Optimum 600 – Test and review

Optimum 600 can now make their own fruit juices at home without needing the help of a third party. The most important thing is to surround yourself with a solid, efficient and adequate device to provide you with the best juice from your ingredients. There are several juicers abound in the marketplace and it is difficult for consumers to find what they are looking for. So, you want a good machine to make your juices at home and you do not know which one to choose,

you do well to stop on this article. It is without hesitation that we offer you the Optimum 600 extractor.which is advanced equipment with high-quality technology to meet your different needs.  to live with the juices it will provide you.


Is the Optimum 600 juicer recommended?

Of course, this device is recommended. First of all, it has an exceptional design that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is an easy to assemble machine which also has great ease of use. It has the particularity of extracting a lot more juice and having less pulp than other devices. Its cold pressing technology allows you to get the most out of your ingredients while maintaining their natural properties. It should also be noted that it is less bulky thanks to its compact size and suitable for all kitchens.

Its low sound level means you won’t be waking the whole house when it’s on the market. The device is delivered with some accessories necessary for a more pleasant use of the machine. It is a machine capable of meeting several expectations despite its high selling price and beyond the reach of the general public.

  • Very nice design
  • Fairly simple assembly
  • Great ease of use
  • Low complexity maintenance
  • Limited space
  • Low pressing speed
  • Very low noise level
  • Some accessories included
  • A bit high selling price

I am coming out of a long illness and during my convalescence, I gained enough weight. The doctor advised me to follow a healthy diet to lose my extra pounds and get back in shape. In this diet I needed to take a lot of natural fruit juices. Like I’m a stay-at-home momI have plenty of time to make my own fruit juices at home.

It is for this reason that I bought the Optimum 600 to support me in my struggle and allow me to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Since I used it I can’t part with it anymore as I really like its ease of use and the very satisfying juices it provides without pushing you to put in too much effort. I manage to make several kinds of juices there including vegetable juices which are best suited for weight loss.

Very nice design

When we look at this device at first glance we immediately want to buy it only because of its design. It has aluminum armorquite pretty with gray and black color which will be able to beautify your kitchen. This mixture of color is harmonious and rare nowadays with all these only black devices that we are used to seeing. It’s a slender armor that will fit perfectly into a modern kitchen. Design may not be a main selection criterion for such a device, but it also has its role to play. It is a pleasure for the eyes to have a nice appliance that you will use every day in the kitchen.

It can even be used as a decoration among the utensils on your worktop or with the decoration of your kitchen. Indeed, it is by attracting the public in a visual way that some designers manage to seduce users. Its finishes are more solid and able to withstand certain shocks.

Fairly simple assembly

Fairly simple assembly

The Optimum 600 juice extractor is not a machine like all the others that come in a single block already assembled by the designer. On the contrary, this model has a simple design in 4 different parts and it is the user himself who must assemble it before each use. But do not worry about this montage because it is a simple job that does not require additional physical effort or long thinking. Moreover,

if necessary a user manual is provided inside the box to guide you during your first assembly. But know that you just have to reconstitute it as you see on the photo on the delivery box. It is such a simple assembly that anyone can do it without requiring the intervention of a professional.

Great ease of use

Great ease of use
The hardest thing about buying an appliance at home is not being able to understand how it works. This fear greatly inhibits the purchase of certain devices and yet their use may not be as complicated. Take for example the case of this Optimum 600 juice extractor which seems difficult to use but when you have it in front of you, you understand that it is a piece of cake. You should already know that this is a cold running model which minimizes the loss of nutrients often caused by oxidation.

This is to say how easy this device is to use and can be supported by everyone. It has only one button and once you turn it on you put all your ingredients inside and press down with the nozzle provided to make them crush. You directly see the juice of your ingredient coming out on one side and the pulp on the other side.

Low complexity maintenance

Low complexity maintenance

This maintenance criterion is sometimes the subject of hesitation when choosing a household appliance. Many consumers are unaware that it takes care of a kitchen appliance for it to function normally for a long time. Of course, this is also valid for this Optimum 600 juice extractor which loses its efficiency as you leave it without maintenance. Do not think this is a difficult interview that will take a lot of time.

If some machines are difficult to maintain, this is absolutely not the case for this Optimum 600. It is first a model that comes in spare part and it is up to you to assemble. This is already a positive point because you will no longer be afraid of not knowing how to reassemble it after cleaning it.

Limited space

Limited space
Having a machine at home is not easy because they are often devices that take up space and clutter up the space. But we were surprised to see the Optimum 600 juice extractor with a rather compact and quite light design. This kind of extractor is very rare and it is certainly for this reason that the demand is much greater in the market for this model. Just by looking at it you already know that it can be perfectly sufficient in your kitchen even if it is very small. With dimensions of 17 x 17 x 40.5 cm and a slender size this device can be easily placed on any workspace. In addition, its weight of 3.5 kg allows you to take it anywhere, anytime and any place.

Low pressing speed

Low pressing speed
When we talk about low pressing speed some users may be mistaken and think it is a failure. No, on the contrary, when a juice extractor is running at high pressing speed, it destroys all the nutrients in your food. This is why we must appreciate the speed of operation of this powerful machine. For more clarity this machine works with a slow speed of 30 to 40 minutes of continuous juice extraction.

With this new technology of gentle extraction you can take full advantage of all the properties of your food without any difficulty. Thus, your natural homemade juices retain all their vitamins and mineral salts. In this way these juices are more beneficial for your health and allow you to keep fit every day.

Low pressing speed

Low pressing speed
We will always appreciate an electronic appliance, especially in the kitchen, which does not emit noise during its operation. It’s true that it’s hard to find a juice extractor that doesn’t make noise, but the Optimum did a lot less. The noise it emits is quite low and it does not prevent you from working whatever the time of the day or even at night. You don’t risk waking up your sleeping family or disturbing the neighbor with this noise.

Once it is turned on it emits a small hum and throughout its operation it is quite quiet. This noise level has been rated at a total of less than 66 db to provide you with practical and quiet use every day. Its advantage is also that it has cold pressing technology and it is a method which is mostly silent.

Some accessories included

Like any kitchen machine, the Optimum 600 juice extractor must be accompanied by several accessories to offer you quick and easy daily use. You are in luck because the designer helped you have all the gadgets you will need for this device in the box. Not all designers offer this facility to its users and it should be clarified.

You should know that by purchasing the Optimum 600 you will receive a cup with a capacity of 600 ml to allow you to recover the residues. A second cup always of the same capacity to help you recover the juice from your ingredients. A safety switch and cleaning brush are also included in this box.

A bit high selling price

Before choosing a device it is better to start by looking at its price to be sure to meet all the conditions necessary to have it. In the case of this Optimum 600 extractor, not everyone will manage to buy it because of its high price and that’s a shame. It is a completely different machine and very powerful that everyone should have at home. But a price above the means of some people will limit its use to a category of consumers.

When we take into account its performance and the strength of its materials, we can understand its price. But it’s also good to think about all the budgets before setting the price of such a machine. Either way, it’s an investment you won’t regret if you make the effort to buy it.

Thank you for reading this article

As soon as you are going to use this Optimum 600 juice extractor you will not want to use another one. It’s a simple model that really makes your day-to-day life easier. Not only does it allow you to make natural juices at home, but it keeps all the properties of your ingredients thanks to its cold extraction method. It has a slow and quiet powerful motor that gives you all the comfort and peace of mind you need for working in the kitchen.

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