mice such as the G604, PRO and G502 also have it. On the manufacturer’s website, the G604 costs 118$, the PRO is sold for 152$ while the G502 is 175$

Logitech G915 Gaming Keyboard

Other mice such as the Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced are also popular with gamers. If you are more of a fan of a vertical mouse, Logitech has not forgotten you, you can opt for the Logitech MX Vertical Wireless.

The G915 Gaming features all-new mechanical switches that have been halved to give you super-fast, robust and powerful keys. A performance gain of at least 25% has been observed with this keyboard compared to ordinary keyboards on the market. You will have the choice between the GL Tactile, the GL Clicky or the Linear GL. If you frequently play action games or MMOs, you can go for the linear switch. If you like a keyboard with very fast and precise key feedback, you can choose the Tactile Switch.

It is recommended for competitive gaming. For keys with a more consistent sound response, you will be satisfied with the clicky switch. Extensive testing has enabled Logitech to deliver a rugged and reliable mechanical keyboard. Each key can withstand up to over 70 million keystrokes. For a mechanical keyboard, the G915 is rather quiet and does not require strong pressure to activate.

The G915 keyboard features Lightsync RGB technology. This allows lighting key by key that can be personalized. We are thus far from the first version with uniform red lighting. You can choose your range of colours from the 16.8 million available. You can customize your theme or choose from the already predefined themes. The G HUB software allows you to synchronize your lighting effects on all your Logitech G peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, headsets, webcam, speaker etc.

You can save your macros and shortcuts for each game and save them for future use. You can therefore associate different macros with the function keys F1 to F12. With G HUB, create your own game profile or upload the profiles of seasoned users to the G HUB database.

With the Assistant software for video games, easily find the lighting effects for your equipment with a list of available games. The latter directly offer you optimized profiles for each game found on your PC. The lighting of your keyboard can also be personalized at will: by key, by zone or even uniform. Also, take advantage of the notification keys. To do this, you can configure so that certain keys flash when an important event occurs in the game.

Logitech is recognized for the autonomy and longevity of its batteries. This wireless keyboard has a battery life of 30 hours with maximum RGB lighting. A charge indicator, as well as the G HUB software, inform you when you reach 15% autonomy.

So you can charge the G915 via the USB connection and keep playing. No more wasting time recharging your keyboard before playing. Everything has been made easy by Logitech so you can play with peace of mind and indulge your passion. Full charge is reached after 3 hours of charging.

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