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What Are the Different Types of Headphones

What Are the Different Types of Headphones?

There are many different types of headphones on the market created for those who are looking for specific functionality in these devices so it is convenient to think before buying things such as: where are you going to use them, how and how often.

If even knowing this, you still have doubts about which copy you should be awarded, we will help you find your perfect type of headset with our buying guides and their comparisons:

Most Popular Headphone Brands

Delight yourself with the most succulent offers and discounts of the main and best brands of headphones on the market today with their own comparisons to know which are the helmets that best suit you:

Jabra Headphones

Many articles related to Jabra helmets are written on the internet due to the fact that every time a product is released on the market, great sound specialists and music professionals analyze the headphones of this brand in detail.

How are they? Very, very good. No matter the headset you are looking at, whether to enjoy them or to work, even the accessories that this company has been very softly super attractive.

AKG Headphones

AKG is one of the brands that attract the most attention simply because when you decide to buy one of their sound products, you can spend hours and hours looking without saying goodbye to which one to choose. It is one of our favourite brands and there are products that we have really found very difficult to assess for the perfection they have and for knowing that behind there is a brilliant job.

Without going any further, the AKG 701 Quincy Jones aside from being the best seller, they have the best positive reviews that we have seen today.

AKG is one of the first brands that exist in the world in the creation of this equipment where its catalogue speaks for itself.

In 2017, this company was absorbed by Samsung as we have already said before and thanks to this it has begun to bring to light new very sophisticated products.

Denon Headphones

We do not know if it is the price that their products have, it is because of the noble wood finish that their products have or perhaps, the impressive quality that these helmets have but what is true is that from being a practically unknown brand to today one of the best that we can find.

They are tremendous and not only for quality but also for the price. They usually have prices that are very difficult for a normal person to obtain because the vast majority would leave their salary for a month or even two but what is true is that their products have us totally in love.

Bose headphones

The best thing that BOSE is given to do is to experiment with noise cancellation technology and it is no wonder since the products that house this feature are crowned by themselves as the best thing on the market today.

To his credit, he has countless followers, profiles that all they want is to try product after product every time they take out a helmet, even regardless of the price they have.

One of the best it currently has is the Bose QuietComfort 25 proving time and again that even if it brings out new models even from other brands, these are tremendously difficult to beat.

Many people consider the Bose brand as one of the best and of the highest quality when it comes to sound player manufacturing, being considered one of the best at all levels.

The quality of the materials of their products and of the sound is absolute regardless of all the products in their catalogue.

JBL Headphones

Who was going to say that in 1946 this company of American origin was going to be absorbed by Samsung?

From its American beginnings to its manufacture today in Korea, we offer quite good quality products, especially the models that are intended for the boys and girls of the house.

One of the favourites for all those people who are physically active and who do not stop playing sports. Their designs and ease of use have made them an icon for all types of athletes.

Sennheiser headphones

This brand could undoubtedly be considered one of the best today. They have to their credit an infinity of different models of helmets, whether with or without cables, using different technologies always to offer the best experience to users who want to purchase their products.

Practically every year this brand revolutionizes the market by releasing one revolutionary product after another and leaving all users wanting more, whether they are fans of good quality or not.

Mpow Headphones

It is not that we underestimate this brand but we recognize that they could be considered as low-cost products. They are very cheap, very comfortable and fulfil their main functionality.

Plantronics Headphones

Plantronics is a brand that at the moment is very little known and therefore its products have not finished curdling in foreign countries.

In the USA, it is true that it currently has quite a few loyal followers, especially in products that are intended to increase productivity.

If you are looking for the best value for money, with Plantronics you will achieve it with its wide variety of products and different models, being able to find absolutely everything: To play, to play sports, to work …

It is a great option to consider and what you are looking for is durability in terms of battery and resistance in materials.

Sony headphones

Prestigious Japanese brand well known for selling televisions, telephones and of course, the PlayStation. Without a doubt they are and they know very well what they do and that is continually demonstrated with each and every one of their products, especially in the last one they have released.

The sony wh-1000xm4 are the best that you can find in the market and we are not talking about it since as soon as the largest specialists and critics in this type of products have gone on sale, they have considered it as the best that currently exists.

But it is that we not only look at the best of the best but also in its wide catalogue of helmets we can find a wide variety of affordable products for all types of pockets with quality as we are also accustomed to.

Sony has few models for sale but the ones it has are the best, without going any further the sony wh-1000xm4 and the sony wh-1000xm3 remaining as the best in the world above any other company and any other headset.

Its noise cancellation there is none that surpasses it, considering itself as one of the best that we can find since with everything it offers us they are cheap as I am alone.

How many kinds or forms of headphones are there?


These types of helmets are distinctive among all those that exist at the same time that they are striking since the vast majority of these are not inserted inside the ear but surround it. They are considered as the earphones of a lifetime or rather “the classics”, always considered the best option to listen to quality music and television at home with very good deep bass and clear treble.


They differ from intramurals because these are more comfortable thanks to the use and connection of each earphone through a headband. They can be easily distinguished since their pads cover the ear although it is true that their size is smaller than the On-Ear. They are perfect for gaming that is very fashionable today.


Named the best for sports activities, its stability inside our ears is really high without them falling when making movements. Very comfortable, easy to transport, with discreet designs and of course extremely manageable. Although they are more focused on any type of physical activity today they are used for any topic related to leisure and work due to the successful addition of hands-free so if you decide on one of these you will have hit the mark.

How does a wireless headset work?

The main component that contains an earphone for it to function correctly is found internally within these devices called the diaphragm that can be built with different materials, whether they are fabric, plastic or even paper, where its placement is coupled thanks to that they are fully stretched and taut through the cone of the earpiece itself.

A cone is the main shape that headphones have internally, having at the smallest end of it a coil made of iron with a magnet.

This coil in question connects to the main cables of the hearing aid to achieve a perfect sound connection either through a smartphone, television, etc. It is the main component that is responsible for receiving any type of electrical signal, converting it precisely thanks to the coil and electromagnet.

This electrical signal is totally alternating, meaning that depending on how you train through the magnetic poles of the coil, these will change from south to north or vice versa when they receive the electrical signal.

With these changes that are considered quite abrupt, the main functionality that this mechanism acquires is to attract or repel the magnet to produce a movement that is considered to be back and forth, this is the main reason why being connected through the diaphragm is pushed back and forth releasing sound waves capable of interpreting musical notes.

Parts of a headset or hearing aid

  • Microphone: It is the main component that collects all the sound, be it the voices from outside or the noises from the environment, capable of converting all the acoustic energy into electrical energy.
  • Amplifier: It collects all the sound giving us the facility to increase or decrease the frequency and intensity of the audio.
  • Headphone: Component destined to collect all the electrical signal that comes from the amplifier and transforms it.
  • Cell or battery: The one in charge of providing the necessary energy for the equipment to work.
    Controls and filters: This is in charge of capturing any type of sound as an amplifier to the user.

Tips to keep in mind when buying your wireless headset

Impedance and sensitivity

To correctly define what this concept is, it could be said that it is the pisco resistance between the magnet located inside the headphones and the passage of electric current through it, or in other words, this has to do with the volume of the sound. In the case of needing volume that is for professional reasons, it will surely be necessary to use an amplifier since otherwise, the impedance would be very high and therefore not at all sharp.

Noise Cancellation

Since the creation of noise cancellation in this type of device it was a real advance since no matter how much noise there is around you, you will not hear it thanks to this technology giving us a great advantage to enjoy our music and of course seem like a better job. professionals who are dedicated to this sector. To give you an idea, how it works is that the shock sound waves are counteracted with those that come from outside, almost all of them in many models, in others, they achieve 100%.

Frequency and power

The frequency of a good earphone can only be measured in Hz. The volume of exercises that are capable of supporting the range of sounds that can be emitted can be more or less increasing or decreasing the quality of the sound.


Regarding the decibels, they are in charge of stopping power or what is the same coach with more intensity in the sound. Be very careful with this since although we are passionate about listening to our songs and favourite music at full volume, you must always take into account the health of your ears.

Shape Type (supraural, intraural and circumaural)

It is very important that you take into account the shape you want your headset to have, I think that if you are looking for good insulation so that no type of noise bothers you, it is best that you choose intramurals although these are the least comfortable. Increasing a bit of comfort, the supernaturals are very good in terms of lightness and size since they cover the entire ear and in terms of the circumaural, they are the largest, covering absolutely all of our ear inside the helmet itself without causing us discomfort thanks to its padded ear cushions. Obviously the latter are the ones that offer the best comfort.

Durability and resistance

No product is eternal, especially if you think about using it for many hours a day, that is why our advice is that you choose a model in which the ease of finding spare parts is simple. The main components that tend to wear out are cables and pads, so if they break for any reason you should know what to replace these parts does not have to become an impossible task.


It is very important that whatever headphone you choose, is capable of offering you a distortion of less than 1% since that will mean that the quality of the signal is as optimal as possible. Yes, it is true that headphones that have cancellation are the best option to buy but if you are not looking for these, in particular, do not worry because there are very good models that meet this characteristic.

How to clean a headset? Step by Step

Depending on how many hours you use your sound equipment, you should take into account that this is not daily maintenance but it is convenient that it does from time to time.

Many people do not know how to clean a headset correctly but it is something very simple and of course, you must know so that they last as long as possible. Our advice is that you clean it approximately between one and two times every 6 months.

A headset can get dirty due to several factors, specifically how the fat on our own skin and the wax from our ears can gradually interfere in a negative way in the audio output of our devices.

They are very easy to clean and all you need to do is have the following three ingredients on hand and know how to use them:

  • Toothbrush: It is mainly used to remove dirt that has been in the headset for the longest time. The one that stays drier and is more difficult to extract. Rubbing the brush little by little and very patiently you have to remove any type of dirt. Don’t go rough and crazy in case you damage the device’s membrane. It is recommended that you make short movements and in circles.
  • Soap and water: If you need to use soap and water, it can only mean that you have the headphones as if you had taken them out of a landfill since the dirt has penetrated in such a way that you need to use these two ingredients. You can use them without any fear but you should always have a very dry cloth at hand to rub the areas where they are wet. In the event that you think you have passed, leave your equipment in a place where the sun shines and is well ventilated.
  • Isopropyl alcohol: The use of unscented and pure isopropyl alcohol is one of the best ways to clean headphones since, thanks to this liquid with antibacterial properties, disinfect the headphones in the best possible way, removing any type of residue either inside or outside. the exterior of the product. The best thing you can do is soak a swab for the ears to clean very calmly and without haste.

How to connect Headphones to TV?

There are several different methods to successfully connect Bluetooth headphones to televisions and that will depend on how modern you are since we will or may not need specific adapters. First, locate where the audio system of your television is.

You only use your television to watch TV and there is no type of extra cables such as satellite, DVD or attached speakers, what you can do is look at the connector ports behind your screen to see if they have an audio output for your helmets.

Once you have them located, if you realize that each and every one of the audio sources are in a single receiver, you are in luck and you will be able to connect your headphones absolutely, to each and every one of the systems you want through this device, the series and movies that you watch via satellite, the consoles that you have plugged in to play your favourite video games and even a video system such as DVDs, blue ray or even, if you still were, VHS.

As a general rule, most televisions come behind this audio system with a jack connector and another called an optical Toslink connector.

We just mention these two outputs because they are the main ports that you will have to use to connect your helmets through some other device that you buy an adapter with Bluetooth L / R. In the event that your television does not have this type of outputs analogue is what you should look at when you go to make your purchase is that what you will need is an analogue converter.

We just wanted to tell you since surely you will not need it since televisions at least have one of the two outputs that we have already commented on but, if that is the case and you cannot wait to put two headphones connected to the TV, you should not worry about having an additional expense with this type of connections since there are very, very good models for less than $10-12.

How to connect them to the mobile?

In order not to beat around the bush to this section since it is the easiest connection, the first thing we have to do is if we already have our Bluetooth headset in our hands, take the mobile and go to the tab or option of settings, search for Bluetooth connections to be able to If when we reached this option, we had previously turned on our headphones, the mobile phone would have to have detected this device from the moment the Bluetooth is activated to proceed with its pairing.

And it so happens that for some apparent reason your wireless helmet does not appear, you must click on the search devices tab to display the name of our headphones and thus give them to activate and link.

With that, it would be all but if while you were doing this whole process you already had your wireless headphones on your head to use them on your mobile, surely you have heard a beep or a message confirming that they are ready to be used to enjoy your music, series or to the game apps you have installed inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to have headphones with a cable or without them?

It is very difficult to know exactly and precisely if a wired or wireless headset is better since depending on what you are looking for, you will choose one for the other, although it is true that there is some other point of difference between the two. that make them different from each other.

In the event that we are referring to the use of cables, these products drastically reduce any type of interference and complications in terms of audio quality since it is considered that the use of this particular accessory increases both the sound and the quality of Audio.

If we refer to products that work through infrared or Bluetooth technologies, these apart from being more comfortable and more practical, in order to reach the capacity and high audio quality of the previous models, the version of the digital audio files that we want. listen through them (what has been our songs), these should have a higher quality.

Now you only have to try for yourself the differences of both as long as they comply with what you are looking for, in this way you will be much more sure of knowing if the best headset that suits you should be with cable or without it.

How to connect wireless headphones to listen to music?

If you already have more than decided which headset you need, the only thing you have to do is learn how to use them perfectly.

And we are not talking about plugging in and enjoying your favourite songs, games or series, but about learning how to use them on different devices, whether they are tablets, mobiles or televisions. That you do not have to worry for a second since you will see all the possibilities that there are to make the most of your headphones.

Of course, the most traditional helmets have not disappeared and with them, we refer to those that still use cable, but, we must recognize that Bluetooth technology is sweeping and a lot in this sector so the vast majority use Bluetooth and that can be a bit more complicated for those people who are not familiar with the type of bonding but if you learn this base, you would have practically the entire process done:

If you see that your devices are off or won’t turn on, let them charge for a while to see if the battery is dead. It does not hurt that while they are charging or before venturing to start with the pairing the instruction manual of the device you have purchased.

Now, once this is clarified, let’s see how to make them work in the most used sites such as PC, TV and mobile:

How do connect them to the PC or computer?

The truth is that it is not a mystery or requires important prior knowledge to be able to know how to quickly and easily connect a headset with Bluetooth to a PC since all you have to know is whether this device has Bluetooth or not.

In the event that you did not have it, which today is strange, you can always choose to buy Bluetooth for PC television cheap thanks to our guide and I will surely connect solutions to this problem. Well, immediately afterwards you have to take our headset without cables and proceed to turn it on with its button if it is off so that nothing else turns on our computer captures the signal and binds perfectly.

We will notice by a slight beep or in the case that you have a different computer, there is also the option of having a word in English that means “pairing” or “pairing in progress” being heard in the background.
The previous example is automatic but it may be the case that you need to do it in a normal way and that is easy to do.

Go to the “settings” tab of your computer and look for the Bluetooth option to find the device. If it is not by default, I have already found it, you can search for it manually in the “search for devices” button. If you cannot find it, the exact path is:

Who Invented Headphones?

This type of sound equipment, although it seems that they have been with us for centuries, is actually a technological product that has not been on the market for just a long time, where its first appearance was in 1930 in Germany through the well-known brand of headphones, Beyerdynamic.

Beyerdynamic, apart from creating the first headphones that have existed, was also a pioneer in starting to sell its first product 7 years later, in 1937 thanks to the model known as bt48.

It is from here when the revolution of this type of sound equipment began to stomp in the market, always looking for the latest in electronics and audio as soon as it is concerned, passing through the legendary Discman, portable radios, iPod and even telephones. smartphones that we carry in our pockets today.