Logitech K480 Review

Are you looking for a good keyboard to quickly write texts on your tablet or smartphone? We offer you the Logitech K480 keyboard. The K480 is a wireless Bluetooth keyboard designed by the Swiss company Logitech. It is compatible with Windows, Apple iOS, Chrome, Android. It is available on the web and in particular on the manufacturer’s website for the price of 26$. Amazon is not left out, because you will always find products at more affordable prices on the latter.

Logitech K480

Logitech K480 Review

Let’s start with the usual unboxing. We find in the box the K480 keyboard with the 2 batteries as well as the user manual. The K480 is a wireless keyboard that can support computers, tablets, and mobile phones. It comes in a well-groomed design.

The assembly was done well and has no design flaws. It is quite compact with its well-rounded edges. Although the materials used are fairly standard, this keyboard ages well. It also enjoys a warranty period of 2 years. Which is reassuring about its long-term use. The touch of lightness provided by the green color of the slit is appreciated. It should be noted that the slit is in green or yellow-green for the color black and grey for the color white.

The Logitech K480 keyboard is multi-device and multi-platform via Bluetooth connectivity. It has a wheel called easy-switch which allows it to switch from one device to another. This K480 keypad can be paired with 3 devices. You can thus configure a connection to your computer, your tablet, and your smartphone. You no longer have to do a pairing every time.

The K480 measures 195mm x 299mm x 20mm (W x L x H) for 820g. This keyboard is available in 2 colors: black and white. Some users complain about the heaviness of the keyboard, but this is a good point in our opinion. It was designed as such to counterbalance certain shelves which are quite heavy. So, if the keyboard weighs less, your tablet may tip back and possibly break if it falls.

The keys have been arranged so that you find your usual configurations and shortcuts on your Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices. The keyboard has a slot that allows you to put your smartphone and tablet. This slot has been designed so that your mobile devices can rest at an ideal angle so that you can read and write at your ease. You can also use it as a pen holder, business card holder, etc. In short, a great practical invention!

Advanced K480 configurations

The K480 keypad is a wireless keypad with a communication range of 10 meters (33 feet). It is a commendable distance on this type of device because the average range of keyboards on the market is of the order of 5 meters. The keypad features a battery charge indicator that lasts for 2 years. It is located near the power ON / OFF switch. This keyboard comes with 2 AAA batteries.

The 27cm slot on the K480 is covered with a rubber material for a good grip on your mobile devices. Once the keyboard is configured on them, you can use the keyboard to enter texts. It is still more practical to write messages directly on the keyboard than via a virtual keyboard. This is indeed faster, especially for those who can type blindly, using all ten fingers.

As for the keys, they are quite noisy and are not ideal for entering a large amount of text. They are nevertheless quite robust because each of the keys can withstand 5 million keystrokes. We nevertheless appreciate the rebound felt and the fairly stable connectivity. Indeed, the typed keys are translated by the whole without loss or latency.

In addition, the keys are a perfect size. Even people with big fingers won’t have a hard time using this keyboard as there are still spaces between the keys. Since this keyboard is multi-platform, you will find different icons on the keys. Some are for use on Windows, others on Mac. Common keys like CMD or ALT are thus available for Mac users. Function keys F1 to F12 can also be used to execute specific commands such as browsing the Internet, playing multimedia data, etc.

Keyboard pairing is a snap. Start by choosing positions 1 to 3 for the device to be used. Then press the PC key for 3 seconds if you want to pair a device running Windows, Android, or ChromeOS or the I key for a device with macOS or iOS. Then pair and you’re done.

On the back of the keyboard are glides to guarantee the stability of the keyboard on any support. Whether it is glass, wood, or plastic, the keyboard is quite stable as well as the tablet or smartphone that sits on it, even if we type texts quite energetically.

One negative point we saw on the K480 is the fact that there is no indicator light for the capital letter. Another handicap of the K480 is the lack of a touchpad integrated with the keyboard. Thus, we are forced to connect a wireless mouse with the keyboard.

If you want a wireless mouse in addition to the K480, we offer the G903 LIGHTSPEED. If you are more in the market for a wired mouse, the G502 HERO Gamer Wired will do the trick. If you are a fan of wireless and want a device that integrates both keyboard and mouse, you will find what you are looking for with the K400 Plus keyboard. The latter incorporates a practical touchpad on the right side.

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