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Mad Catz R.A.T 8+ Review

Mad Catz R.A.T 8+ Review

As a reminder, the American brand Mad Catz for economic reasons had to close its doors in 2017. The good news is that it made its big comeback in 2018, but this time in Great Britain. If the brand has developed a new catalog from its launch, it has also put on the market old updated models, which meet the tastes of an increasingly demanding clientele.

On this site, we do a complete review of the products of specialized High Tech brands. The RAT 8+ was no exception. This model designed by Mad Catz is an improved version of the RAT 8. Is it worth a visit? Discover our detailed and impartial opinion without further delay.

Mad Catz R.A.T 8+

Mad Catz R.A.T 8+

As soon as we unpacked the Mad Catz RAT 8+ gaming mouse, we quickly realized that the appearance of the packaging is different from that of its younger MAT 8. The packaging is intended to be transparent, which lets the product, even before its handling. Inside the packaging, there is a user guide, perfect for beginner players. Even professional players can use it in an aspect that eludes them. Stickers, two elements for the right side of the mouse, and two wrist rests are also available in the packaging.

However, we regret the fact that there is no bag or box that can store the product and its main accessories. The product is offered at 80$ and for this price, Mad Catz could have made an effort in the presentation rather than opting for plastic paper, not professional and serious enough for our taste.

Mad Catz R.A.T 8+ Review

Design and conception

In terms of design, the brand does not bring anything new. It remained in the same design as that of the old generation RAT 8. The RAT 8+ has an original and completely futuristic design, just like the RAT 8 gaming mouse. If the model in our test is black, you should know that it is available in several other variants, namely red and white. . No matter what color you choose, the design is of remarkable quality.

With its modular formula, you will be able to modify this gaming mouse so that the grip is more comfortable, which makes it a perfect product whether you have large or small hands. All dressed in black metal, the chassis is bound in shiny and mat plastic, a coating that breaks the codes of the Mat Catz with models with Soft Touch coating. This is also a positive point since this type of coating is obsolete and going out of fashion. Still, the brand has set the bar high when it comes to the quality of materials. Soft to the touch, plastics have a certain toughness and you won’t see fingerprints on them.

The M.AT. 8+ still wants to be eccentric with its adjustable RGB lighting points. What is certain is that this one-of-a-kind futuristic look will not leave anyone indifferent. Whether you are a novice or a gamer looking for flexibility and multiple buttons, this M.AT. Catz will do.

Handling and ergonomics

For the handling of the Mad Catz RAT8 +, the brand has gone out of its way by putting its RAT8 model back on the surface. Due to its various buttons, the mouse is intended to be extra-large. Although the size could not be more eccentric, you will have no difficulty in handling it. The good news is that you will have the flexibility to change a lot of things, namely the length. Like some of the brand’s products, the RAT8 + gives the possibility of moving the palm rest back up to 5 notches.

This feature is certainly welcome for people with broad hands. People more comfortable with compact mice will feel better with the current shape. With the RAT8 +, you will also be able to change the palm rest in 3 variants. Knowing that the current material is plastic, you can switch to the second one which retains its same shape but offers a rubberized surface with excellent grip. The last variant is plastic, but the curve is much more pronounced and will perfectly fill the palm of the hand.

Just as it is possible to change the palm rest, it will also be possible to change the right side of the mouse. In addition, in terms of weight, unlike the RAT8 which offered up to 3 removable weights, the product of our test only offers 3 of 6gr each.

Buttons and Features

Like the previous version, the RAT8 + has a total of 11 programmable buttons. The next/previous navigation buttons are of course available, which are supported by a sniper button that allows the sensitivity to be temporarily adjusted. A notched wheel is also present and it is programmable from the thumb.

This button is worth existing since it is versatile and allows you to adjust the audio volume sideways scroll and change audio tracks. The positioning of the buttons is no problem. They are well placed and are very easy to operate. There is also the Profile button on the edge next to the left click. It allows you to juggle between 4 profiles, which allows the button to light up in red, blue, purple or remain off depending on the profile chosen. If the buttons are of indisputable quality, they also promise a better feeling.


The latest trend in gaming mice is optical sensors. Despite this, Mad Catz designed a model with a Pixart DNA laser sensor. If this technology is appreciated, it is certainly because it is able to support several surfaces at the same time. Many demanding players will appreciate the various features offered by the sensor.

The latter is able to withstand a speed of up to 3.81m / s as well as an acceleration of 30g. This feature is beneficial since it offers you the possibility of playing more robust games without the risk of dropping out. Lift-Off is the release height which is intended to be very low to limit the movements of the pointer when the mouse is lifted.

In addition, the maximum sensitivity of 8200 dpi is more than sufficient regardless of your player profile. It will be the same even if you are using very high-definition screens or playing with increased sensitivity. Note also that the frequency of interaction with the PC may vary from 250 to 1000 Hz, gamer mouse requires.

Sensor and glide

As stated above, the sensor of the Mad Catz RAT8 + gaming mouse has been updated compared to the previous model. With a new Pixart PWN 3389 sensor, the mouse offers better performance. Having proven itself over and over again against the many models we have had the opportunity to test, like the HyperX Pulsefire Surge, this mouse, at this level, fills all the boxes. However, the glide is the same as its predecessor.


By wishing to design a model above the Mat Catz RAT8, the brand has thought of reviewing its software which, since its configuration, is available in French. The new version offers a refined character and is much less provided than the old version.

And since there are all the conceivable functions of a gaming mouse, you will be able to make several adjustments such as modifying the button options, ensuring the management of profiles, the creation of macros as well as the control of various notches of sensitivity. You will also be able to modify the backlighting by choosing among the 4 available effects the one that suits you best. The software will only do the essential things.

We still regret the fact that managing profiles is a real chore with this software. In addition, nothing is intuitive when it comes to managing profiles. By the way, to manage the backlight, you have to navigate in rainbow mode. The other modes will not give you this possibility.