Slendertone Abs 7 – Test and review

Slendertone Abs 7 With childbirth, stress and a sedentary lifestyle, the pounds set in very quickly and once they’re there, it’s hard to get them off. Anatomical fat should be eradicated depending on where it is accumulated. Each party has its own solution. For your torso, Slendertone Abs 7is it necessary. It is a toning belt that works the muscle effortlessly on your part, to help it release the fat that has settled around it. However,

when such a device emerges, everyone has their own idea on the subject. While others are up for it, others are quite skeptical. If you are having trouble making up your mind, here you will find a reliable opinion with supporting arguments, to help you know whether you should be confident in this belt or not.

Adjustable time and intensity]

Is Slendertone Abs 7 Abdominal Toning Belt Recommended?

This toning belt is recommended to firm the skin, but above all to gain self-confidence. Besides, you will not belong in having good results if you use it correctly. It is a device that bends to your desires because it incorporates a precise timer and its intensity can even be adjusted on several levels.

After 20 to 30 sessions, you will have to change the electrodes that’s true, but for your own good, you won’t find it inconvenient to do so. Besides, Slendertone didn’t set it up for a specific gender. Men and women can use it to find the silhouette they have always dreamed of.

  • Adjustable time and intensity
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • 2 years warranty
  • Total and effective action on the muscles
  • Quick result
  • For all genders
  • Discreet design
  • Adjustable at the waist
  • Safe for the skin
  • A little expensive
  • Regular change of electrodes

Housewifefor a few years now, i have had my third childbirth. The latter particularly threatened me, because unlike the previous ones, I had a very strong appetite so that I gained a lot of pounds during my pregnancy. The big challenge after childbirth was then to lose them, especially at the waist.

As soon as my baby was weaned, I started working out and a friend recommended that I try Slendertone Abs 7 as well, which I did. In just one week, I had already lost 4 cm in size! It really is a magnificent device. Since then I have been using it for several months and I can see the positive results on my body very well. Since we recommended it and I found satisfaction,

Adjustable time and intensity]

You can use this Slendertone belt according to your preferences. In more explicit terms, you have the choice between 10 toning programs of which 3 can be used during sports practice. Also, you have up to 150 intensity levels that you can use at will as you progress in your exercises.

Note also that a single 20-minute session amounts to 120 abdominals. You will also find a timer integrated into this belt, which can allow you to program work sessions for a specific time. With this feature, you will be able to follow the evolution of your toning, adjust what you need if necessary. So if you need a solution to make your body firmer in the easiest way, you can try Abs 7.

Can be controlled remotely

Can be controlled remotely
Slendertone Abs 7 comes with a remote control . The latter is adaptable with other weight training devices for the arms, feet and even the buttocks. In addition, the latter is rechargeable and also comes with a kit suitable for this purpose. You are probably wondering what this remote control is for. Well,

it is with her that you can control your belt or that of your spouse from a distance. The starting and stopping of the electrodes can therefore be carried out remotely or even directly on the belt. It’s up to you to choose what suits you best.

2 years warranty

2 years warranty
The purchase of this belt gives you the right to several months of warranty. It must be said, not all sports equipment manufacturers give up to 24 months warranty. So that you have clear ideas, it is necessary to understand that this period of safety is valid only for manufacturing defects.

So do not think that at the slightest hiccup that will be your fault, you can exchange it. In addition, this 2-year warranty is proof that it is a reliable material that you can use for months or even years. We remind you that such a long guarantee does not run through the streets. It is therefore important to take advantage of such an asset while there is still time.

Total and effective action on the muscles

To understand the action of this Slendertone Abs 7 toning belt on muscles, you must first understand how your system works. In reality, the latter uses the process of electrostimulation in short EMS which reproduces the natural movement of the muscle and works in a very broad spectrum.

This means that if you work on the waist, it is not only at this level that the muscles will be stimulated. Abs 7 works the deep muscles of the abdominals and even those that are superficial. With the latter, you, therefore, have the possibility of working the entire abdominal strap. Then, it will be necessary to position the 3 electrodes on the belt, so that they stimulate all the nerves which serve the muscles of your belly.

Quick result

Quick result
It’s more encouraging to see results as soon as you start using a device. With the shaping action of this belt, you will be able to have a flat and firm stomach in just 4 weeks. But it must be said that you have to follow a particular rhythm of 5 times a week. By the way, this is not a device that you will use in vain. If this can reassure you, know that it has been tested on a good number of people before putting it on sale in the marketplace. All those who have tested this device have indeed claimed to have convincing results within the stated timeframe.

For all genders

For all genders
Love handles and cushions aren’t just for women. Men have them too, which is why you will see that this belt is unisex. This means that it does not target a particular gender. It is even a toning device that could be used by spouses as part of skin tightening. The waist sizes that the manufacturer has taken into account here are data that apply to both male and female users. You will have no excuses not to use it, because it is indeed the device you need to sculpt your body the way you want.

Discreet design

Discreet design
You’ve known beefy and rugged sports equipment, well, today Slendertone brings you a device that’s totally out of the ordinary. It is a material that you can easily wear even under clothing. In addition, the electrodes are easily placed in strategic places of the torso for a complete toning. Finally,

here is a weight machine that you can easily take with you on the go. This way, you can take care of your skin and muscles in all circumstances, no matter where you are. If you like jogging a lot, you have the option of wearing this belt in such circumstances without even being cluttered.

Adjustable at the waist

When we allude to weight loss, we think a lot more about obese people, whereas there are people of small build who have flabby parts of the body that they want to firm up. Since potential users do not all have the same build, Slendertone has provided several levels of closure (69 – 119 cm), so that everyone can use it without problems. This is a very appreciable attention from the brand, since it takes into account the diversity of its customers. This is not a provision that not all manufacturers always take, so sometimes there are sizeable difficulties at all.

Safe for the skin

Safe for the skin
If you are worried about using this belt on the pretext that it could cause you skin problems, know that your concern is completely legitimate. However, you should also know that Slendertone Abs 7 has been tested by expert dermatologists to verify that they have no effect on the skin.

You have nothing to worry about wearing this belt, because your skin is harmless. In addition, the action of the electrodes is well controlled so that the energy released is sufficient just to wake up the tone of the muscle and that’s it. No redness or burning will be caused by prolonged use of this toning belt, be sure.

A little expensive

Even when you find a sports device that meets your expectations, it is better to check your wallet beforehand before considering whether or not to take it. In the case of the Slendertone Abs 7 toning belt, know that if you do not have enough euros in your pocket, it will be difficult for you to acquire it. It is a sad reality, as this device is popular with people of all classes,

but unfortunately very few people have the opportunity to buy it due to its high price. But everything remains in the hands of the brand. It just takes a little willpower to turn the game around and get more people to buy it. If nothing is done in this direction, it would be a shame that several people miss such a great opportunity to tone their muscles.

Regular change of electrodes

The use of this toning belt in itself is not complicated. But what has given a lot of users a hard time, and which might bother you, is the regular replacement of the electrodes. This is to tell you that you’d better buy enough to start with, as these need to be replaced at least every 20 sessions.

It is a perpetual job that you will be called to do as long as you use this belt. Even if it is a constant action which promotes an easy and efficient use of this device, it must be said that it is not always easy to make this change, and even to remember to do it when you do not have enough of time. Nowadays, users much prefer devices that self-program and do everything for them, because time has become scarce. So that maintenance exercise that Slendertone imposes on users every 20 to 30 sessions doesn’t seem to suit everyone.

A little expensive

Thank you for reading this article
My postpartum period was a real ordeal. I had to struggle a lot to find my old anatomy. Fortunately, in my fight, I made this toning belt my ally. Today, I have a lot of satisfaction and I do not regret having endured. I highly recommend her. This is also the reason why when it was necessary to play the informant on this subject, I gladly lent myself to the game.

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