Thrustmaster T80 – Test and review

Thrustmaster T80 racing game has experienced a real rise in power since the release of the Play station and everyone is enjoying it. It is a game that provides immense distraction and is suitable for everyone regardless of age and gender. However, widely used with a controller or keyboard before, racing games can now be played with a steering wheel designed primarily for the occasion.

Indeed, the advantages that you can have with a steering wheel are incomparable, provided you have a quality steering wheel. That’s why we offer you the Thrustmaster T80 steering wheel,a high performance device that allows you to have precise control over your game at all times. It is also a model that corresponds to all budgets and which differs from others thanks to its better value for money.

Thrustmaster T80

Is the Thrustmaster T80 flywheel recommended?

Yes, it is a highly recommended device. It has features which are capable of appealing to any types of racing players. With its fairly simple but very solid finishes, it is able to last over time and can resist even in the event of a shock. It is a steering wheel that is very easy to use with all the buttons it incorporates. Its configuration is also simple and can be done quickly, even by a teenager, without needing to call a professional. This is not a device that needs to be changed for each different game, as it is fully compatible with all of the games on the Play station. With adjustable pedals according to the height of the user; it is a steering wheel that has an unbeatable value for money.

  • Solid finishes
  • Ease of use
  • Simple setup
  • Compatible with multiple games
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Good value for money
  • Not compatible with pc
  • Steering wheel one too small
  • No support for the table

My 12-year-old son is very interested in the racing games on Play station and he used to play with the controllers. But he saw the commercial of this Thrustmaster T80 steering wheel on TV and he gave me no respite until I finally gave in to it. I do not know much about this kind of device, which is why I asked the advice of a colleague of mine before I started buying. What interested me the most about this steering wheel is that it fit perfectly within my budget. Since my son has been using it, I have only received positive feedback and even flattering thanks. The steering wheel works well with the games I buy from it, it’s easy to set up and responds great to all commands. I really recommend it to everyone.

Solid finishes

This device is a success in terms of its design and its finishes. Just at the sight of its box, we immediately notice that it is not a second-hand device. It is a high endwhich has a uniform and classic black color but which is highly appreciated by many users. Its finishes are plastic, a very strong plastic that does not easily give in to scratches despite prolonged use. This is a device really designed for children because they are very clumsy and can accidentally drop the device at any time. Even in the event of an impact the Thrustmaster T80 is tough enough to withstand any situation. Considering its very affordable price, it is a wheel that is really worth it and that gives you the possibility of moving from one place to another to continue your racing games in peace.

Ease of use

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The Thrustmaster T80 steering wheel is quite a nice steering wheel and very easy to use, you don’t have to be the best player to know how to use it. Even a hobbyist can fully understand its use and operation thanks to many buttons that the designer has built into it. All these keys are also well placed, completely on the front of the device, which allows the user to easily access them regardless of their position in front of the steering wheel. Among these buttons you have a directional cross that is fairly flexible and easy to handle with the rest of the buttons placed directly on the steering wheel tube.

These keys are very responsive and respond from the first click especially since they are positioned near your fingers and you can easily touch any button when needed. In addition, it is equipped with a crankset that allows you to brake quickly, it is very practical and also contributes a lot to the ease of use of this device in everyday life.

Simple setup

Simple setup

This Thrustmaster steering wheel is a model that must be configured with the Play station before starting to use it. This is because it is a steering wheel that does not work by itself and that must be associated with the device that will allow the user to play. To this end, no need to panic for its configuration, it is a very easy and quick action to perform which does not even require the presence of an adult or a professional. The device is delivered with a USB cable which will allow you to connect it to your Play station whatever the brand and model.

Then, as soon as you have turned on your Play station, the device automatically asks you to follow the instructions to install your steering wheel. When all the configuration is ready, you can directly start your game using the steering wheel in a pleasant and easy way. Even if this is the first time that you have connected such a device to your Play station, you will be able to quickly understand its operation.

Compatible with multiple games

But since these racing wheels are on the market it’s quite difficult to go back to using the joystick. Simply because certain models like the Thrustmaster T80 are compatible with several Play station games. It is a good idea to make a versatile shuttlecock in order to prevent consumers from having to change the shuttlecock depending on each game.

This is certainly what is the origin of the multiple use of this steering wheel because this kind of versatile model is a bit rare on the market. If you have Play station 3 or even 4 you will still easily be able to play with the Thrustmaster T80. This versatility allows you to move around with your steering wheel to go play at the Play station at a friend’s house without having to first ask what type of Play station they have at home.

Adjustable pedals

With the steering wheel of this Thrustmaster model you have the presence of two pedalsplaced at the very bottom of the device to allow you to brake and accelerate when needed. These pedals are quite small but can be sufficient for any size of feet. Either way, you don’t need a much larger pedal because it’s only for gaming and you won’t risk going on the road with this device. Because they can sometimes be low, the designer made it easy for all children to access them with their feet. They are therefore adjustable. Thus, one can easily adapt the position of the pedals according to the size of the player. Before you sit down to start your game, you should first check that your feet are level with the two pedals. If it’s not the case,

Good value for money

Nowadays the use of the steering wheel for the racing game has completely gained momentum and although these are devices which were unknown and little used before, they are popularized today and are becoming more and more expensive. You can easily find what suits you best in terms of quality but in terms of price it is very often beyond everyone’s reach. However, the maker of this Thrustmaster model has gone to great lengths to make this device within everyone’s reach. This steering wheel has a price that defies all competition and which certainly has the best value for money on the market thanks to all its features.

Not compatible with pc

This criterion is the one that poses the biggest problem for users because it is a steering wheel that is compatible with all kinds of games from the Play station. However, you cannot connect it to a pc or a touch pad. It’s a shame and a lot of gamers are disappointed because everyone would also like to play through their pc when needed. This is a model that requires you to have a play station to play while even with a pc it should be possible. It’s easier to take your racing game wheel with a laptop when traveling instead of carrying the player and TV so you can play somewhere other than your home. A connection to computers could have made this steering wheel a perfect device for everyday gaming.

Steering wheel a little too small

The advantage of using a steering wheel for a racing game is that you can experience that pleasure of actually being driving a car. It completely changes the controllers; but this Thrustmaster T80 flywheel has a real size problem. It is a model that has a steering wheel not large enough to be comfortably held in the hands, especially for a tall person. Even if it is true that children are the most targeted for the use of this device, some parents may want to accompany the child in the game. Unfortunately, the steering wheel is too small and it feels like holding a controller in hand instead of a steering wheel. However, when you look at the device in the box, it feels like it’s big enough that a child won’t be able to comfortably hold it.

No support for the table

Fixing this steering wheel on its support is very easy because the user has a clamp provided during the purchase which will allow him to screw the steering wheel and give it very good stability. However, it is a model that does not have a support for a table and each user will be forced to hold the steering wheel in hand. Some consumers have even found themselves making a stand to allow them to comfortably place the wheel before using it for gaming. It is a bit complicated to play with this wheel on the feet or put it on the ground. Either way, a table stand would have been really great for comfort during the game.

Thank you for reading this article

Racing wheels are still something unusual today and very little used. However, it is a device which is quite practical for all racing games and which replaces the use of controllers. Some are certainly very expensive and this is what can put off multiple users. This is why this Thrustmaster T80 model is very suitable for all those who like to play with a steering wheel but do not have enough money to get one. It has the best value for money on the market and has some really amazing features for everyday use. So now you can have a steering wheel for you. Otherwise for all other questions on the subject,

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