Omega VSJ843 – Test and review

Omega VSJ843 Given the many incidents linked to the adulteration of certain food products, we are increasingly urged to eat “organic” or natural. To do this, it is better to concoct your food products yourself, if possible. With this Hurom Omega VSJ843 juice extractor ,

everyone is given the opportunity to make natural fruit and vegetable drinks. But if you have started reading this article in search of reliable and accurate information on this device, you are in good luck. This argument introduces you to the different aspects of this juice extractor.

Omega VSJ843

YES. Suitable for all kinds of natural drinks, it offers a moderate power for optimal conservation of nutrients. In addition, the VSJ843 has an appreciable design that allows it to fit into any setting. This practical device is not complicated to use and clean.

 Apart from its high selling price and its heavy weight, this Omega brand device is very popular for its small dimensions and its removable design, which then promote easy storage.

  • Very nice design
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Complete juice extraction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Strong guarantee
  • Accessories included
  • Easy storage
  • Average power
  • Very expensive
  • Heavy weights
  • See the lowest price

As an architect in a construction agency, I sometimes receive mass projects that require a lot of time and energy. So at times like this I can’t always get myself to eat and drink. My solution then is to take take-out and soft drinks. But after watching an interesting documentary on the dangers of such eating habits, I decided to eat differently. For juices and other natural drinks,

I bought the Hurom Omega VSJ843 which does its job very well. Every morning, I squeeze a natural juice with this device before going to work. As a result, I am at least sure that I am drinking healthier, although I am still looking for the solution to eat healthier.

Very nice design

The design of this device combines elegance and luxury. Yes, it is a device that catches the eye with its inevitable brilliance and remarkable design. Its metallic facade is a real asset that Omega has really been able to highlight. Although its basic design is made of plastic,

we can say from its finishes, that the manufacturer has been able to camouflage the imperfections of this juice extractor.

Each element is visibly in its place and there is nothing “too much” in its structure. The valve is mounted on the side at a well defined angle and the lifter fits perfectly into the transmission tube. Omega has understood that the black color being essentially neutral, it fits perfectly in any decor.

He therefore made it the dominant color of this device. So know that whatever the dominant color in your kitchen, this appliance will not stain oil.

Convenient and easy to use

Today, almost everyone knows how to use a juice extractor. On the other hand, Omega has nevertheless taken the care to deliver the VSJ843 to you with a clear and detailed user manual. So, if you have for example some problems for its assembly or its disassembly,

you just have to rely on the illustrations in the guide to find you easily. In addition, the function of each element of this juice extractor is clearly defined. Therefore, you will not need to think for a long time to understand for example that the pusher allows to push the fruits or vegetables towards the internal chopper.

This revolutionary machine is not only easy to use, but also very practical in everyday life. Note that with the latter, you will not need to shell out money to buy packaged natural juices, which we are not always sure of the reliability. In addition, it allows you to consume your juices and nectars in a pure and natural state, without running the risk of poisoning you. So, instead of buying ready-made juices, you will instead buy fruits and vegetables, which is cheaper.

Complete juice extraction

Part of the reason that some people prefer to buy bottled juices is because they feel like they benefit more. However, it is quite the opposite. Do not think that by making your own juice, you are losing. Note that with the Hurom Omega VSJ843, you can be sure to recover 100% of the juice from your fruits and vegetables.

Indeed, its motor has been designed in such a way that it produces a continuous extraction with automatic ejection of the pulp. In plainer terms, this device literally strips food of its nectar while separating the pulp efficiently. The propellers of his chopper work at the right speed, so that the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients in the food are fully retained. No loss of vitamins is therefore possible with this juice extractor. Having it is the guarantee of fully enjoying your fruits and vegetables.

Easy cleaning

Sometimes the use of a machine is so pleasant that you forget about the “maintenance” aspect. In fact, if you don’t take care of your household appliances, it is clear that they won’t be of use to you for long. So, if at this point you have ever wondered if cleaning this Omega device will give you a hard time, it is because you are aware that you will have to clean it after each use. But don’t worry about it, because the manufacturer has thought to make it much easier for you.

The VSJ843 has an innovative self-cleaning system that allows the user to make very little effort to keep it clean with each use. By the way, the pulp separator is very efficient so that the waste ends up directly in the appropriate bin. You will then only have to empty it and wash it. In addition, Omega has integrated a practical cleaning brush in the package of this device.

There will therefore be no question of obtaining a special device for the maintenance of this device. It is especially its sieves which are more delicate, due to the fact that their holes retain abundant pulp and strands. But with the supplied brush, cleaning them is no longer complicated at all.

Strong guarantee

Omega further strengthens the confidence of its targets with a much higher guarantee than that of other devices in the same range. In fact, purchasing the Hurom VSJ843 automatically entitles you to a 15 year warranty.. Understand that with such a long safety period,

you can now be sure that the reliability of this device. Thinking for a moment, it becomes clear that if this juice extractor could not have a lifetime greater than or equal to this warranty, the manufacturer would not dare to give it. So, just this detail proves that you have a practical and robust device in front of you, which keeps all its promises over time. Of course, it’s up to the user to use it well and keep it to last, but the build quality has a lot to do with it too.

Accessories included

Just like most kitchen appliances, this juice extractor does not come fully assembled. It comes with other accessories distributed on both sides in the box. These are all the secondary elements which allow easy and easy use of the machine. These include a fine sieve for juices, a large-hole sieve for nectars, a plastic pusher, a cleaning brush and two collectors with a capacity of 1L each . With all of these in place, this extractor is ready to go the minute you get it.

Easy storage

As kitchen equipment, it is quite normal that Omega Hurom VSJ843 is stored in this room. Only the real question is whether you will be able to make space for it in your culinary space. Well, given its compact design and removable parts, this device offers a little complex storage. Depending on whether you want to store it in a cabinet or on an open surface, you have the option to tear it up or store it as is. Either way, its reduced dimensions will certainly not be a problem for you. We are talking about its length of 17.8 cm, its width of 21.6 cm and its height of 39.4 cm. In addition, it is recommended to keep its original box, in order to keep all accessories in one place, so that they are always within reach.

Average power

Any motorized device has a power which indicates its speed. For this particular model, it is estimated at 250 watts. It is true that at first glance, we could judge this data to be weak enough to meet user expectations. However, it is on purpose that the manufacturer has opted for such controlled power. Indeed, the propellers of this device perform only 43 revolutions per minute. This spin speed is a far cry from that of a juicer, but that’s simply because the VSJ843 isn’t aimed at simple food reduction,

but rather the slow and safe extraction of juice from food. Thus, the latter will not be heated under the effect of the high speed and the nutrient supply of the final juice will be the same. On the other hand, by minimizing the power of the motor, Omega has maximized at the level of technology by attributing to this device a double helix worm which allows it to benefit from a pressing force 2 times greater than normal.

Very expensive

The purchase price that you will see next to this juice extractor and indeed its selling price. It is not very surprising that it costs so much, since it is a device which is of recent technology. However, this argument may justify such a high price-performance ratio, but it is not enough. If we follow this reasoning, it would amount to saying that people who do not have enough means do not have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary device. It would then be a very bad start for the Omega brand, a newcomer to the household appliance sector.

Heavy weights

Getting in and out of a 6.8kg device gets really heavy at one point. So while this juicer is very useful and practical, one can’t help but say that its heavy weight is a big limit for it. Its designer could consider a lighter template for the next outings, in order to facilitate the maneuvers of this device. Otherwise, its users will be forced to find a fixed location.

Thank you for reading this article

Since I knew that with Omega VSJ843 I can make natural drinks myself, I am enjoying it to the fullest. It is a device that particularly won me over with its sublime design and satisfactory performance. On a daily basis, I make natural juices which I take to work and which help me keep in shape.

I am already over 4 years of use with this juicer, and it hasn’t given me any problems yet. All the details that I have brought out in this article aim to inform you with the maximum of precision, on the characteristics of this machine.

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