SMEG citrus juicer – test and review

SMEG citrus juicer purchase of natural fruit and vegetable juices in supermarkets is further reduced thanks to the arrival on the market of juicers. Indeed, thanks to its devices, everyone can now make a good natural juice at home without flavorings and without added preservatives. But to get a quality juice with all its nutrients you need a juicer that has a slow speed to protect the heat-sensitive vitamins.

At the moment there is only one juicer capable of offering this type of operation and that is the smeg juicer.. If you are looking for a powerful citrus juicer capable of providing you with natural and organic juices for the health of your family, you have found it. Keep reading this article until its completion to find out more about its performance.

smeg juicer

Is the smeg juicer recommended?

Yes, it is highly recommended. It is a device that combines both design with the highest technological performance that it can have on a device. With absolute reliability, it is a machine that makes you want to take advantage of the kitchen space and relax while enjoying a good fresh fruit juice. It is a strong and robust device with a light weight and very easy to take anywhere on the go.

It’s also compact and convenient, so you can juice anywhere even in the office. With its high operating power you get natural fruit juices in a very short time thanks to this device.It comes with a protective cover that keeps your juicer in good condition even after several shocks.

  • Automatic switch-on
  • Excellent power
  • Effortless use
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Anti-drip pouring tray
  • Compact and lightweight dimensions
  • Integrated protective cover
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quite noisy device
  • Wired operation
  • See the lowest price

We all know that the vitamin is very important for children and that it is especially found in fruits such as oranges. This is exactly why I bought the smeg juicer because I am a stay at home mom and needed it to make natural drinks for my kids. I mainly took the smeg because I was attracted to its design and high operating power.

It is very convenient and allows me to also easily make vegetable and other juices that children take without arguing. What’s best about this device is that it retains absolutely all the nutrients in each fruit that are beneficial to the drinker. The noise it emits is a bit annoying but it is nothing compared to the quality of service it offers.

Automatic switch-on

Moreover, you yourself will notice that the device does not have any manipulation button all around. It is equipped with a motor with integrated sensorwhich allows it to be triggered automatically on contact with the device.

In fact, once the fruit to be squeezed is in contact with the cone of the device, it activates itself and releases the juice from the fruit that you have inserted into the machine. Just as the start-up process takes place automatically, its shutdown is also automatic. After extracting all the juice from the citrus fruit of your choice, the appliance stops working by itself. The only condition is that your juicer is plugged into a power outlet otherwise it will not be able to work.

Excellent power

The smeg juicer is an efficient device for extracting any type of citrus fruit of your choice as long as it is compatible with the device. It works with a powerful motor that gives it all the strength to suck the juice out of a fruit while retaining its nutrients.

We are talking about a motor that runs at a power of 70 watts and which is able to extract the juice from a fruit in just a few seconds. With this device at home you have everything you need to please yourself and your family by tasting natural homemade juice.

This machine is not only powerful but also able to press with delicacy so that the heat does not come to destroy the vitamins contained in certain fruits.

Effortless use

As we said above the smeg juicer is a device that starts up to extract juices automatically and therefore it is quite easy and simple to use. Anyone can use this machine without the need for physical effort. You just need to take the squeezing citrus fruit and place it on the device to start the extraction process. You don’t have to do anything more than wait near the device and observe its work.

It is a device that is really effortless to use and works at a high speed to give you fresh juice in minutes. There is no manual intervention to be done afterwards because the juice it extracts is poured directly into a small bowl where you can drink your juice.

Robust and reliable design

There is nothing to complain about the design of this device because the designer has done everything to make it a solid, robust and reliable machine to last over time. The entire bowl is highly impacted resistant and each part is corrosion and rust-resistant. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum with a stainless steel filter that supports all types of citrus.

We all know that steel is a material that is very water-resistant and does not rust easily. With this device you have the guarantee of use for a long time and the result of the fruit juices always up to your expectations. Note that it is equipped with a cover that provides protection against dust when you are not using the device.

Anti-taste pouring tray

You are probably wondering how you are going to be able to collect the juice from this device without getting it all over the place and without getting dirty with splashing drops. Well, be aware that the smeg juicer has a sturdy stainless steel spout with a hinged closure.

It is through this spout that all the juice squeezed by the smeg is poured directly into a glass or a cup. You have nothing to worry about because you have protected from any dirt thanks to this spout. It has an anti-drip system that allows the device to operate without dirtying your worktop. It is a spout that you just have to lift to stop the flow of juice and thus avoid any deposit of drop on your workspace or in your kitchen.

Compact and lightweight dimensions

Juicing yourself at home is a real pleasure, but being able to do it everywhere even at the office is even better. It is for this reason that you will appreciate the compact size and lightweight of this smeg juicer. With this device, you can make your natural juices wherever you are as long as you are near a power outlet.

It has a weight of 2.56 kg and dimensions of 16.6 x 16.6 x 28.1 cm which allows it to be easily transported from one place to another. It doesn’t compare to those big, heavy juicers that take up too much space in a bag or on a counter. This smeg juicer fits any kitchen no matter how much space you have. It is quite small and will not be able to create any clutter in your kitchen or when storing it.

Integrated protective cover

The smeg juicer is, first of all, a reliable and solid device that can withstand and withstand many shocks on its own. But the designer of the device did not limit himself to giving it a solid and robust design, he also delivered it with a protective cover. This is a fairly strong and sturdy protective cover than the device itself to allow you to keep the juicer secure when not in use. Indeed,

it is not a device that you will use on a daily basis and it needs special protection so that it lasts a long time and remains scratch-free. This cover can also be used to move with the device during a trip without putting it in a bag. Indeed, this cover constitutes a sort of transport bag for this smeg juicer.

Easy maintenance

At the sight of this device we immediately tell ourselves that it is so small that even if it has to be washed completely, it would not be a problem. You do well to think about it because it is a juicer that is so simple and easy to maintain that it becomes amazing. Imagine that if you have a dishwasher you will have no effort to provide for its daily maintenance.

All parts of the appliance are dishwasher safe and there is only its motor that can be cleaned only with a dry cloth. The cover and filter are perfectly suitable for machine washing. If you don’t have one, be aware that you can wash these accessories only with soap, water, and a sponge. You don’t need to rub hard to restore their starting shine.

Quite a noisy device

Unfortunately, like any other kitchen appliance, the smeg juicer also has limitations when operating. To benefit from the services of this machine, it will be necessary to endure the noise it emits once it is started until it stops. It is true that this is a hassle because it is not a machine that you can leave to run alone in the kitchen and go out to escape the noise.

You will need to stay near the juicer until it finishes squeezing out the juice from the inserted citrus fruit completely. This can be a big drag on buying for users who can’t stand the slightest noise around them. Yet the smeg is a very efficient juicer to always have at hand natural homemade juices rich in important nutrients for the body.

Wired operation

With the compact size and lightweight of this device, you immediately want to take it everywhere and be able to juice even in the open air or on the beach. What is still safe is that you can transport the device however you want, but you cannot use it anywhere. Yes, it is a citrus juicer that works in a wired way and that each time requires the presence of a power outlet.

However, with operation using a rechargeable battery, for example, this device could have been used anytime and anywhere. The use of a connection cord is sometimes cumbersome and it is even a source of discomfort when it is short. Fortunately, the cord of this model is still 1 meter in length and this is more than enough to have a good distance between the plug and the juicer.

Thank you for reading this article

Until you have used a juicer as strong as the smeg yet you cannot understand its importance in a home. It is a machine that has everything to please each user, whether in terms of physicality or performance. The drinks you get from this juicer are palatable and retain the nutrients your body demands.

You also have a protective cover with which you can take the device everywhere when moving from one place to another. With this device, you will not have to make any physical effort to make it work and give you the long-awaited result.

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