Marshall speaker – Test and review

The Bluetooth speaker is such a simple device to use and easy to take anywhere that every user would love to have it at home or in the office. But the problem lies in the choice of a powerful speaker in terms of sound because not all are able to fulfill this function. Among these wireless devices the Marshall speaker is one of the best since it combines everything in one device. It has a solid design first, it has an incredible sound performance and can link to multiple devices at the same time. If you still have doubts about which speaker to take, the Marshall can perfectly meet all your needs and on several points.

Bluetooth wireless device

Is the marshall speaker recommended?

Of course, this speaker is recommended. It is a device that contains a multitude of characteristics that can convince more than one of its performance. Its wireless and Bluetooth operation is first and foremost its best asset. Then, its compatibility with several smartphones without distinction of the brand makes it a versatile device. In addition, it is very easy to use a speaker that does not require any prior learning.

With the high quality of sound it delivers, it is a speaker capable of livening up your evenings without the presence of other devices.  If needed, it has wired connectivity which allows you to connect it to other devices through a cable. Despite some shortcomings, it is a device that will give you satisfaction during its use.

  • Bluetooth wireless device

  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Great ease of use
  • Very good sound quality
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Wired connectivity included
  • Multi-user function
  • No details on autonomy

  • A bit imposing template

After rounds in the hospital and sleepless nights I almost never part with my phone to follow music through my headphones. I am a nurse and music is the only thing that calms me down and helps me relax from the stress I encounter every day at work. To better listen to my music at home I chose to buy the Marshall speaker because it covered most of my criteria. Since I bought it, I never part with it because it accompanies me everywhere and even to the hospital. I no longer need my headphones today because the sound from this speaker is impeccable. At home, I turn the volume up and in the hospital, the volume is rather low but with the same power of sound. This device is really amazing I recommend it.

Bluetooth wireless device

There is nothing more comfortable and pleasant to use than a device that does not impose any constraint on you of connection with wire and the other. Indeed, the marshall speaker is one of those devices that simply work from a wireless Bluetooth type 5.0 connectivity. It is a Bluetooth that has high range capability and allows you to track music from devices from long distances. This simply means that once your speaker is pairing with a Bluetooth device you don’t need to stay near the speaker for it to pick up music from that device.

With this speaker, you can therefore offer yourself the freedom to move around your home while listening to music without any interruption. To be even clearer, know that this device provides wireless sound without loss of range up to at least 10 meters while maintaining your connectivity.

Compatible with smartphones

Compatible with smartphones
The most interesting thing about a wireless device is to be able to connect it with any device also equipped with Bluetooth. This is very good news for smartphone users because they are devices that also benefit from Bluetooth connectivity.. The most encouraging thing about all of this is that it is a speaker that supports any type of Android cell phone without exception. You don’t need to determine your smartphone brand before purchasing this Marshall speaker.

Once you have a phone with Bluetooth you can pair it with the speaker and customize your music listening experience. With the Marshall application available and free to download on your phone, you can configure your speaker at any time and make all the possible settings of the device as you wish. From there you can even activate the speaker standby mode in seconds.

Great ease of use

Great ease of use
Devices without a control screen are often difficult to understand and handle, but this is not the case with this speaker. Well even though this device does not have a screen on its control panel it is very easy and straightforward to use. Anyone can quickly use it without needing to undergo prior training or be a professional in the field. It is a speaker that is equipped with analog controls on the top panel and allows you to easily tailor the tone to the room you are in at the moment.

These manipulation buttons are quite visible and quickly accessible since they are placed on the front of the speaker. You can even adjust the volume, treble, and bass of your music simply by pressing these control buttons. These are copper controls that are pleasant to the touch and comfortable for the user.

Very good sound quality

Very good sound quality

Sound quality is still the main reason for looking for a speaker in the house or anywhere else. Beyond a beautiful, elegant, and robust design, high sound quality is the biggest advantage of this Marshall speaker. You should know that it makes really huge sound regardless of the situation and the size of the room. Moreover,

it is a speaker that adapts perfectly to the most restricted spaces and which always offers an incredible audio experience. With this Marshall Bluetooth speaker, powerful, balanced and powerful sound awaits you if we stick solely to the power of its motor which is 60 watts. In addition to this, the speaker has 3 different class D amplifier that feeds his subwoofer well. A bass-reflex system with a port is also integrated into the machine to improve the quality of low frequencies and offer you incredible sound with every listening.

Robust and reliable design

Robust and reliable design
The design of this Marshall Bluetooth speaker cannot escape the eyes of users because it is a design like no other. With this speaker, the designer thought of giving it a design from ancient times but a little more revisiting so that it appears modern. The device has a wooden structure of beige color which also participates in its warm and natural sound. Even if this design is reminiscent of antiquity,

it is still strong and robust enough to allow the speaker to withstand certain shocks. Its coating is textured vinyl, with a salt and pepper grid in addition to the emblematic logos of the brand. In the end, the device has a very nice rendering and it will certainly serve as a decoration on one of your tables in the house. With a copper plate engraved on the front of the speaker, you can proudly display it in any room and make a difference in a crowd.

Wired connectivity included

Wired connectivity included
We quickly get excited about using this speaker wirelessly without realizing that it also has wired connectivity that is practical for many consumers. Indeed, Bluetooth is not the only way to connect to the Marshall speaker and it is a big plus for the device in question. You may have other devices that you want to connect to the speaker, but that are not equipped with Bluetooth.

This is where the wired connectivity of this device comes into play and helps you with the connection process. It is safe to say that this Marshall speaker is an all-terrain device that not only can connect wirelessly but also uses a cable. One 3.5mm jackis placed on the speaker near its control buttons. It is from this socket that you can connect a turntable or any other device of your choice.

Multi-user function

As we said above, the Marshall Bluetooth speaker is a device that connects to any type of smartphone. But its special feature is that it is able to support multiple phones at the same time. You may be a family and need to keep track of music from two or three different phones because not everyone has the same music on their device. Only the Marshall speaker is able to give you this opportunity to switch from one phone to another without having to disconnect and reconnect the other phone each time.

For this, the speaker is equipped with a multi-user function that allows it to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time. With this function, you can connect your smartphone and that of your brother, for example, to the speaker. Then you can easily switch from one phone to another to take turns listening to the music that makes them happy.

No details on its autonomy

You can understand that a device that works wirelessly and connects to other devices via Bluetooth necessarily needs a rechargeable battery to function. We can safely say that this is the case here with this Marshall speaker. It is a wireless device that you can walk around the house only from its autonomy. The problem is that with this model no details have been made on this autonomy and particularly on its action time once it is charged.

It is a speaker that must have a lifespan without recharging but users do not know it since it was not mentioned anywhere in the specifications of this device. The user may have to experience the charging of the speaker for themselves when using it. This is when you will know if the device is solid in terms of autonomy or if it is not. It’s a shame because if its autonomy disappoints you once you already have the device at home it will not be easy to get reimbursed by the seller.

A bit imposing template

The advantage of having a wireless Bluetooth device is to be able to take it everywhere without constraint to continue to follow the music at the edge of a beach. But the Marshall speaker is unfortunately not compact enough to be easily carried in a small bag or satchel.

It is a speaker that has somewhat imposing size and which does not go unnoticed in the middle of a table. However, some speakers are so small that even when held in hand they will not be noticed. This enclosure can therefore be used at home and you can move it from one room to another in the house. But taking the device to other places won’t be easy if you don’t have a carrying case or a large bag that can hold the device.

Thank you for reading this article

It is always a pleasure to share with the world your experiences with the use of certain devices. You can be sure that having this speaker at home will do you the utmost good every day as you relax and listen to your favorite music. Although there is no information on its autonomy,

it is a speaker that can easily power your evenings with friends. Giving the possibility to feed several smartphones at the same time you will have an infinite choice of sound between your phone and those of your contacts. The sound it delivers is also very immersive and quite pleasant to hear in any room of the house.

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