Sport Elec Multisport Pro – Test and review

Sport Elec Multisport Pro  Exercising in the appropriate rooms for the occasion has become difficult for many people, this because of the lack of time sometimes due to work for some, and for others because of the expenses that this activity generates per month. This is why many give themselves to the use of certain sports equipment that can be used at home, mainly those who want to do weight training. Today there are electro musculation devices, such as the Sport Elec Multisport Pro,

which is a complete weight training machine that can help you sculpt your body without leaving the house. It is a method of bodybuilding that was done before only in the medical context, but popularized today, you can use it as part of a bodybuilding at home. It is a device that has become easily accessible to everyone, everyone being able to handle it without any danger, without needing any medical knowledge.

Sport Elec Multisport Pro


Is the Sport Elec Multisport Pro weight training machine recommended?

This weight training machine comes highly recommended. It is one of the most complete devices in the range of this manufacturer, and the most powerful too, because it has more than 94 programs.all different from each other. Unlike other bodybuilding devices, it is equipped with an illuminated screen that allows you to view all the essential elements for a simplified use of your box. It is a device that is compatible with an abdominal belt, able to be adjusted according to the weight of each user, which allows you to work your whole body and to be able to choose the areas you want to work. Its powerful and durable autonomy allows you to enjoy more than 15 sessions without having to recharge your device. Despite a few small shortcomings, it is a device that fulfills all its functions, and which is able to satisfy everyone.

  • Backlit display
  • Adjustable abdominal belt
  • Powerful autonomy
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Works multiple areas of the body
  • Several integrated programs
  • Ranges of accessories supplied
  • Poor material quality
  • User manual too long
  • Bulky device

Playing sports is a very important activity for me, especially since I started to gain stomach. To no longer go to the gyms and spend time and money, I decided to buy this little wonder Sport Elec Multisport Pro, because it is a device that alternates well between sport and health, exactly what I was looking for daily fitness,

and for the development of my muscles. It is a very effective device, especially in terms of health, because I have tried it about ten times on the neck and back, and the results were really surprising. This device stimulates electric shocks so well that I even had a real impression of a massage with hands. I do a lot more work on my abs and pecs, so as not to have the stomach anymore,

Backlit display

Backlit display
This Sport Elec Multisport Pro weight training machine is a gadget that differs a lot from others on the market, thanks to some elements that it has and that others do not have. We can speak among other things of a screen placed on the remote control of the device, which allows you to clearly visualize all the functions that you are going to select, because these functions are essential to allow you to have a simplified and fast use of your device.

Thus, you can first check the battery charge level, so as not to be surprised by a device that turns off when you want to do a session. You can then check the number of the program you have chosen, and many other elements, because this device has several programs which can only be selected better through a screen.

Adjustable abdominal belt

Adjustable abdominal belt
With this gadget, you have an abdominal belt that allows you to work your stomach or back well. Moreover, it is a very good thing to have thought of integrating a belt in this box, because it will allow those who have the stomach a little protruded, to remedy it entirely. The best part about this belt is that it is made in such a way that it can be worn by people of any height .

The designer really thought of everyone when he put together this Sport Elec Multisport Pro weight training machine . Indeed, it is a belt that is completely adjustable, which you just have to adapt according to the waist size of the person wearing it. No matter if you have a larger belly than the others, this device is also made for you, no need to deprive yourself of it.

Powerful autonomy

Powerful autonomy
Unlike several other weight training machine models, the Sport Elec Multisport Pro is one of the gadgets that works with a built-in and perfectly rechargeable battery. A mains charger is also provided to you at the time of purchase, to allow you to easily charge your device each time it calls for charging. You can rest easy and enjoy your device to the fullest all day long, because it has a battery that is powerful enough to last for several days before claiming a charge. You have at least 15 intense weight training sessions without having to think about recharging your device.

This autonomy is really interesting, because it allows you to travel for a weekend with your device without bringing its charger. It’s a device that you can take anywhere without the fear of running out of battery, because even if the device is almost dead, it signals you through its screen , so you can make arrangements.

Suitable for everyone

Suitable for everyone
Finding a weight machine that everyone can use without exception is often not an easy task. You will find specific models on the market for women, others for men, some for professionals and still others only for amateurs. But with this model, no need to brainstorm whether you can use it, or if it suits you or not.

The Sport Elec Multisport Pro is a device that is perfect for everyone and all types of users. Whether you are a professional, an amateur, a physiotherapist or even a doctor, this device can serve you perfectly. It’s compatible with everyone, men and women alike, because it’s not just men who need a bit of strength training.

Works multiple areas of the body

Suitable for everyone
This model of weight training machine is very coveted on the market, not only by many athletes who want to maintain the shape of their muscles, but also by many women who want to work only certain parts of their body. Indeed, it is a multifunction device capable of working several different areas of your body. It is used only according to the choice and the needs of each user, for the result that he wishes to obtain.

So you can use it on your thighs, in order to work long muscles, you can work up to 4 zones simultaneously with its electrodes that you can easily attach to the torso. You can put some electrodes on your arm, it is really very convenient and able to give satisfactory results on every part of your body.

Several integrated programs

The Sport Elec Multisport Pro is not only a device for weight training, it is also perfect for your health and for allowing you to relax after a hard day’s work. It is a device which has several integrated work programs for this, and to be more precise, it concerns 94 different programs . Among these different programs, you have the option of sport, which integrates preparation for effort, recovery of muscle volume, strengthening of your muscle volume and many more.

In addition to this sports program, you will also find a health program which is often used a lot by most people who work a lot. It is a program which allows you to overcome aches, allowing to relieve certain muscular tensions.

Ranges of accessories supplied

which allows you to work all parts of your body without having to go out and buy another gadget to complete your device. You can even start training directly after receiving your Sport Elec Multisport Pro. You have all the necessary accessories for the correct use of your weight machine in its delivery box.

Among the accessories, you can find a vest, an armband, a thigh strap, and even a buttock belt, to help you make your bodybuilding sessions even more intense. It is a fully complete tool, which can be used professionally without any problem, because in addition to these accessories you also have a built-in abdominal belt, with dual wireless electrodes, and 2 electrodes classics, which really allows you to do a full weight training session on your full body.

Poor material quality

The peculiarity of sports equipment is its strength and durability over time, because a device that is mediocre is not likely to last long. And this is unfortunately the case with this Sport Elec Multisport Pro model, because it is one of the most complete and efficient equipment on the market, but the material used for its manufacture leaves much to be desired.

This designer used plastic for the finishes of this weight training equipment, which is not very strong and puts in doubt long term use without any worries. You will have to be vigilant and use your device with all possible precautions to avoid damaging it quickly.

User manual too long

Each sports device is a conundrum that each user must decipher, because although some of these devices look the same and do the same job, their use is still completely different depending on the manufacturer. This is why a user guide is often important for each of these items, to help users understand how it works. But when a product comes with an instruction leaflet provided like a book, it becomes really difficult for the user to use it.

This quite simply because when you want to use a device with the instructions, you just need a few indications with a few photos to support it, to be able to use a device properly. However, the user manual for this device is more than two pages long, and some users will be lazy to read it to the end.

Bulky device

When we talk about space with this device, it is not about its size, or even its weight,because it is a device that is only 24 x 19.5 x 10 cm, which is not not heavy or even wide enough to be bulky. The bulk here comes from the multitude of accessories that this equipment has, especially for those who will want to move it with their weight machine.

This is an action that will not be too easy if you do not have a car or a large bag capable of containing all your equipment. For home storage, it will also take a lot of space if you are in a small house. It is a pity, because these accessories are all important and you cannot do without them, otherwise the use of your device will be poor.

Thank you for reading this article

The designer Sport Elec Multisport Pro is one of the leaders in the field of the sale of sports equipment, in particular that of electro musculation. This model is one of the most affordable devices that you are going to find on the market, without worrying about the quality being poor because it is a really very efficient and solid device. This model is designed primarily to allow professionals, athletes and amateurs to have a powerful device to help them more easily achieve their goals. You should not hesitate to buy this product,

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